Cheese-Stuffed Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers

Stuffed Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers

I made these stuffed peppers yesterday for our guests, but forgot to put them on the table during the meal. Then I remembered and I brought them out along with the desserts. Then, as we were finishing with the desserts, I remembered that I had baklava, too and that I had forgotten to put it on the table. Something is going on with my memory. I blame my cookbook. I am either too excited about it and my mind wonders around too much, or I am having a serious memory problem. The former sound better.

So, back to stuffed peppers. Easy to make. All you do is buy a jar of hot and sweet cherry peppers (I buy them from Trader Joe’s), drain and stuff them with a piece of feta cheese, or bleu cheese, or any other milk cheese you like. Makes for a super easy and delicious appetizer. But don’t forget to serve it to your gusts or yourself on time:)

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  1. These look super tasty – a great tasting and looking appetizer!

  2. Hmmmm this looks absolutely delicious!

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