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  1. Farida,
    Thanks a million for posting this recipe of tandir bread. I have been waiting for your book to come up, so I could try to make tandir bread by myself :). I still regret that I did not go for the third piece the last time you cooked for us. The recipe does not seem difficult at all even though the outcome is so beautiful. I hope you share the recipe for that delicious lamb & eggplant dish of yours.

  2. I just found your site! Looks delicious! Will definitely come back.

  3. I have been a lucky participant in Farida’s recipe trials- my family has loved everything we’ve tried- eggplant rolls, sweet & sour chicken, stuffed grapeleaves…the pictures of the bread on this site are making my mouth water, will have to try next! I highly recommend these recipes! Fariba K.

  4. Thank you, thank you! I am glad you like my recipes. Enjoy the blog!

  5. Salam Farida! What a great idea!
    I am not a really good cook myself, but I will for sure try some of your receipes!
    I am French and was living in Baku for 2 and 1/2 year. I loved every minute of it!
    There is one dish I particulary loved, but I dont know the name… It is a rice dish, with oignons, chestnut I believe, apricots , beef(?) and other yummy things!

    Anyway, thanks for this superb blog!

  6. Dear Farida,

    I loved your site. The recipes are mouth-watering and I am for sure going to apply all of them. You’ve chosen them so carefully. I went through all seven recipes and I couldn’t see one that I wouldn’t like to eat. Thanks for sharing such recipes with us.

    Wish you success in your further plans. Keep going, you’re doing great!

    Your friend,

    P.S. Can’t wait for the book!

  7. Thank you very much! I am glad you like the blog. The dish you are talking about is Qovurma Pilaff, it’s my favorite too. With apricots, sour plums, chestnuts and lamb, and all the other goodies:) I will post it later for you. Aynur, I am excited about the book too! Thanks!

  8. Whoohoo! I am glad you sent me the link. I love dolma! Will roll soon:)) Your pics are so good, too! Welldone.

  9. Hi Farida,
    Congratulations for a beautiful and user-friendly site. The photos and explanations are all so well executed and I thing both the site and a book will be welcome in the culinary world. I will share it with all my “foodie” friends.
    Martha Aarons

  10. Dear Farida,

    Thank you so much for these great recipes! They all look so delicious and I am sure they must taste accordingly! I will soon try out your version of the creamy yogurt soup.

    I am sure your cookbook will be a huge success!

    Take care,


  11. Farida,

    You’re awesome women. The site is veeeerrry good. I’m impressed. You are a hard worker. You’re not only the best cocker (I now it because I had tested her food many times), you’re the wonderful designer and photographer. (Can you imagine, she did all by herself)? You are really gifted.

    I’m glad to have you as a friend.

    Love you,

  12. Farida,
    I can’t wait to try this tandir bread recipe. The photos are very helpful. Keep up the good work!
    Jean Patterson
    co-author of “Cooking Outside the Pizza Box: Easy Recipes for Today’s College Student

  13. Farida,I loved the way show the process in pics. It is going to be comprehensive book indeed:-) – with all its pictures, step-by-step instructions. keep up a good work!


  14. Farida, congratulations with opening your cooking blog! It’s great, very nice designed! Believe me your receipts will be useful for me too though I am in Baku:) All your food that you posted here is so delicious that I am also inspired to go to kitchen and cook:) I liked pictures too, especially the process of the cooking, not many book have this, but it needed. Thank you for this great work and hope to see your book too!


  15. Farida,

    Thank you very much for all your effort! Good luck with the book!

    Best regards,
    Nigar G.

  16. Wow, I never thought it was so easy! Will definitely try. Farida, thank you for the recipe!! Leyli

  17. Thank you, dear Farida! It’s very tasty! I loved it, and so did my family.

  18. Looks delicious. I’ll treat my children with it on weekends.

  19. I also love eggplant! What other vegetable is there? Thank you for sharing your recipes. I used to live in Baku, and miss the cuisine so much!

  20. hooray for food blogs! hehehe

  21. My dearest friend Ayse. Thank you for your comment. This soup is more or less like Turkish Yayla sorbasi, with Azerbaijani touch. Hope you like it!

  22. Hi, Farida.
    I am originally from Baku as well and love Azeri food. I spend significant amount of time browsing blogs, so I am really excited to find your blog and to try these wonderful recipes. Your blog is truly one of a kind and I am definitely adding it to my feeds and favorites. 🙂
    Good luck and keep up the good work.

  23. Farida,
    I applaud your hard work! Everything looks so professional at your website and thanks alot for sharing these wonderful recipes – our all time favorites! The best luck with the cookbook project and I’ll be sure to visit this site frequently for the new postings. Keep up the good work!

    Your old friend and new fan, Natella 🙂

  24. wow, halal olsun size! tebrik edirem! that’s so great! hope american girls learn from you how to cook azeri meals:))
    dolma is my favourite..and you present it in a very nice manner!

  25. Wow, this web site rocks! I browse ethnic food blogs alot, but honestly, this is by far the best I’ve seen so far!

  26. Faridochka,
    how I am glad that you have created this wonderfull webside, I red it and enjoyed so much
    Thank you, love you Shozoda

  27. looks good. can you pls post more vegie recipes. i am more into them than meat. thanx.

  28. Hi Farida,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. You did a great job with photos-Very clear, step-by-step directions and you clearly see the end result. I think it would be helpful not only for us Azeries, but for a foreigner who would like to try our dishes.
    I will look forward to more from you.
    By the way, could you please post here how to make badimjan, biber and pomador dolmasi. I’ve made it before, but would love to try your version.
    Thank you again very much.
    Narmin (Houston, TX)

  29. Dear friends, all of you who took the time to post their comments here. Thank you SOO MUCH! I am flattered. Nara, I will post the badimcan and etc. dolmasi for you later. Have to take its pics yet:)

  30. It was my favorite back in Baku. Thanks for posting!

  31. Farida,

    I am definitely trying this soup! Did you use French or Greek yogurt? Can I use lowfat if I use French since it’s very creamy if I am not wrong on that?

    This blog is great! Anything sweet?



  32. Asli, I bought this Creamy Yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I think the brand is French Village. As long as it is creamy, you can use low-fat, although I don’t understand how low-fat can still be creamy:)) I think any brand creamy yogurt will go. Sweet stuff is coming too! Stay tuned:)q

  33. I will be making this for Sat. dinner thanks for posting I will let you know how it came out.

  34. I’m not a meat-eater, but, wow, your pictures are mouth-watering (except for the meat hehehe). Thanks for visiting my http://www.whirledsoup.blogspot.com site I’ll come back to look over more of your yummy food! All the best, Cynthia

  35. Thank you for your comments. Jenijen, hope you like the soup. Let me know how it goes. Cynthia, thanks. Come back again, I will be posting some no-meat yummies too.

  36. Thank you. I will be posting more vegetarian recipes.

  37. Thanks for posting this recipe with so detailed photos. I make it often, my husband and son just love it.But I make it with tumerik-curcuma or tomatoe. I add to broth 1tsp of tumerik (sarikok)instead of tomatoe. Now all health and diet books tell about helth benefit of tumeric-curcuma, it’s anticanserous,good for digestive system and etc. And it gives good taste to food.

  38. Thank you for your comment. Turmeric is a good option too for this recipe, it’s all a matter of taste. I am glad you like the recipe. Enjoy!

  39. Thank you Asli, Fariba, Jean, Leili, Anon., and Shozoda xanum, for your nice words! Enjoy!

  40. Opps, almost forgot:) Thank you, Osana!

  41. Great initiative! Can you put a penny or some other standardized identifiable object next to your dolmas? I want to get an idea of its size. Putting aside personal preferences, I always thought that a smaller dolma held higher esthetic value in Azerbaijani culture ;-)… though it could be a regional or even a family tradition. Thanks for this page! Dolma is definitely one of my all time favs.

  42. Thanks for your comment. About the dolma size, it is not as small as a penny. Maybe the size of a whole walnut without a shell (can’t think of anything else), it all depends. some make it real small and round, some a little bigger. I make it small but kind of “squarerish”.

  43. beautiful photography. makes me go buy pomegranates. you are so talented!

  44. Farida, thank you for this detailed, colorful, and yummy recipe. I love it! My mouth is watering. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I want to come to your kitchen again:)

  45. Dear Farida,

    First of all let me thank you on behalf of all Azerbaijanies for the site you made. It is very informative and thorough. Actually I tried the several dishes and they are just great !
    What made my life easy is your bread recipe . The measurements are just right to make it extremely tasty. Thanks again for all your efforts !

  46. Hi Farida,
    My mom says that she was very lucky not only to see your amazing dishes on the site but to try some of them to at your place. Now she strongly recommends it to everybody who is interested in Azeri cuisine.

  47. Thank you Pauline! You are welcome to come cook with me:) Emel and Shargiyya Xanim, you are very sweet! It is pleasure knowing you!

