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How to Stop Screaming? Win ICE CREAM!

How to Stop Screaming? Win ICE CREAM!

This is my daughter Meltem happily unpacking the ice cream:) Head cropped off, bad bad mom.

Yesterday a UPS truck drove up to our house and a friendly driver handed us quite a heavy box which contained… you guessed it, ICE CREAM! Ice cream that I won for the best Ask Erin Question. A gift from the most friendly Erin over at Erin Cooks. Thank you, Erin! My daughter and I were about to scream from excitement but the prospect of indulging into ice cream kept us opening the box until we got the yummy treasures out. Believe me, the excitement is different from when you buy ice cream from a store. I never thought ice cream could arrive in the mail. It can, proven. And guess what? Now you can receive it too! And here’s how. Just win the contest I am putting up:) Simple. Leave a comment for this entry answering the question below. Can be in one sentence, in two, or as long as you want.

What have you learned about Azerbaijan from reading my blog?

Please read the Rules and Notes before you Scream Ice Cream:

1. NO INTERNET SEARCHES PLEASE! I am just curious as to what comes to your mind regarding Azerbaijan when you read my entries, when you see the pictures. Just be sincere and honest. Anything bad or good is welcome:)

2. Unfortunately ice cream can only travel within the US and cannot be shipped outside the country. So, the ice cream winner will have to be one of my US readers. THERE IS AN ADDITION TO THIS RULE – PLEASE READ BELOW!

NEW RULE: OK, I really can’t end up sending ice cream to US winners, and sending nothing to my non-US living readers, so … those of you in other parts of the world, do not get discouraged because I am GOING TO SEND YOU A COPY OF A LOVELY MAGAZINE called AZERBAIJAN INTERNATIONAL. It is coming from my own collection of it and is special to me because I used to work there! SO, WHETHER YOU ARE IN ENGLAND OR ELSEWHERE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A GIFT FROM ME!  I wanted to be fair:))

3. Contestants must be people who are not originally from Azerbaijan or in someways related to Azerbaijan (travelled, lived, married an Azerbaijani, know me, ate my food:)) and etc.)

4. Three Winners to receive the ICE CREAM and One Winner to receive the MAGAZINE will be selected based on originality of their answers and will be announced on Tuesday.

I am looking forward to your comments! Have fun!

Oh, in case you wonder, what may be in your ice cream package? Here it comes:

Vanilla Honey Bee, Pomegranate Chip, Frozen Yogurt with Vanilla Honey and Granola, Fleur De Sel Caramel, and a box of snack size Vanilla and Almond Ice Cream Bars. Plus a “Bee Friendly Seeds” for you to plant. Not bad, ha?