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Mimosa Salad


When I had just launched my blog a little more than 4 months ago, I didn’t know I would soon be receiving emails from around the world from people who at one point in their lives happened to be in Azerbaijan, whether for work or for travel. Some share their stories about the country, some write about their experience with local foods. Some request recipes for the dishes they loved the most. I love reading such emails!

One of such wonderful letters came from Kathy, a mom to an adoptive son from Azerbaijan. When her family visited Baku to complete their son’s adoption, Kathy recalls being treated to dolma and a mimosa salad she loved. In her email to me, Kathy was asking if I was familiar with that salad. And sure enough I was. Not because I am a genius:) but because it is a pretty popular salad in Azerbaijan. So finally, here is the recipe. My cousin’s wife Saida, with whom we share a passion for cooking, sent me her version of the salad, which I tried and loved! Cokh sagh ol (thank you), Saida!

About the recipe. Mimosa Salad is a layered salad. One of the many layered salads we make in Azerbaijan using a great variety of ingredients. This one is probably the most common and is served in many local restaurants and cafes in Baku, the capital. It tastes as delicious as its presentation is beautiful. Once done, Mimosa Salad really looks like a festive cake. Shh, dont’ tell you guests it isn’t. Let them be pleasantly surprised:)

I would like to dedicate this recipe to all the people who adopted children from Azerbaijani orphanages. And those who are in the process of adopting. I admire you not only for giving loving and caring homes to the little kids but also for doing everything possible to keep them connected with their Azerbaijani roots. I hope I can contribute to this connection at least a tiny-tiny bit with the food I share with you on my blog.


Preparation time: 15 minutes, plus 1-hour refrigeration
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serves 6 to 10


1 pound (450 g) skinless boneless chicken breast halves
1/2 teaspoon salt, for boiling
1/2 cup walnuts, finely chopped
3 medium potatoes, boiled, peeled
2 eggs, boiled and peeled
3 medium carrots, boiled, and peeled
salt, to taste

For Dressing
6 tablespoons sour cream mixed with 6 tablespoons light mayonnaise – use about 2 tablespoons each time dressing is called for. Use more for a moister salad. Note: You can also use creamy plain yogurt for the dressing (it shouldn’t be sour). Alternatively, use sour cream or mayonnaise only. If using mayonnaise only, be extra careful not to oversalt your salad since mayo is pretty salty by itself.

To Garnish
gouda cheese (In Azerbaijan: Holland Pendiri), shredded

1. Place the chicken in a pot with about four cups of water. Add salt. Bring to a boil. Cook for about 20 minutes or until chicken is tender. Drain and set aside. When cool enough to handle, cut the chicken into thin strips using knife or tear it into small pieces using your hands.

2. Grate boiled and peeled potato, carrots, and eggs on a coarse side of a box grater.

3. On a round serving plate, EVENLY layer the ingredients in the following order (do not mix!)

half the chicken
half the walnuts
half the potato
half the eggs
half the carrots

Repeat in the same order with the remaining ingredients, finishing with carrots.

4. Spread some dressing on top and around the sides of the salad to give it a cake-looking appearance. Top the salad with some shredded Gouda Cheese. I used fresh pomegranate seeds. Just use your imagination and you’ll have a fabulous cake, oops, a salad at the end!

And as we say in Azerbaijan – Nush Olsun! (read: noosh olsoon)

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  1. Yum! I love your salads Farida!

  2. Lovely! I really like your savoury cake-shaped salad.

  3. This looks very interesting. I’m having trouble imagining what it tastes like, bit it does look good:-)


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  5. are you sure this isn’t a cake? because it really, really looks like a cake. lovely!

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  8. Fabulous! I am going to try yet again another one of your great recipes. I honestly want to go to Azerbaijan….

  9. first time here 🙂
    wow how could i have missed it so far? looks great. have been browsing through your recipes – what a wealth of a cusine i am not familiar with. delicious.

  10. Lovely. I love the sound of the salad and the presentation too – so pretty 🙂

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    xoxox Amy

  13. Oh this is SO beautiful what great presentation 😀 The falvours sound just wonderful in this salad!! Great post 😀

    Rosie x

  14. I dare say this is prettier than a cake, not to mention, healthier. And the pomegranate seeds are the crowning touch.
    Pal, I can assure you I’ll be Nush Olsun-ing on this one soon! Thank you.