  48. Beautiful and interesting recipes. This reminds me (a bit) of the Italian “Tortellini in Brodo” (small stuffed pasta ‘hats’ in broth). This looks beautiful. amy @ http://www.neverfull.wordpress.com

  49. Hi Amy. Thanks for visiting. You are right, these dumplings are close in size and shape to Italian tortellinis. This soup is delicious, one of my favorites!

  50. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I love the sound of new cuisine & this sounds divine. The pictures are great too!!

  51. When I came to the US about 9 years ago, the first food I longed for away from home was bread. It is so important in our culture. Tandir Bread is my favorite of all and this recipe excellent. I am lucky to try your wonderful food at home. Thank you so much! Murat.

  52. Farida it sooooo delisious ! Thanks for posting it. In several day i am going to enjoy it:)

  53. Farida,
    thank you very much for what your great work! I am having Canadian guests today. Last week I made pomegranate salad, very delicious I must say, I never did it before!!! And Now it’s my husband’s favorite. Today I am making pomegranate salad (special order of my husband), eggplant rolls, tandir bread, stuffed grape leave of course J!
    Everything is just excellent! I love the pictures you include in pages! Thank you!

  54. Hi..I see you have a nice recipe, I love dumplings too, but I never did it. I would try your recipe ifI have time.

  55. This salad looks beautiful and tasty!

  56. i think this is a very pretty dish!

  57. Thank you for your comments! Enjoy!

  58. My family & I loved the eggplant rolls, stuffed grapeleaves & (not yet posted) sweet & sour chicken! Thank you so much for sharing these timeless recipes Farida!

    Fariba in Columbus, OH

  59. Post more!
    I have to send the link to those who are fond of Azeri cuisine (and learn myself too:-)).
    Ellerine sahlik:-)

  60. Hi Farida! Congratulations with your exciting website! How is your daughter? Murad? I recognized you when saw your picture. I am Anar’s sister, Sevinj.

    Waiting for new receipts.

  61. Hey!! I have a very good azeri friend who is guilty for my addiction to baklava I wonder If you can share the secret of this magic sweet

  62. Thank you, guys! To Pakhlava (Baklava) lover:) I will post the recipe as soon as I am done with it. It is going to be in my book too, no book without Pakhlava!!:))

  63. Farida,
    This is very good idea!!!
    I want to share link that has so many good Azeri recipies. May be you can contact Gulya and see if you can use some of her recipies. She has ??????????????? ????? 1-9 with at least 50 different items from Azeri cuisine. I have tried them and they are excellent


    Good Luck!!!

    Kama V

  64. Kama, thanks a lot. I will look at Gulya’s site.

  65. Hi!
    A friend of mine with name that gives us HOPE, has advised me to surf this site. It’s great. For me it showed our national dishes from a different angle. Do you think of adding special section devoted to Azeri dishes, which could be prepared in microwave oven? It’s very important for single men who are tired of pizza and frozen fish 😉

  66. Elshad, your message left me wondering if microwaving is an option in Azeri cuisine:) I am in dilemma now! Honestly, I am not pro-microwave, but if a good idea strikes me, I will let you know:)) In the meantime, try some of the easy recipes I have posted or will be posting soon. Single men should eat healthy too:))

  67. Manim adim Sebinadir, siza Edmontonda yaziram.
    Sizi tabrik edirem, chox gozal web-saytiniz var. Chox maragli, saligali ve dadli!

  68. Sebine, khosh geldin! Gozel sozlere gore chokh sagh ol! Hemishe saytimda gozleyirem.

  69. Farida, dolma is delicious! I see in USA you can find relatively small leaves. Not in Ottawa. Sometimes I have to divide the leaf in three or eve four. Dolma is wonderful! Could you put the recipe of badimjan dolmasi?

    Thank you .

  70. Yes, now I understood what I exactly forgot about making this cake: assembling the cake batter in a baking pan. Thank you, I will amaze my family with true “Zebra” this weekend.

  71. Thanks a lot, Farida! It’s nice to have these recipes when you’re 19, far away from home, and desperately trying to learn to cook Azeri food! I’ll go get started with a couple of your recipes, some Azeri friends are coming over tonight 🙂 thanks again, allarina sagliq!

  72. yum!!!! thanks, i realy like the Zebra cake! we did it before with a different recipe, and it didn’t work, but after reading yours, it’s totaly going to work, thanks a lot!!! i’m verry excited to make it your way!!!!

  73. Dear Farida,

    Congratulations! I am very thrilled that somebody has finally decided to have a blog with our food. Honestly saying, anybody who has ever tried our cuisine will remember it for life. Many people that travel to our country remember the hospitality and food, essentials of our nation. Thank you for your efforts and I wish you all the best!

    Good luck!
    Farida (addashka)

  74. Dear addashka:) Thanks for visiting. I am glad you like the blog. Come back for more recipes! And please mention the blog to your foreign friends too. Enjoy!

  75. I am glad you like the recipe! Enjoy!

  76. Aytan, thanks for visiting. I hope the recipes turn our just fine for you and you impress your friends:) Nush olsun! Visit again!

  77. Thank you,Faride hanum!

  78. Dear Farida,
    That cake seems yummy! Thanks for sharing!Have a nice weekend. I will be glad if you visit me too.

  79. Hello Farida! How come I didn’t try these recipes when I was in Long Beach! You’re such a great chef and this cooking book is brilliant. Pictures are also very nice. I like it very much 🙂 >>> jinna

  80. Thank you, Jinna! I didn’t have time to cook fancy stuff when I was a student:) Come to LB now, and I’ll cook for you! Missed you!

  81. Hey Farida,

    great site, I am impressed – and not only by the recipes but also the design etc. However, I am also amazed that despite having an US MBA, you have not Americanized: no ad’s or fees on any recipe :):).

    Keep up the good work :),


  82. Welcome, Jan and Thank you! Now you have to promise you will print out the recipes from this blog and cook for Ayse:) We missed you guys!

  83. Hi Farida,
    thanks for very nice recipe, today I had my b/d and baked this cake, I have different recipe with butter and yogurt instead of milk and vegetable oil. Canola and corn are not best oil to use for cooking. In Azerbaijan we mostli use butter, clarified butter, and butter has more aromatic taste for baking than oil. I think this info about canola oil would be interesting for you too.
    “Olive oil comes from olives, peanut oil from peanuts, sunflower oil from sunflowers; but what is a canola?
    Canola is not the name of a natural plant but a made-up word, from the words “Canada” and “oil”. Canola is a genetically engineered plant developed in Canada from the Rapeseed Plant, which is part of the mustard family of plants. According to AgriAlternatives, The Online Innovation, and Technology Magazine for Farmers, “By nature, these rapeseed oils, which have long been used to produce oils for industrial purposes, are… toxic to humans and other animals”.

  84. Hi Yegana. Happy B-DAY to you! Wish you all the best ! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’ve heard about canola oil. Rumors about it being “poisonous” have been circulating over the internet for quite some time. The “poisonous” effect has been overruled by many medical clinics, including Mayo Clinic. I am not sure which side to preside with, but I am still using the oil (maybe I am not too health conscious:) Butter in cake batter is a little too heavy for me, but I guess it’s all a matter of taste. Thank you for bringing up the issue anyways! Can be helpful to my readers. Please visit again!

  85. Allah Neneye rahmat elesin!

  86. Eziz Farida Xanum,
    Allah neneye rahmet elesin. Allah seni saxlasin, size jan sagligi arzy edirem.
    Zikret Hasan

  87. Eziz Farida, Allah nenene Rehmet elesin, Gebri nurla dolsun, Axir gemin olsun. Sen haglisan, geribedir ki menim de nenem lalangani ele bishirir ki, men ne geder elesem de onun lalangalarinin dadini ala bilmirem. Ruslarda lalangaya oladushki deyrler.

  88. Feride’cigim,
    Allah nenene rahmet eylesin.sizin de basiniz sagolsun.Ellerine saglik cok lezzetli gorunuyor.Sevgiler

  89. Farida khanim! Thanks a lot, your recipes make us feel like back home. It’s really encouraging me. I’m wondering wheather you can make Baki Quymasi))) U know what I’m talking about))) It’s different from the Regional Quyma.

    Take my huge greetings to your sweeties.

    Ellerinize saghliq!!!

  90. Dear friends, thank you for your words. I hope you enjoy my Nene’s recipe. I’m having a problem loading pictures on my blog, so things have been slow on this end. Will be back with more postings once I solve the problem. Thanks again!

  91. Alida, thanks for visiting! Do you mean Quymaq? I am not a big fan of it, but I have the recipe. Will try to post it when I get a chance. I now have a long list with requests I am trying to accommodate:) Take care:)

  92. Sevgili Feride,
    tabii ki “guest cook ” olurum sen yeterki iste.Ayr?nt?l? resim ve tarif veririz.?ngilizceye de çeviririz iki dilde de yay?nlars?n istersen.Hatta K?br?s yeme?i de yapabiliriz.Sen akl?ndakileri bana yaz.Nevruz ‘un kutlu olsun.Türkçen çok güzel diye Türkçe yaz?yorum art?k.Sevgiler

  93. Hulya, cok tesekkurler! Guest book projesine baslayinca haber veririm sana. Sevgiyle kal.

  94. I just came across your blog and the zebra cake is beautiful. I have never seen this before.
    I don’t know about canola (have heard those stories, too) but oil is generally considered healthier than butter.

