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Photo Tour – Part I

Photo Tour - Part I

Hello there! As I promised – the virtual photo tour to Azerbaijan is here! Here you will see places, faces, get a glimpse of the local culture, the nature, food, and many more. I took some of the pictures with my camera, while others (not of  the best quality) with my phone. Some pictures took a few minutes to take, with really little preparation, while others took even shorter—seconds—as we flew by in our car. This is only Part I of the photo tour. Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Very first photo: “Bucket market” in the village of Vendam in the region of Gebele. All fresh! All good!

Tendir (tandoori) baked bread we enjoyed in the open air in the Guba region.

A beautiful view of a village in the Aghsu region.

Filled flatbreads, gutab, made in Corat (read Jorat) village not far from capital Baku. The most prized Corat gutabi is made with camel meat. Hot from the oven. Sprinkle sumac on top and you will come back here again and again.

Cousins having fun watering the trees and flowers in our Baku backyard.

Our black mulberry tree in Baku gave us some crop. These mulberries are delicious beyond words! Juicy and sweet. Dangerous too—they leave stains on your face and cloths if you don’t handle them with care.

On the way to the region of Guba. Those boys you spot in the distance sell fresh baby hazelnuts—pricy but good. Our wallets were emptied.