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A Shower of Awards

A Shower of Awards

Looks like I am going to turn into one spoiled blogger. No kidding! With all the wonderful awards my fellow foodies have been bestowing upon me ever since I have started blogging? I received 5 awards within the past week – all from my favorite food blogs! Thank you guys! I am pleased and happy and boy, do I feel important:)

Pei Lin of Mrs Ergul In The Kitchen gave me the “I Love You This Much Award” thus declaring her love to me. I love you back, Mrs Ergul! And I also love the following foodies and have the pleasure of passing this award on to them. Visit them, you’ll love them too!

Niamh at Eat Like A Girl
Jacque at Daisy Lane Cakes
Sharon at Culinary Adventures of A New Wife
Swati at Sugar Craft India
Gretchen at
Canela & Comino

Chriesi of Almond Corner, Shari of Whisk: A Food Blog and Lakshmi of Taste of My Sore gave me the Yum Yum Blog Award. Thank you so much for finding my blog yummy! And here are 5 bloggers I find even yummier. Visit them and see for yourself.

Nags of Edible Garden
Sunita at Sunita’s World
Helen at Food Stories
Joy at Gourmeted
Lori at The Recipe Girl

Stephane a.k.a Zenchef of Chefs Gone Wild gave me the Arte y Pico award. Thank you, Zenchef! This is one of my favorites! And here’s my chance to give the award to the following favorites of me.

Lore at Culinarty
Seena at Simple & Delicious
Cheryl at 5 Second Rule
Lynn at Bites and Pieces
Isha at Isha’s Kitchen