  95. Thank you for visiting, Aparna. I enjoy your blog too!

  96. Yaseminle seni bulduk. Harikas?n. Seninle gurur duyuyoruz.

  97. Yasemin keklerle ilgilendi ve Zebra Keki cok begendi.Deneyecegiz. Sevgiler.

  98. Hi Farida!
    It was a wonderful coincidence receiving an e-mail from you because I was finally looking at your wonderful website! The recipes sound delicious and the pictures tell me that they are. What a beautiful layout, and you have captured your voice perfectly in the writing that you do. I plan to prepare a few of the recipes. I was so happy to see your smiling face in that delightful photo of you! You should be very proud of this project. Please stay in touch.
    With love,

  99. I’ll try this fish recipe soon. It couldn’t be more clear. The step by step instructions are perfect. The zebra cake looks awesome too.
    Thank you so very much for sharing all these recipes.

  100. Dear Sandra, thank you so much for your wonderful words! You are an inspiration to me with your writing which I can’t beat:) I am happy to hear you’ll try some of my recipes. Missed you.

  101. Serpil Abla, Yasemin yanimda olsaydi ben ona zebra kek yapardim. Tarife cok kolay, hem eylenceli.

  102. Farida, as someone who loves to cook it is great to have such resource available on the web.

    When I lived in the US I made levengi often and it quickly became the favorite food of my American friends. For the sour paste I used prunes (mashed in a blender after soaking) and added lemon juice for tartness. It came out sweeter than home but was still good. I like the pomegranate juice for adding of the tartness as well.


  103. Margie, thank you. Let me know how the fish turns out. Enjoy zebca cake, too! Jale, thank you for stopping by. Yes, when the necessary ingredients are not available, we turn to our imagination to get somewhat close to the original:)) I often do. Sometimes I modify the recipes slightly or offer substitutes to accommodate for people who are going to cook outside the U.S. Please visit again!

  104. Farida, thank you again. I have sent your blog all my friends. It is really wonderful to share your recipes with everybody.

    Thank you very much.


  105. Farida, I will definitely be stopping by again. I love the photos as well. Very beautiful. I have not spent enough time on your blog to pay attention too much but something I am always working on is to make Azerbaijani dishes less greasy and lighter without losing the flavor. It is difficult to run into here in Baku and I love the originals but at the same time I always appreciate lighter healthier food.

    This year I am going to try and make pakhlava solo 🙂 My mom will watch me do it :)) It’s my grandmother’s recipe and I look forward to it.

  106. Jale, let me know how your baklava turned out to encourage me:) Because mine turned out ok but still needs some improvement. I am not stopping until I bake a perfect Azerbaijani baklava:)

  107. Wow, this is very helpful recipe. I may try to cook Azerbaijani food. Thanks.

  108. Kebelle, thanks for visiting. Azerbaijani food is delicious. Enjoy!

  109. Mmmmmm….. I LOVE baklava! I will certainly try this one. This is a great introduction to Azerbaijani cuisine for me, sweets speak to my soul. Thank you for sharing!

    xoxox Amy

  110. Amy, thanks for visiting. Let me know how your baklava turns out. This one is simple, there is another, so-called real Azerbaijani baklava that is even yummier. I yet have to polish the recipe. Please stop by again.

  111. OK – this is INCREDIBLE! I have never seen anything like this before. You must have the patience of Job. I love your photos too – everything is so clearly & beautifully explained.

    thank you, Amy

  112. Amy, thank you:) Try making it with your daughter if you don’t mind the mess, of course (mine loves to try the uncooked batter). It’s fun, and honestly, easy.

  113. Hi Farida,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leading me to yours! What a treasure find this is. You bet I’ll be hanging out here often and learning all I can about your cuisine.

    I too am currently writing a cookbook 🙂

    So nice to meet you. I’ve just subscribed to your feeds/posts and have added you to my blog roll as well.

    See you around.

  114. Cynthia, thank you so much for vising mine! It’s great knowing you! You have a lovely blog! You are now in my blogroll too and I am looking forward to new postings from you, too!. Good luck with your cookbook! Cheers.

  115. Hi Farida,
    Nice blog, seeing “Azerbaijan” just came to check..
    loved your recipes.. 🙂

  116. Hi Seena, thanks for stopping by. The name Azerbaijan attracts, doesn’t it:) Please do visit again. I love your blog too!

  117. wow, the baklava look so delicious. I wish I could reach into the monitor to help myself for a few. 🙂 And I like your step by step photographs. I will surely check back on your blog often!

  118. Mandy, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like my baklava, at least from the picture:) It is an easy recipe, and I am sure with your baking talent you can handle it in no time:)

  119. I’m DEFINITELY making this very soon; it’s so cool!

  120. I’m so gonna try out this recipe this weekend!

  121. Love this cake!! Just saw this on Tastespotting and followed the trail here. A couple of friends of mine lived in Baku for years, but I don’t know much about the food. I will subscribe to your blog so I can learn more. Excellent!!!

  122. Farida, I’ve had an old recipe for zebra cheesecake, which required alternating regular and chocolate cheesecake and very carefully spreading it in the pan with a spoon. Your “drop in” technique looks so much easier and the results are outstanding! Thank you for sharing this.


  123. Malinda and Cindy!

    Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to my Azerbaijani kitchen:) This cake is easy to make, so go for it. Let me know how zebra patterns turn out. Have fun!

  124. Gretchen, welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comment. It’s great to meet people (at least virtually) who are interested in cuisines of other countries. Please do stop by again and if you have any questions about Azerbaijan and its food, please do not hesitate to ask me. Hasta pronto y mis saludos a Perú!

  125. Hi Farida, I’m a fellow food blogger and stopped to say Hi and admire your cake:) This looks good! I tried this tactic once with muffins but didn’t turn out this well; I think my batter was a bit thin:) thanks for sharing your recipe:)

  126. Beautiful cake, beautiful explanations! Thanks for the lovely post.

  127. How pretty! Thanks for the tutorial, too. I’m already looking for an excuse to give it a try!

  128. Beautiful picture, Farida, I love flowers..

  129. This is really beautiful, will try this next time when I make cake, have to buy cocoa powder.. 🙂

  130. Hi Marysol, thanks for stopping by my Azerbaijani kitchen. I am glad you like my Zebra Cake. The technique really works! Easy, fun and yummy!:)

  131. That’s a very pretty cake, I never made Zebra cake before, I have made variations to marble cake before but never done anything with this effect, its lovely.


  132. Mansi: Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like the cake:) You should get the zebra patterns just fine with this recipe, just follow the pictures:) Visit again!

    Astrid: Welcome to my kitchen! Enjoy the cake and come back for more yummi yums!

  133. I love that! It looks delicious and fun to eat at the same time!

  134. Thank you for the recipe! This looks so beautiful!

  135. Thank you, Farida, for posting this! The dolmas look yummy. This is one of our family’s favorite treats…. I hope I don’t ruin it for them by trying to make it myself!

    tanti baci, bella, Amy

  136. I started making stuffed grape leaves after reading a recipe here:
    and love them so now I’m looking at some other recipes, that’s how I came across this one. I’m going to try some of the different spices you use. They look delicious!

  137. sorry, here’s thelink to the recipe i use hopefully it works this time

  138. beautiful! thanks for the tips! will be trying them out on my marbled cake soon! 😀

  139. Shawnda, Seena, Vi, Elle and Joy.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! I am happy you like my Zebra Cake. Really, it’s not that difficult to make, just think of a zebra and its pretty patterns:) and follow the recipe. Thanks again!

  140. Jeremy, thanks for visiting. Dolma has so many different variations and every country has its own special recipe. I hope you enjoy my Azerbaijani version too. Please let me know how it turns out. All these talks about dolma make me crave for it now:)

  141. Mandy, welcome! i would love to see the patterns on your marbled cake, too:) Please visit again!

  142. I’m going to make this cake when my youngest daughter has her birthday. She’s going to be two and I know she will love this zebra-cake. Since horses and zebra’s are her favorites. Love your blog. I just discovered it and placed it among my favourites.

  143. wow, even I could make this. Thx for the shortcut recipe.

  144. Awesome cake! I’ve made a checkerboard cake before but not a zebra, I will have to give this a try, it looks amazing.

  145. Krtistel: Welcome! Happy B-Day to your daughter! What a cute age, 2! Although they call it terrible 2s, I still loved it with mine:) Have fun baking!

    Brilynn: Thanks for visiting. Zebra cake is super easy to make, when you know the trick:) Enjoy!

  146. Nine, welcome to my blog! Yes, this baklava is easy to make. Wait for the real Azerbaiani baklava which is a bit more time consuming to make, but the result is worth your efforts and time! Please visit again!

