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Delicious Autumn




Saturday, November 16, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Appetizers and tea will be served. Space is limited.

Today, let’s learn how to incorporate what’s in season into our cooking!  Begin with rice pilaf with beans and butternut squash flavored with dill seeds. Next up is a truly stunning layered salad studded with fresh pomegranate arils – called ‘pomegranate bracelet.’  For dessert, make a quince cake, tender and aromatic. A very enlightening and fun experience is guaranteed. Don’t miss out!

What we’ll make (V is for vegetarian):

  • Rice pilaf with beans and butternut squash, balgabag-plov (V and non-V version possible)
  • Multilayered ‘Pomegranate Bracelet’ salad (V and non-V version possible)
  • Quince cake (V)


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