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Taste of the Caucasus

Unique, Limited-Seat Azerbaijani and Georgian Dinner and Culture Experience with LIVE Georgian Polyphonic Singing and Traditional Azerbaijani Dances!

Join us for an exciting culture and dinner night featuring delicious food and vibrant culture of Azerbaijan and Georgia at the award-winning cookbook author and Caucasus native Feride Buyuran’s private residence in Long  Beach, California!

Sit down to a traditional Caucasus-style feast in the backyard under lush grapevine trellis and learn tidbits of the region’s “guesting” culture, as you listen to LIVE Georgian polyphonic singing performed and watch traditional Azerbaijani dances! Georgian wine will be offered for tasting too!

Space is limited to maximum 24. Reserve your seat today!

Menu and details below.





Bring your own drink – wine, beer
Traditional soft drinks and water will be provided.
Georgian wine will be offered for tasting
(additional Georgian wine will be available for purchase)

Vegetarian dishes are marked with V

Azerbaijani Lemon Sharbat (V, non-alcoholic beverage)
Georgian Tarragon Drink, Tarkhun (V,non-alcoholic beverage)

Imeretian Cheese-Stuffed Bread, Khachapuri (V)
Fresh Herb–Stuffed Flatbreads, Goy Gutabi (V)
Ground Lamb and Pomegranate–Stuffed Flatbreads, Et Gutabi
Herbed Garlicky Eggplant Rolls  (V)
Beets with Tkemali Sour Plum Sauce (V)
Spinach Pâté with Walnut Paste, Pkhali (V)
Potato and Egg Salad a la Capital (V)
Fresh Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Basil (V)
Assorted Pickles (V)

Azerbaijani Saffron-Perfumed Rice Pilaf with Sumac-Chicken
Layered Summer Vegetable Ragout, Heftebejer (V)
Georgian Spicy Beef Stew, Chashushuli

Tea Table

Freshly Made Azerbaijani Tea (V)
Gabala-Style Triangular Baklava with Walnuts (V)
Fruit Preserves Assortment (V)
Dried Fruit and Nuts (V)
Seasonal Fruit (V)

*Menu is subject to change based on ingredient availability and other factors.

Exclusive artwork on flyer by Sadagat Aliyeva (Instagram: saliyeva2)


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