  147. That is fantastic! It is so beautiful and it looks like it takes patience,but isn’t too difficult. Thank you for introducing me to it. I can’t wait to try it!

  148. Perfect! I love the simplicity! You’re right about having this accompany a “meaty” meal. This will work well for all the grilling we do during the summer.

    xoxox Amy

  149. This looks great! I love this flavor combination!

  150. Love it! I can’t wait till someone I know has a birthday so that I can make a cake like this. Thank you for sharing the technique with us.

  151. Hi,

    I went to Turkish Kitchen in the city and had a nice meal. As dessert, I had something made of sesame. It was very sweet. I don’t know the name of it, but it was brownish, and the texture was almost fudgelike. Do you know what it’s called by any chance?

  152. My mouth is watering just looking at the golden bread.

  153. Wow, I’m amazed by this wonderful baklava! Ever so tempting and scrumptious!



  154. That is my kind of salad! We always have spinach salad, and I find that the simplest dressings are the best. The one I usually make is pretty much exactly like yours.

  155. This makes baklava so easy. This looks really delicious.

  156. Yum, these look great! Nice pictures!

  157. This looks fab! I’ll make sure to get some extra yogurt next time I’m at the store. Makes me want to learn more about Azeri food in general!

  158. Delicious salad – I love spinach.

  159. Wow, this bread looks delicious. It doesn’t look very easy to make, but definitely worthed to try. The instructions look very clear. Thank you for sharing it.

  160. Farida, I just looked at your tandoori bread and loved it. And I saw this easy baklava recipe by accident, it’s you again caught my attention. I can tell that you’re talented on cooking.
    Thanks for sharing this one too.

  161. Hi Farida!

    This morning I woke up to see my little spinach salad recipe found a place in your blog. Actually, as I see it from the comments made here, it is known by many, and I got the recipe from my health freak friend, Cheah Ling! When you add an apple to this recipe and some fresh bread on side, it becomes a meal itself.

    Also, your blog has been very useful cooking source and a very pleasant read for me. I love the way you start your recipes, and it absolutely shows that you were an English major. 🙂 I entered my e-mail address for the subscription of your blog, so I will not miss any recipes. Lastly, I love the recipe index that provides quick access to all of your recipes!

    Happy eating, everybody!

  162. Emily: Hmm, I wonder what Turkish desert you had. It could be one of those flan-type desserts that are popular in Turkey, but they don’t have sesame in them. I even asked my Turkish husband and he had no clue as what it could have been:) I need more hints to identify that mysterious sweet:)

    Rosa: Welcome to my blog! Enjoy Baklava and visit again!

    Aparna: Nice to have you back:) Glad you like the recipe.

    Stacie: Thanks for visiting! You traced me back to your blog and looks like you like baking. Baking this baklava will be super easy for you!

    Max: Thanks for your nice words. I am flattered. Not sure about the talent but I simply like looking and honestly, I love eating even more:) The bread is easy to make. Please visit again!

  163. KP: Welcome to my blog! The crust is what I love the most. Egg yolks work wonders on top of this bread:)

    Max: You are welcome Max! Let me know how it turns out.

  164. Parsnipsaplenty, thanks for visiting my blog! I read you live in Bulgaria now. It’s interesting, when I made this soup for the first time in my life, our good Bulgarian friend Ava was over and she loved it and said Bulgarians like yogurt:) So, it could be something you could experiment with! Cheers to Bulgaria!

  165. Amy, Gretchen, Elle, Patricia, Asli:

    Thank you for your comments. You can pretty much add anything available in your cupboard to the salad as long as there is spinach too:) Asli, thanks for being such a good friend!

  166. Feride’ci?im,
    gene nefis bir tarif paylasmissin.Ispanagi? hic bu sekilde denememistim.ellerine saglik.en kisa zamanda denemek istiyorum.Sevgiler

  167. Hi Farida

    This tandoori bread looks so good, I’ve just voted for it on tastespotting.


  168. Greetings Farida, Asli sent me this link and I was so happy to see her spinach salad here. This is a salad I have also made for years with a little variations. I like to put drained mandarin oranges in place of apples, and sometimes I use currants or cranberries or chopped apricots for the dried fruit component. The dressing of extra virgen olive oil and fresh lemon is my favorite for cooked spinach also. What a nice end of a hot day meal this is. Thanks, Vic

  169. This cake looks super yummy! I think I will try it for my mothers birthday on monday. Any suggestions?

  170. sorry..didnt finish that thought..any suggestions on frosting?

  171. Farida,
    I have stored much feta cheese and was thinking how to finish it. This spincah, we would take with pepper and lemon with some other veggies too. So will try this next time.. 🙂

  172. This is great! What a healthy and light dish. I agree with Amy, it’s going to be a tasty compliment to all of our summer grilling.

    Thanks for the recipe. BTW, the golden raisins are the perfect touch.

    Best of health to everyone. J

  173. Hulya: salatami begendiyine sevindim:) Kolay ve pratik. Afiyet olsun!

    Vic: Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, you can add pretty much anything available at hand to spinach. I was tempted to empty my cupboard but stopped, thinking the simpler the better:) Please visit again!

    Seena: Yes, spinach is good with other veggies, too, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. I think the possibilities for this salad are endless:)

  174. Kiriel: Welcome to my blog! I hope you can wow your guests with this cake one day! I love the patterns more than the taste:)

    Becca: Happy B-Day to your mom! Although it is more of a coffee cake that a festive b-day cake, I think you can turn it into a b-cake with some fancy decorations and frosting on top. I would suggest you do a white icy frosting all over the cake and using a pastry pipe, pipe out chocolate stripes that would remind a zebra, or just outline a zebra with chocolate cream in the center of the white frosting layer and pipe out the patterns over the outlined zebra. So, it will be a white background with white zebra in the middle with dark stripes. Am I confusing enough?

  175. Jamie, thanks for stopping by. The golden raisins are a popular item in Azerbaijani cupboard, so I couldn’t ignore them.

    Oh, you have a nice blog I would recommend to my health-conscious readers!

  176. That is one of my favorite salads! Simple and delicious.

  177. I know I’m going to try this! Looks great! I can never have enough bread recipes. Great blog!

  178. I love these kinds of salads! 🙂 They make me happy. What also makes me really happy today is that you joined The Foodie Blogroll. You are the first blog we have about Azerbaijani food! So exciting! Sounds similar to many of the southern European/Middle Eastern cuisines of which I am so fond! So,

    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! 🙂
    Hope to see you on the forum as well!

  179. Farida, I’m as big a fan of pomegranates as your daughter, and I’d completely forgotten about a pomegranate I’d been saving in the fridge for several weeks, that is, until I saw that work of art that is your salad.

    If I manage to resuscitate my somewhat withered pomegranate, I’ll have to try your recipe.

  180. Elisabeth: Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you like the salad!

    Jenn: I am very excited to be a part of the foodie community! Thanks for adding me. See you in forums:)

  181. Vi: Welcome back! This bread is easy to make. I like it right out of the oven with white cheese and fresh herbs on the side. Yum!

    Medena: Thank you for stopping by. Glad you like the recipe. You have a cute blog, too:)

  182. Dear Farida,

    Thank you very much. When I go to Baku, first of all I want to have tandoori bread. We have an Indian restaurant here and they have tandoori bread in their menu. I am not a fan of Indian food. But for tandoori bread I started to go there. Last time something was wrong with thier bread and I am so glad you shared this recipe with us.

    Thank you

  183. I just made your zebra cake, and it was wonderful! I didn’t have vanilla powder, so I used a couple drops of almond extract, and that added a lovely element. I also couldn’t find my round cake pan, so I used a 9in square pan, and that made for an interesting look as well! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed making this! Thank you for sharing!

  184. FArida:

    Everything you make looks delish. I love eggplants too – can’t wait to try this!

  185. This looks fantastic! I found you from Tastespotting.com and just happen to be doing a Middle Eastern recipe trial in my kitchen now. Good timing! I haven’t explored eggplant much, but we used it in lasagna in the restaurant where I used to cook…
    Thanks for the recipe!

  186. You we welcome, Jamila. I miss real tandoori bread too. Mine is just an imitation although it can’t replace the real thing, but better than nothing. I like Indian naan, too, if that’s what you mean. Sagh ol!

  187. Larkin, you we very welcome! I am so glad your zebra cake turned beautifully and that you enjoyed baking it. Thank you for letting me know.

  188. Maya, welcome to my blog, Thank you for your nice words. This eggplant rolls are a winner in our family. Only a few actually end up on the table because I eat them while I make them:)

  189. Oh my, I adore eggplants too. This looks divine.

  190. Oh, Farida — these look wonderfully delicious! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  191. Sally, Astrid, Allen – I am glad you like the recipe. Enjoy!

  192. Simple, yet yummy. I sounds/looks so refreshing. I’ll try this with dried blueberries (because I don’t like raisins, oddly enough).

  193. Farida , I tried this and was really delicious!

  194. This salad looks delicious! I love the combination of ingredients!



  195. I was lovely! I added the apple and dressed it with a chilli, garlic, ginger, honey and orange juice dressing (no oil) that I had prepared for something else.

