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Links to Reads: January 2016

Links to Reads: January 2016
Stuffed Flatbreads - Gutab | AZ Cookbook

Winter is the best time to make and savor these delicious flatbreads—stuffed with fresh greens, or ground meat and pomegranates, or pumpkin. Oh my! Recipes for all three variations are available in my cookbook, “Pomegranates & Saffron.”

Hello, first Links to Reads of the year. Here’s what I read this past month and I bookmarked to share with you. Enjoy!

* We all know China is a tea-rich country. But did you also know that the world’s oldest tea (plus the finest tea!) was discovered in an ancient Chinese Emperor’s Tomb?

* Pampered vegetables? Yes, such exist in America. They are suited for fine dining. Chefs around the country seek them eagerly  because to them, the presentation of their food is as important as their taste.

* Are you hard on yourself? An Important Meditation For Anyone Who’s Too Hard On Themselves. An important meditation of self-compassion comes to the rescue! A good read on what to do to be nicer to yourself. I personally need this sometimes myself. Click on the video that comes with the article. It’s quite entertaining.

* Melissa Clark’s interview with Kat Kinsman on trust and ethics in food blogging. Also on people’s craze about Pinterest, on favorite food bloggers, and more.

* National Geographic’s stunning collection of photos of the people around the world—from Mozambique to Kyrgyzstan—and the food they eat.


  • How to Dry Mint Leaves
    How to Dry Mint Leaves
    July 27, 2016 by
    When life gives you mint, dry it. And store it. Because you can use dried mint in so many ways in the kitchen and stocking up on it to last through a long time is always a good idea. Dried mint is one of my most important pantry staples and I often use it in Azerbaijani and Turkish dishes. The...
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  • Azerbaijani-Style Eggs with Tomatoes
    Azerbaijani-Style Eggs with Tomatoes
    July 23, 2016 by
    In Turkey, it is menemen, in many parts of the Middle East, it is shakshuka (claimed to be a North African import), and in Azerbaijan, it is pomidor chighirtmasi, also known as pomidor-yumurta (literally, “tomato-egg”). What do these dishes have in common? In them, tomatoes and eggs prove to be a match made in heaven, or rather a skillet. Although...
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  • Blueberry Bundt Cake
    Blueberry Bundt Cake
    July 13, 2016 by
    A few days ago, I ventured into making my very first blueberry Bundt cake to take to a picnic with friends. I thought it would be a perfect accompaniment to black tea we all took there in our thermoses to enjoy in the open air. (If you ask why black tea and why any tea at all, it’s because no...
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  • de Buyuran with Evan Kleiman
    My Interview on KCRW Good Food Show
    July 12, 2016 by
    Recently, I had one of the best experiences of my cookbook publishing adventure – I got interviewed by Evan Kleiman, the host of  KCRW Good Food Show. KCRW is Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate and its content is distributed nationally to 550,000 listeners weekly. I’ve been one of them for the longest time but never before in my...
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  • Berries and Bananas
    Links to Reads, June 2016
    July 1, 2016 by
    Time to say good bye to the first month of the summer. It flew by, just like all the previous months. Well, hello July and hello June Links to Reads. This is what I enjoyed reading this past month. Hope you do, too. Top 10: * Ever wonder what “triple washed” on the labels on supermarket salad greens mean? Why...
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