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One of a Kind – Tall Chicken or Turkey Pie

One of a Kind - Tall Chicken or Turkey Pie

My friend Victoria (remember her?) knows I am always on the lookout for great recipes to share with you. Not that I don’t have enough recipes in the house (this reminds me I have to organize them nicely – currently they live in a state of total mess) but I want unusual recipes and these kinds do not come by very often. So, one day Victoria called and said she had received a very unusual (key word!) recipe from her niece in Ukraine and that she thought it could be just right to feed my insatiable hunger for recipes. I grew impatient and wanted to get my hands on the recipe as soon as possible. Victoria added that it was a pie but not your regular pie, that it was one of a kind pie, and that she had already made it once, and that it was absolutely mind-blowing and palate-blowing, and that she had never seen anything like that before, and that it tasted like nothing else out there, and that the recipe was not known to many, and that if I wanted we could make it together.

“What? Really? Wait, we are coming.” The kids and I piled into the car right away and  off we drove to Victoria’s house which, luckily, is only 5 minutes from us. The “cooks” got down to business as soon as we arrived. While kids we going crazy in the background, Victoria and I baked 2 thin cheesy layers that we cut in half and filled with generous amounts of ground turkey (you can also use ground chicken – in fact, the original recipe calls for chicken)  then off we sent the assembled pie into the oven.