    It made a lovely lunch on its own with butternut soup. Great for those dieting days! Add some good bread for people who are hungry.

  196. absolutely amazing. hopefully the “zebra”-izing technique will work with other cake batters…would love to do this for my niece’s birthday cakes

  197. Dear Farida Hanim,

    Finally today, I made your tandoori bread! However, I realized that I had only 2 cups of flour and no eggs, so I used 1 cup of wheat flour and yogurt for brushing. It came out really good, and Gorkem liked it, too :P. Also, your tandoori bread reminds me of special bread called pide, which is only baked during Ramadan month in Turkey and was the best thing I remember from my childhood Ramadans in Istanbul.

    Thanks again for this recipe,


  198. Those eggplant rolls look tasty!

  199. Joy: yes, blueberries would go in the salad just as well. i like their taste, too.

    Rosa: Rosa, thank you!

    Scotchcart: thanks for visiting! I am going to try it with apples, too.

  200. Seena: I am glad your zebra cake turned out great. Glad you tried the technique:)

    Sarah: thanks for stopping by. The technique should work with any batter, I think. Happy B-day to your niece! Hope she enjoys the cake:)

  201. Hi Farida! saw you on the Food Blogroll and decided to visit your site 🙂 I love spinach, unfortunately the kind that we have in the Philippines can not be dressed in this way :/ but I love your pics, just looking at it makes me feel full. Thanks for posting it! I am going to save your recipe for future reference 🙂

  202. Bulgarians do love yogurt. So much so, in fact, that when you go to the shop and ask for milk, the shopkeeper will ask if you want “fresh milk” or “sour milk”, the latter being yogurt. We have a soup not dissimilar to kelekosh, called tarator. I’m pretty sure it’s all over the Balkans. Cheers to Azerbaijan!

  203. Oh my gosh, those look fantastic! And they look easier than I’d have ever thought, too. Filing this one to try…

  204. Those look very yummy! Just like Indian Potato or meat Samosas, but a little different. Thnx for sharing the recipe!

  205. Hi Nini, thank you for visiting my blog.Glad you like it! It’s encouraging me to do a better job:) Please visit again!

  206. Great photo! That bread is perfectly golden brown and looks really good.

  207. Not hard at all, great directions! Thanks, now I am hungry, and I am IN BED!!! :)))
    Mouthwatering photo!

  208. Those look delicious!!! What great color they have!

  209. A potato pie please :]

    I defiantly am going to try these. They look so good!

  210. The Pirojki look great, perfect finger food for a party. I have to bookmark this for my next get together. Thank you!

  211. Hi Farida,
    thanks for stopping by yesterday on my blog…this looks wonderful and I adore different ethnic dishes, i’ve read about you looking for others to test recipes from your new cookbook-i’ll have to write you an email during the week (if i forget, please do get in touch!)
    oh, shall add you to my google reader

  212. Wow, they look beautiful! I’ve always loved Potato Pirojki, but never had the opportunity to eat that dish too many times! I guess that I’ll have to remediate to that sad situation ;-P…



  213. Elle: They are really not that hard to make. Enjoy!

    Mona: Welcome to my blog! Yes, these remind Indian samosas which I hope to make one day.

    Kevin: Thank you! Egg yolk works wonders on baked goods:)

    Medena: Welcome to my blog! These are not hard at all to make you are right.

    Katie: Thanks for visiting! Enjoy!

    Tarah: I wish you lived closer:) Thanks for visiting!

    Chuck: Welcome to my blog! Glad you like the recipe!

    Pixie: It’s great to meet people who explore ethnic cuisines! I emailed you already before you forget:)

  214. I love how beautifully you explain everything accompanied by the perfect photo. You are too clever. Thank you for posting this – I’m going to try is this week.

    xoxox Amy

  215. Great photos and looks like a very good recipe! It’s particularly good that the photos really show how to do the recipe step by step. Will be trying it out.

  216. I have some dried apricots, walnuts and goat cheese kicking around at home – all I need is the spinach! Can’t wait to try this!

  217. Those might be the most adorable dumplings I have ever seen! Your step-by-step instructions are terrific (especially with the photos!) – and I am amazed that you were able to do all of that with your children about! Great job!

  218. Farida!
    They are amazing!
    mmm, like samosas? I love to try this, so tempting..
    Photo is very beautiful!!

  219. Those look delicious!

  220. Farida:

    These adorable pastries reminds me curry puffs and curry buns that are wildly popular in Malaysia.
    Yours look absolutely picture perfect!

  221. Girls Life: Thank you for visiting. Glad you like the recipe.

    Katie: Thank you! The soup is delicious – honestly, it is not the easiest soup to make but the time and effort is usually worth it, at least for my family, who can’t stop eating it:)

  222. Thank you for visiting my blog, Farida! And I will be adding you to my blogroll as I do like what you are doing and hope your cookbook really turns out well!


  223. Rosa: Thank you! Let me know how your pirojki turns if you make it.

    Amy: Thank you. Enjoy your pirojki:)

    Momatlarge: Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you like the recipe. Enjoy!

    Seena: Thank you. I have yet to try your samosas:)

  224. This is a recipe that I will definitely be trying! Thanks for sharing it.

  225. AHHHHH one of the best Latvian foods ever!

    My Oma used to make these all the time, and even when I was a vegetarian I would still eat the bacon ones as they’re too good to resist.

  226. amazing! they remind me of Cornish Pasties…look so good.

  227. These look so similar to empanadas. I am sure they would go over big here. I will try to make these sometime soon and see!

  228. Brilynn: thank you for coming back! Enjoy!

    Maya: glad you like my recipe! I would love to try Malaysian version one day, too!

    Cynthia: thank you! Enjoy!

    Paige: looks like pirojki is popular in the entire ex-Soviet hemisphere:)

    Diva: than you for stopping by! Enjoy!

    Gretchen: yes, they do remind empanadas. Let me know how your pirojki turns out:) Have fun baking!

  229. Frida, thanks for dropping by my blog….you’ve got a wonderful space here.

    A few days ago, I posted something similar to your pirojkis, which was just a spur of the moment idea…after looking at those beauties of your’s, it does seem that I’m on the right track 😀

  230. Farida, nice to know more about you…wish you all the best with your cookbook.

  231. LEZZET! i’m eating this DILLICIOUS pirochki, and writing a comment @ the same time-it’s awsome! haven’t seen any better – just awsome! the one i’m eating right now just came out of oven, and is burning hot1 it’s so good! well thanks A LOT, MERCI BEACOUPE for the resipy!

  232. Farida, men mejbur oldum ve extra un tokdum. Menim agilli, geshenk qizim, he he he, mene komek etdi, ve chox yaxshi alindi
    ( menim mamam dedi, ve men yaziram, ona gore ozumu oggeder tarifledim) he he he! chox datdiyidi! chox sagol!

  233. This looks absolutely incredible! My kind of food.
    Well done!

  234. Those peroshki are a real show stopper. I think I’m going to make them absolutely as soon as possible – like today. Thank you for the really terrific directions.

  235. Barbara, Sunita: Welcome and thank you!

  236. Sunita: Welcome and thank you for your nice words! You have a great blog, too. There is a lot to learn from you!

    Gullu & Sevinj: Mommy and her wonderful daughter:) I am glad you enjoyed making and eating pirojki!

    Zenchef: Thanks for stopping by! And for your encouraging words!

    Molly: Thanks for visiting! Please let me know how your pirojki turns out. Always great to receive a feedback:)

  237. Oh I love it! The swirl is perfect! I’m so gonna try this! Thanks!

  238. Hi Farida

    These look lovely all of my family love pies.

    Btw I’m making your zebra cake tomorrow.

    Vi xx

  239. Oh, Farida … these are beautiful! They remind me of a Russian pastry I had a few months ago, but yours look so much better 🙂 I planned to make something sweet this weekend, but you may have just changed my mind.

  240. How interesting! I’m really glad I discovered your blog! I love the photos, too! 🙂

  241. Interesting! My wife makes something so similar called Pierogi – she’s Polish.

    Amazing how food travels the globe!

  242. Im always looking for something that is different, delicous and is easy for someone with my limited cooking abilities to cook, this fits the bill and the instructions are easy to follow.

  243. OMG! thats amazing! i have never ssen such a cake.. there are so many cake varieties. Urs is unique 🙂

  244. Vi: Glad you like it! Just saw your Zebra cake on you blog. Good job! Thank you for your flattering words about my blog, too:)

    Allen: There is another recipe for this pirojki, where you make a sponge first and then mix it with the the rest of the ingredients, but this one is easy and saves time. plus, the taste is great! Let me know how it turns out!

    Scott: Welcome to my blog! Pirojki is small Pirogi. I think the variations of it are pretty popular in Eastern Europe and in ex-Soviet Union countries. You are right, food travels the globe:) there are no borders for it:)

    Garry: Thanks for visiting! Glad you like my recipe! Please visit again for more.

