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Pumpkin Pie (Video)

Pumpkin Pie (Video)


Pumpkin Pie | AZCookbook.com with Feride Buyuran

Photos: Greg Seber

Time to bake Pumpkin Pie because tis the season! And I have the right recipe for you. This is the result of my yet another obsession to perfect a recipe. A little while ago, I set out on a quest to make the perfect pumpkin pie, which, to me must have a tender yet flaky crust, a creamy yet sturdy filling, and must look pretty, too!

When it comes to pumpkin pie crust, you have two options – either to prebake it or leave it as is before pouring the filling in it and baking. I wanted to try both and see the difference. The crust that I did not prebake turned out ok, but was lightly doughy to my taste. Then, I  I went with prebaking, for which I tested different times and temperatures. The ideal crust was the one which prebaked for only a brief amount of time, before the crust edges had a chance to brown, because they were to brown anyway, while baking with the filling for a long time.

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