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Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi

Recently, I attended a culinary event organized by Melissa’s Produce and Chef’s Toys, where produce connoisseur, cookbook author, and chef Cathy Thomas, talked about the many kinds of produce available in the markets this time of year.

I not only felt fortunate for the opportunity to learn from an expert, but I was also lucky to win a big raffle at the event. Waring’s PrepX commercial blender from Chef’s Toys! Grateful all the way.

At home, the new blender was put to work right away. And I loved how it worked! Then I used it every day. With the blender’s multiple speeds, I have made smoothies, shakes, hummus, and pureed my lentil soup. Only seconds to great results.

The machine is also surprisingly quiet even when it crushes through ice. (Disclaimer: I am not paid to write any of this here. Just happy with my raffle win and thought to share in case you are searching for a good blender. Similar blender from the same brand is available from my affiliate link here).

One thing I’ve made quite often with the new blender is mango lassi.

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