  245. Asli: Glad my bread brings back the sweet memories of Turkish Ramadan days to you.

    Maninas: Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your nice words! Please visit again!

  246. Tarah: Thank you! Let me know how it turns out!

    Anjali: Welcome to my cooking planet:) Thank you for your nice words. Please visit again!

  247. Hey Thanks Farida, thats my pleasure. U r most welcome. i really like ur recipes and ur recipe picture too.. next time i make it a point to visit ur blog when i search for any recipe. i will bookmark it 🙂

  248. Our family just moved to Baku and I am very interested in learning how to cook here. This site is very helpful to me because it is in English and I don’t speak Azeri very well yet. Thank you for all the work. It is so well done.

  249. Wow farida what a cake..i just loved it..first time here and loved your space…will come back for more.

  250. Thanx for the zebra cake recipe. Only had one from Jo Deli bakery but didnt manage to get emulsifier. When i get home i’ll try yours. it has easy to access ingredients. My cousin makes zebra cake and uses sprite instead of milk.So what does the sprite do to the cake? once more thanx a great deal for thr recipe.

  251. Farida, you’ve done it again. They look truly amazing. I’m going to make Pirojki, and I have a feeling they will also be a winner at our house.
    Thank you for sharing this one!

  252. hey farida so sweet of you to write such nice lines for me…infact i added you in my blogroll today as i found your recipes amazing.here in moscow i have been tasting azerbaijani food in restaurants and have fallen in love with the food.Thanx for subscribing…even I am subscribing to yours too…can’t afford to miss a single recipe from now on:) I have had these pirojkis here so many times and now i know how to make them too…they look awesome.

  253. What a wonderful idea! It sure would have been fun to be at the tasting!

  254. Lovely photographs! Wish I could take some like that. Just picked up a new camera and I can’t seem to get used to it to safe my life!


  255. What a wonderful project! Will check out recipes now.

  256. beautiful pics

  257. This really shows the power of how the internet has really brought people all over the world together. Really cool post and these look delicious!

    amy @ http://www.weareneverfull.com

  258. How fun!!! Next time they do this let’s fly to Istanbul for the tasting. It’s interesting to think what I would use for my native Texas – definitely pecans, perhaps the filling from my granny’s pecan pie recipe.

    xoxox Amy

  259. That is such a wonderful concept..glad you enjoyed taking part 🙂

  260. well, i like its…

    I´ll be back!

  261. Just amazing! Love the idea, this should be continued throughout the world…

  262. Farida, your photos are amazing!

  263. Great ides! How wonderful that you could create and contribute to this! I am sure it was fun and delicious for those there.

  264. Marysol: Please let me know how your pirojki turns out if you make it.

    Saswati: Than you! IInteresting to hear that you have tried Azerbaijani food in Russia:) Was there anything in particular you liked? I am curious. Please visit again!

    Carlinhos: Thank you for stopping by. Yes, please , do come back:)

  265. Elle: I too, think Julie’s idea was great!

    Sid: Thanks for stopping by. The pictures on this particular post are from Julie’s web site but the rest is mine. I know the frustration with cameras. I am still learning myself. Have fun with your new camera!

    Pixie: Thank you!

    Sagari: Pics from this post are from Julie’s website but I am taking the compliment for the rest:)

    Amy: Yes, this was a great project and the idea behind is deep.

    Amy from familiabencomo: Yeah, let’s fly to Istanbul:))

    Sunita: Thank you!

    Medena: Maybe it is the beginning of the world “two times tart movement” – who knows:) really, the idea is great.

    Marija: For this posting, it is Julia who should take the compliment, but I will gladly grab it for the rest of the pics because I take them:) By the way, your pictures are gorgeous too. I love your blog!

    Gretchen: It was a lot of fun! I am glad I was a part of it.

  266. Farida, what amazing photos.

  267. I am learning so much from you, Farida! I looked at the recipe for the dried apricot and walnut filling and it looks so good and easy to make. I will try it out BUT after I finally make the potato pies from last week’s blog entry. I have yet to try it but am looking forward to it.

  268. Dear Farida, thank you for the comment you left on Allen’s blog. It means the world to me!

  269. a very interesting concept..nice pics

  270. Rosie: Thanks for visiting and for your nice words!

    Barbara: Thank you for looking at my recipe. It’s nothing fancy. I just came up with within a second. Hope you like it!

    Patricia: You are very welcome!

    Rachel: Thanks for stopping by. Please visit again!

  271. What a cool project! Glad you were part of it.

  272. Farida,
    The idea of cross cultural recipe sounds very interesting, I just only can imagine how tasty the tarts filled with apricots and walnuts…..
    The pictures are just outstanding, great job !

  273. Farida,
    those yummy looking pirojki’s make me run to kitchen and cook it right away. I love pirojki so much ! it is not only dish but a wonderful childhood memories. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us!

  274. What a fantastic project and congratulations for the the success!

  275. Hi Farida!

    I’ve tagged you for a Six Word Memoir. If you choose to play, and you don’t have to, but if you do, you can see the rules in this post:



  276. That looks amazing, how wonderful to be involved in a project like that.

    Vi xx

    btw I was meaning to ask you if you wanted to join the pantry, if so I’ve left the link for you above.

  277. Hi Farida,
    I could not resist the idea of making pirojki 🙂 I did it today. They turned out just great. Austin was impressed by the dough itself. We have the big batch of pirojkis with potato, meet and feta cheese, so come join us :). Actually i experimented and added some oregano to cheese and Austin suggested some shredded mozzarella. So it turned out very tasty ( i think it reminded me the taste of pizza tiny bit).
    Thanks again for this wonderful recipe!

  278. Panrshipaplenty, Emel, Cynthia, Vi:

    Thank you very much for your nice words!

    Vi: I’ll check out the link. Thanx.

  279. Emel, I am so glad you tried the recipe and it is great that it turned out delicious! I think by the time we arrive at your house no pirojki will be left:)) so we decided postponing visiting you now:)) Enjoy!

  280. Hello Farida,

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog… You are too sweet. I had to come see your page and I just fell in love with this cake!!! I think I might try to make it this weekend! I love this idea and I have never seen anything like it. I love your page and will be visiting her as often as possible! Have a wonderful day!


  281. thats a great entry Farida.. i loved that.

  282. Oh, how fun, Farida! Thank you for thinking of me. I have to think about how to describe myself in ONLY 6 words (is self-absorbed two words or one?). One words you left off of your list is “likable.” From the beginning, I have just enjoyed your blog & YOU!

    xoxox Amy

  283. Farida–congratulations on your ice cream prize! How cool is that? And I’m definitely going to check out your chosen blogs, too. 🙂 Thanks for playing!

  284. Saswati: Welcome to my world! Glad you like it here:) Please visit again.

    Esther: You are welcome. I thin the sprite adds to the volume, but I am not sure. Enjoy!

    Heather: You are very welcome! Please let me know how the cake turns out if you make it. You too, have a great day!

  285. Hi Farida

    Thankyou and I’ll get my thinking cap on.

    Vi xx

  286. I just finished making these and they are amazing :). So light and fluffy, and the potato filling is a wonderful complement to the bread.
    I’ll be making these again with different fillings.
    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and making it so easy to follow!

  287. Thanks Farida- I didn’t exactly start the game (not sure if you thought that) 🙂 anyhow, I’ll be sure to check out a few of your chosen bloggers. There are so many to get around to! and thanks so much for your kinds words- still waiting for your recipe btw- cant wait to try it

  288. It’s always the simple dishes that I enjoy most and I’ll have mine with the raisins please. :))

  289. That’s the kind of carrot salad I love! Simple, but delicious!



  290. Farida, the salad looks delightful…and so easy to assemble too 🙂

  291. carrot salad.. wow thats very healthy..

  292. I have always wanted to try a carrot salad! This one looks delicious, and I think I’d go with the raisins, too. Gorgeous photos, too!

  293. How lucky for you to’ve won Häagen-Dazs. Congrats!
    Say, who do I have to bribe to win some? [G]

    Thank you Farida for tagging me as well, for the 6-word memoir; I’ll play.

  294. That looks delicious and the colors are as vibrant as your personality! Well, I have all the ingredients, and it looks like it’d be a cinch to make. Thanks Farida.

  295. That looks and sounds great! I’ll have to try this. It’s a nice departure from the usual ‘green’ salad. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this recipe. 🙂

  296. Yummy! I love those kind of notebooks. I’m already using my mothers, and recently found my grandmother’s in our country house. Can’t wait to start making her recipes.

  297. Nothing like fresh ingredients – this salad may be simple, but it’s wonderful, too!

  298. I love those old recipes, they are always the best. Tried and true recipes. Your daughter will cherish them when she gets older I’m sure of it.

  299. Farida, Congrats on winning the contenst!
    Good to know about you, will play my part asap..
    Thanks for tagging me.. 🙂

  300. Lovely healthy salad!

  301. That carrot salad looks good! Nice photos. I would never have though to try adding garlic to it, though I like the sound of it!

