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Baked and Beautiful




Saturday, January 18, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Appetizers and tea will be served. Space is limited.

Today’s class will be dedicated to making breads  and pastries that are not only delicious but are also beautiful to look at – a true feast to the eyes! This is not a demo class – we all participate! Learn how to make shekerbura, the famous Azerbaijani sweet pastry known for its intricately patterned surface; we will use a special tool maggash to create meticulous designs on the dough! Proceed to making the savory treat of the day – layered flatbread stuffed with green onions! With this recipe, master the technique of thinning out unleavened dough with a rolling pin before stuffing it and shaping into a spiraled circle.  Finish your class with making saffron-dotted and special comb-patterned spice cookies from the remote  Lahij village in Azerbaijan. Lots of positive vibes to go with these? Check. Friendships forming? Check. This class is expected to fill quickly. Bundle it up with another cooking class and receive a 10% discount (enter the discount coupon code at checkout: cookingclass10%).

Our all-vegetarian menu includes:

  • intricately-patterned nut pastries, shekerbura (sweet)
  • flaky flatbread stuffed with green onions, soghanli feseli (savory)
  • saffron-dotted spice cookies, Lahij sheker choreyi (sweet)



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