  15. Farida, the salad looks too pretty ..love the addition of pomegranate !!

  16. fascinating! i love learning about these new dishes. this looks really delicious – I love anything layered.

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  19. You had me fooled when I first spotted this – it’s truly beautiful (apart from the eggs, lol!)

  20. That sure does look like a cake but it sounds good as a salad!

  21. Farida, it’s beautiful! And I loved your post, too 🙂

  22. MARIJA: Thank you! So glad you like my salads.

    LORE: Welcome to my blog! This salad is really delicious. Just give it a try, you’ll know for yourself.

    MARC@NORECIPES: I looks pretty inside – accurate colorful layers.

    MEDENA: Thank you, dear friend!

    MICHELLE: Welcome to my blog! Hope you make the salad one day.

    ELLE: Thank you!

    ROSA: It is indeed wonderful. My guests always ask me for the recipe:)

    LAURAPAULA: Yes, let’s go to Azerbaijan together! I am sure you’ll love it there.

    ANDREEA: Welcome to my blog. So glad you like it here! I just checked your site and it is gorgeous!

    KITCHEN GODDESS: Thank you for your sweet comment!

    CYNTHIA: Wish you lived close by:)

    FAMILIABENCOMO: Glad you like the salad. Give it a try, you won’t regret:)

    ROSIE: Thank you very much!

    MARYSOL: You just made me laugh again:) This time with your Nush-Olsun-ing:)

    SWATI: Glad you like it!

    JONATHAN: This is indeed one delicious salad. Hope you give it a try someday.

    DIVA: Thank you for your nice comment!

    SUSAN from FOOD BLOGGA: Glad youi like it. Yes, pom seeds do the trick all the time:)

    NICISME: You can always omit the eggs, it will still look like a cake:)

    KEVIN: Glad you like it!

    DEE: Thank you, dear!

  23. Farida, That salad is absollutly beautiful! And what a meaning full dedication too!

  24. This salad sounds like a delicious meal! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  25. This look amazing Farida… thank you for the award, I just came back and I’m trying to organize all things, I will post about it shortly, when I go through all my messages in the inbox… 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, Margot

  26. THis is a lovely presentation and something I had never heard of.

  27. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks and I have just learned one. This is a first time experience for me and I will most definitely try this cake…oops salad!!!

  28. Hi Farina,

    Thanks for your post in our blog and for this recipe–looks delicious!

    Looking forward to trying this one out myself.

  29. THANK YOU!


    I appreciate your lovely comments!

  30. I am awed looking at that salad!! boy! its looks so pretty and oh-so inviting! beautiful recipe farida!:)

  31. Farida it looks so beautiful this salad, really fresh. I hope Kathy will make it and that she enjoys it!

  32. It’s simply beautiful!

  33. Wonderful display!!! Looks yummy too 🙂

  34. Thats a beautiful salad creation. So festive and perfect for entertaining.

  35. THANK YOU!






    Glad you like the salad. Hope you make it sometime soon!

  36. Farida, your blog is great and the recipes simply wonderful! This salad is so unique…must be very yummy:) Congrats for all your awards!

  37. Indranee, welcome to my blog! Glad you like it here. I will be posting more recipes, so please do come back:)

  38. Oooooh! How nice!

  39. I had this salad before … in Turkey. It was lovely! Thanks for the recipe…. now can make it at home!

  40. Farida,

    I love this russian recipe. My mom makes it quite often for the guests.

  41. Originally the name comes from the FRENCH – Salade Mimosa, but there are quite a few differences between the Azeri version and the French version.

    Either way, this salad is realllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy YUMMY!

    Go Farida! Go Azcookbook!

  42. Ferish I am back to kitchen i.e. to cooking. You probably remember I was out for some time. I made this one exactly as you advised. Good. Very good. I enjoyed it and my mom. Sorry sis didnt try as she became vegetarian after seeing some program about freezing meet/poultry 🙂 I just saw another one by ORT, there is a batch of 30 years old meat deep frozen imported from USA so i guess I am gonna become veggie too…. we will see….

  43. Ok!

  44. What a beautiful salad Farida! I saw your post by chance searching for some info Azerbaijan and realized I haven’t visited your blog for ages… We make very similar salad in Poland and it is called Mimoza.

    Will write you soon, promise 😉

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