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It’s Official Now!

It's Official Now!

AZ Cookbook | It’s Official Now! | Welcome to my kitchen, friends!
Today is January 23, 2008 and my long-ago-conceived idea to have my own food blog has finally turned into a reality and I am officially ready to welcome you here! Ok, here we go.

Welcome to my virtual kitchen, friends!

If you love to try new, authentic, different, flavorful and nutritious recipes, you are in the right place.

This blog is all about that—food from a beautiful country, my birthplace, Azerbaijan. I am not a chef, neither I am a professional photographer, but I can boast with one thing that made me create this blog —my love for any kinds of tasty foods, my love for Azerbaijani food in particular, my love for cooking, and, most importantly my love for sharing.

I am inviting all of you to take this delicious journey with me in exploring the wonderful food from Azerbaijan and beyond, too. Try the recipes, ask questions, and have fun.