  302. Those raisins look suspiciously like black olives! 🙂

  303. I love it! Fresh & healthy. I’m going to make some tomorrow.

    xoxox Amy

  304. Great share, looks marvelous!

  305. I came to have a look from Vi’s blog…your blog is lovely – well done!
    I’ll be back!


  306. Lily: I am so flattered that you tried my recipe! Glad they turned out yummy!

    Barbara: I am happy that your home was filled with the nice smell from the freshly baked Pirojki:) I love the smell of baked goods!

  307. Pixie, Rosa, Sunita, Anjali, Elle, Marysol, Joy, Marija, Patricia, Chuck, Kevin, Amy:

    Thank you! I am glad you like the recipe. Hope you try it out.

    Divya: Welcome to my blog! Glad you like the recipe.

    Chris: Thank you for stopping by. The raisins are hidden inside the salad:) Those suspiciously looking things are black olives indeed:))

    JJ: Welcome! Hope you try this out.

    Annauk: Thanks for visiting my world and for your nice words! Please be back:)

  308. Farida, you have definitely hit the jackpot there with your MIL’s recipes-note book! I look forward to you sharing some of it with us.

  309. Simple. Fresh. Perfect food!
    Especially is those bright summer days. I like it. 🙂

  310. Farida, what a beautiful cake, I’m going to try it soon. I saw Violets’ one too which was also great!

  311. Thats simple and nutritious…must try!

  312. I love the idea of using yogurt instead of mayonaisse in this salad. It’s obviously more traditional and obviously healthier!

  313. nice and healthy salad faridha .

    Just saw your message on my blog, if u want I will try to give other names to those ingredients which u r not familier, for making egg fritters

  314. Cynthia: I will share the recipes with all my readers as I unfold and try them:)

    Zenchef: Thanks! I am glad you like it.

    Sunshinemom: Welcome to my blog! Let me know how you like the salad if you try it.

  315. Interesting question. And I know I can’t be part of this contest (boo hoo) but from what I can see you are very kind hearted and caring. Your daughter is beautiful too.

  316. Farida, I’ve learned that I didn’t know much about Azerbaijan at all! But, in reading your blog, I realize that the cuisine is very diverse, with lots of fresh foods and delicious flavors. Your recipes seem like they are made to comfort people, and also to take advantage of what’s available in season. It also seems to me that the cuisine from Azerbaijan is steeped in history and tradition, and I think it’s very special that you are sharing those traditions with all of us!

  317. hey farida, this is very interesting! and ur daughter looks so cute 😀
    farida, u can skip red chili powder or chilis if u cant eat spicy, but u can add 1/2 tsp of paprika powder(mild), it gives a nice color and its not at all spicy 😀

  318. I learned about your blog from Miriam’s Russia Blog. So If I win I’ll have to buy her Ice Cream when she gets back to the states – not that she might want anything cold for a while. I’ll just have to make her that Zebra Cake instead! OK. Here is what I learned from your blog about Azerbaijan:

    1: It is common for the people in Azerbaijan to adopt foods from around the world. Napoleon being a good example. Just like the US has adopted foods from around the world. Just go to any malls’ food court in the US and see what I’m taking about. Just the first way of many we (Azerbaijan and the US are more alike then different.)

    2: One of Azerbaijan’s Neighbors is Turkey another is the Caspian Sea.

    3: Nush Olsun is the Equivalent to “Enjoy!”

    4: Rice Pilaff is the Queen of foods in Azerbaijan, that is, hardly a celebration without it! Yogurt is often used in the Azerbaijani cooking, so are chestnuts.. Saffron is also often used in Azerbaijani cooking and is called Zeferan in Azeri. I also surmise that you call the language Azeri and not Azerbaijani or Azerbaijanish. ]:8). Eggplant is another favorite. [I always thought that eggplants were a little funny – neither egg, nor plant (oh wait it IS a plant after all) and purple!]

    6: The spring Holiday is “Novruz” and is celebrated on the Vernal Equinox [first day of spring], so now I know of three spring Holidays: Easter, Novruz, and Passover. Today is the first day of Passover! Novruz sounds a little like Halloween with the “Knocking the door for treats” aspect, and a little like the old Druid Winter Solstice celebration with the “jumping over the bonfires” part.

    7: International Woman’s day, March 8th, is “Big” in Azerbaijan. And Women in Azerbaijan are just like Women in the US – they like Chocolate and Flowers.

    8: Azerbaijanis are big on Tea, and like it with something sweet. (BTW: I think I’m going to have to try the Zebra cake. It looks “Fancy”! and not all that hard!) Thank you very much for this! ????????! [lit: Thanks the Zerbra Cake Instruction][I am trying to learn Cantonese]

    9: Canning is a Tradition in Azerbaijan, as it is in the US. Yet another way we are alike!

    10: Wow here is something unexpected!: Bread is a sacred food! In Azerbaijan some people even kiss and touch the forehead with it. In the Jewish tradition bread (or in Passover Matzo) is what is blessed before eating meals, and Christians say “Give us this day our daily bread” so I guess this is not so far fetched. I was just surprised at the reverence paid. But again it shows if you take a second a look peoples from around the world are more alike then different.

  319. i cannot live without ice cream, sad to say i’m in england so i can’t participate but this sounds so exciting. hope it goes all well. and by the way, your little girl is gorgeous! 🙂 i wish i had her hair. lol

  320. Hi Farida,

    I just love the idea of ice cream being delivered to your door, it sounds great.

    Vi xx

  321. I can’t believe I’ve only really just found your site. It’s amazing.

  322. farida! thanks for changing the rules, you’ve unleashed the competitive side of me. However, I really doubt this is great but I’m gonna give it a try. Here goes:

    I don’t dare presume I know much about food or food specific to countries I’ve not visited. I’ve also not read all of the posts on this blog as I only discovered this site through Tastespotting a couple of months back (indeed what a shame! glad that’s changed now). But from reading my favourite posts – dried bean stew, the ones on breads and the sweet baked goodies, I feel very heartened to relate Azerbaijan food/recipes to that of my mother’s, grandmother’s, great-grandmother’s and all the women before me that descend from our Chinese Lim clan bloodline. Why I say that is simply because Azerbaijan food, to me, seems to be more like an art – but never in a conceited way. It’s just food beautiful to look at, cooked with so much care and attention, conscious of its surroundings and seasons, brimming with history and so much significance that it cannot help but be delicious. Azerbaijan food as I think it from this blog is feel-good food. Putting aside the technique and ingredients needed, formalities aside, it’s food that touches hearts, transcending its own physical boundaries because it’s food that makes you think of the people you love who’ve made it, of that woman who lives a little off down the road from you who makes it too, but in a slightly different way than yours.

    I think Azerbaijan takes its food seriously and treats it with a lot of respect. Who would think to treat a piece of thrown-aside bread with great care? As much as the Chinese would still bother to brew cheap tea leaves with as much care given to the most expensive leaves ever, honouring it with a proper tea ceremony, Azerbaijan holds dear its cuisine – a capsule of history, memories, friendship that forms so much the foundations of its community.

  323. Hi Farida.

    I’ve just tagged you, see my blog for details.

    Vi xx

  324. Thanks Farida for the support…..your daughter looks so cute…she has got beautiful hair.What does Meltem mean?

  325. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad that you’re both enjoying the treat!

  326. I learnt how little I know about cuisines of the world 🙂

  327. HI faridha just saw your message

    Besan == Gram flour

    Dalia==roased bengal gram

  328. Thanks so much for supporting LIveSTRONG Wiht A Taste Of Yellow. The carrot salad sounds so healthy.

  329. Hi Farida
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Of course I don’t mind you adding me to your blog roll. I will do the same.

    George x

  330. Good morning, daahling! I have tagged you for a blog award. You deserve it!

    What I have learned about the food of Azerbaijan? Well, you make it look so easy…. I would have to say that the spices & ingredients used compliment my pallet more than I expected – there is perfect blend between the Mediterranean & Persian flavors.

    xoxox Amy

    P.S. Your daughter is adorable!

  331. You’ve been awarded from me as well. 😉

  332. Feride’ci?im,
    bu guzel jestinle beni cok mutlu ettin.Hem sasirdim hem sevindim.Bu güzel odulu sevincle alip kabul ediyorum.Sayfamda da yayinlamak isterim nasil yapacagimi bana maille yazarsan sevinirim.COK COK TESEKKURLER VE TEBRIKLER BENIM GONLUMDEKI BUTUN ODULLER SANA!!!

  333. Congratulations on your awards, Farida — they are much deserved!

    And, thank you so much for the awards — you are too kind 🙂

    I’ve been working my way through my reader trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs and finally made it to ‘F’ …. so, I was surprised to to read your blog and see my name!

    Thank you again!

