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We Won Gourmand Best in the World Award!


Gourmand Best in the World Award
Finally! I am sharing the great news with you after announcing it to the world, except my blog readers. I’d been experiencing some technical issues with the blog, but all is well now. So here it comes!


“Pomegranates & Saffron” Won the Gourmand Best in the World Award! It happened on June 9, 2015 in Yantai, China where the Gourmand Award Ceremony took place. As I type these words, I am still in disbelief. It is hard to believe that a simple yet somewhat crazy idea to undertake something I had never done before–to write a cookbook–would take me this far, would sprout into something bigger than I had imagined back then. But it did happen. Which proves that even a crazy idea is a good idea if you believe in it:)

prestige awards
Source: www.cookbookfair.com

My book won a Special Award of the International Jury, which only was granted to a few out of 79 cookbooks that reached the finals out of hundreds of books that were submitted to Gourmand. I am over the moon happy and grateful that my book got noticed. I was nominated in a different category but won in a category that was only revealed on the day of the Awards, a special category that made me feel extra proud for my book.

Here’s a snapshot of the event before the winners were announced.

Gourmand FinalsSource: www.cookbookfair.com

And here’s my reaction on stage:) My speech was unprepared and I was very happy and nervous at the same time, but I managed to thank my team who helped me with different stages of the book publishing, my family, and my friends all over the world for their support. Which is YOU! So, thank you for being there for me, cheering for me, and for believing in me.


Gourmand World Cookbook Awards


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