  334. You deserved to be awarded Farida, your blog is excellent.

  335. congrats on the awards farida!! woop woop. E for Excellent, J for Joy 😉

  336. Congratulations on your awards! They are well deserved. Thanks for passing an award on to me!!

  337. Dear Farida,

    our congratulatons! We are so proud of you!!! Your website have encouaraged my 12 years old daughter to cook. Gullu feels independent from her mom with your notes 🙂


  338. Congratulations Farida on your awards!! They are SO well deserved you have a most wonderful blog here 😀

    Rosie x

  339. You deserve them both (& more!). I’m sure more will come your way soon. I enjoy your blog SOOO much

    xoxox Amy

  340. Congratulations Farida, you must feel so proud!
    Well done!

  341. Congrats on your awards! And thank you for you kind words 🙂

  342. Farida, thank you SO much! I’m thrilled! Something is up with my e mail at the moment. I read your message, but it’s slowed down to a crawl. But you can definitely use that e mail address to pass along to them.

    Thank you again!

  343. Yay! Ice cream! Honestly, I’m so glad that I never lived in a world without ice cream. It’s funny that you mention my kids because they actually may not even find out that I won this….. Darn that guilt!

    Thank you, my dear, new, blogging friend. I wish you continued success, awards & happiness with your blog!

    xoxox Amy

  344. I too wish to congratulate you, I join the other commenters in saying your awards are well deserved, and I thank you for passing them on to me! It’s nice to feel people read what you write with interest.

  345. Oh, of course i arrive after the battle is over! Sowwy!
    Next time i’ll participate! 🙂

  346. whoopeee! i’m so pleased, thanks farida. of course i wish i had the ice cream but can’t wait for the magazine. i’ll treat it with lots of care. 😀
    and yes, your daughter is unbelievably cute, she’s gonna grow up to one gorgeous woman. wish i had those fabulous genes too.

    best love xxx

  347. I gotta say, now THAT is a creative giveaway!! Very nice of you to think of your readers and offer this.

  348. i just realised all the 5 names you tagged end with an ‘a’. lol, thanks for the tag. i’ll work on this & flash my best bits. that sounds wrong.

    cheers my friend, x

  349. Farida..ur pics look gorgeous..thanks for tagging me..Ive already bookmarked 6 of them to try..Thanks for helping me discover thses recipes by tagging me..

  350. Hi Farida,

    Thank you for joining in, your pictures are amazing, I love all of them but I will def have to try your lovely version of baklava.

    Vi xx

  351. nice observation with the endings, Diva:)) I didn’t do it intentionally though:)) How funny!

  352. What a great tag. Fun to see what you think are the best photos on here. I still dream about that zebra cake and plan to make it some time. It is simply eye catching!

  353. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — you take beautiful photographs (and make amazing food)!

  354. Those are some really nice food pics!

  355. These are gorgeous! You tagged the right people too – all of their posts are amazing.

    xoxox Amy

  356. You’ve got a GREAT set of pictures Farida. Thanks a lot for tagging me…this is one I would LOVE to do. Hope I can do as much justice to the tag as you have done. What a great idea this is from Anna. WOW!! Thanks a ton…am still gobsmacked by the zebra cake…o boy!! It’s stunning!! Thanks again & lol

  357. What a great idea! You do have fantastic pics!

  358. Great pictures and delicious looking food! Wonderful!



  359. This is a fabulous tag, a well worthy one indeed and wonderful photos too.

  360. What gorgeous pictures Farida. Delicious food.

  361. That looks amazing Farida, and thank you for the cultural insight too – very interesting.

  362. Great picks! My favorites are TANDOORI BREAD and PIROJKI.They look so tasty!

  363. That pomegranate salad is beautiful! Well, they all are–you take fabulous shots, Farida! Fun game!

  364. Hi Farida,
    I have been visiting your blog for a while and enjoying the recipes. Too bad I missed the screaming contest 🙁 I would vote your blog an “E”xcellent, please keep up the good work.
    Every picture you have posted looks more delicious than the others. Are you a photographer also? Do you have a website for it?
    Thank you for sharing all these. I know how hard it is! I appreciate and wish you the best of the luck.


  365. I can never forget the zebra cake..that’s etched in my mind 😀

  366. Thank you guys for all your nice words! I am so happy you like my blog! And I am flattered too:)

    Max: Welcome! Glad you like the site. Oh, I am not a professional photographer, and I am still learning how to improve my shots. I secretly wish I were a professional photographer – it could have saved a lot of my time:)

  367. I keep seeing all kinds of beautiful eggplant pictures lately – yours included! Counting down the days until they’re in season…

  368. I love love LOVE your photos!! Not to mention your recipes!! Thank you for the comment..

  369. I enjoyed all your pictures! really nice blog.

  370. Hi Farida, what stunning photos they all look Delicious!!

    Rosie x

  371. This is a great tag! i may tag myself for this, only to revisit some old dishes that sometimes get lost in the blog-o-sphere! All those look fabulous. I need to bookmark that whole fish w/ walnuts. YUMM.

  372. THANK YOU!

    Rachel, Parsnipsaplenty, Heather, Poonam, Rosie and Jonathan!

  373. Mouthwatering pictures Farida! Professional! You reminded me of the tadoori bread. Really love the way it looks. I got a ton of stuff to do till the end of April, then in May I am hoping to try recipes from my favorite bloggers, and tandoori bread is certainly one of them. I am looking forward to that! 🙂

  374. What a wonderful tutorial you have! Now I have to make a zebra cake of my own. Thanks!

  375. Farida..Am trying this reipe today..And the pirojki s are now getting baked inside the oven..Thanks for sharing ur recipe

  376. I have been to ur blog since last week..And thanks a lot for tagging me and helping me discover ur blog..I love all ur recipes especially your pics..
    I heard the word Azerbaijan for the first time..
    I feel it is a combination of RUssian,Greek,asian in general and also mediterranean cuisine..This is because I happened to dine in a greek restaurant and had dolma,baklava and rice pilaf there..I loved the healthy food there made with a lot of natural ingredients..I also had Piroshki from abakery and while searching in the net found it to be a russian snack..Was very delighted to find that in ur blog..Am yet to read all the posts in ur blog..With what I have read until now I have an assumption that Azerbaijan is some region with a gorgeous healthy cuisine and also an ancient one..It has a touch of russian,middle eastern/meditteranean,asian and greek cuisine..The recipes are not too simple like the fast food now..It needs great skill and experience to prepare something like this cuisine..

    Farida..Am really happy I discovered ur blog..And am motivated to try more such recipes..I loved ur rice pilaf recipe..I have already tried baklava at home and now its Pirojki..My next attempt will be dolma!

  377. Anna, Maggie: Welcome and thank you for your lovely words! I am most flattered:)

  378. Divya: I am so glad you are trying the recipe! Your house must be smelling good now:) Let me know how they turn out please.

  379. Farida..The pirojkis turned wonderful..We had it with hot tea..My husband liked it a lot..Thanks for ur recipe

  380. What a fun tag – and you are such an amazing photographer! I’m glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours!

  381. Farida, BROVO!!!! I love all those photo’s they look terrific! I can’t wait to try your Tandoori bread, I’ve never made that before. It all looks great!

  382. Hey Farida..check out my blog ..I have done the top 10 pictures thing

  383. Congrats to the icecream winners..That was so sweet of u Farida

  384. Hi..You have been tagged by me..check out my blog..Participate only if u wish

  385. Medena: Thank you! Tandoori bread is my favorite. Let me know if you try it.

    Deborah: Welcome to my blog! Glad we “discovered” each other:)

    Chuck: Thank you! I will be flattered if a bread expert like you tries my tandoori recipe.

    Divya: Thank you for tagging me. Off to your blog now:)

  386. Divya, thank you so much for your nice reply! I loved your answer. It is beautifully written. Nice observation, too. Unfortunately you replied after the winners had been already announced. But I will have contest in the future, too, so don’t forget to join early:))

  387. Bravo! You did a fabulous job on your first go. As for the rolling I just ended up using my hands-no equipment was needed and I had the same problem with making space in the freezer lol 😉 they look great!

  388. Farida, Your bride and groom looked so happy on their wedding day! Great job! Also I have to agree abot 2 things you said, getting them into the freezer! Fortunately I have an extra frig, but I still had to do alot of arranging, and thank goodness I was having a party, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do with all of them.

  389. Fantastic job. They are cute and your shape molded great. Edges so clean. No room in my freezer also.

  390. Farida, those are adorable! Great job!

  391. Very differently decorated….innovative I must say..crazy imagination 😀

    Mr and Mrs..look nice 🙂

  392. The happy couple look so elegant together! I love how you had sooo much fun with this challenge. I was in total survival mode this week & just by dumb luck I happened to made my pops before the post date…. Farida, I’ve said this before, but you are an artist!

    xoxox Amy

  393. This was your first Daring Bakers challeneg too! I love the raspberyy-chocolate combo, it’s a classic.

  394. What a happy (and tasty) couple! Congrats on your first DB challenge! I like the clean squares you got…I did balls, but ended up just digging in with my (clean) hands to do so. It was so creamy that perfect spheres were a bit tricky.

    I also had to clean out my freezer to make room! –Amy

  395. your pops are adorable! Welcome to the daring bakers

  396. Great first challenge! I am so happy to have met the Cheezypops!

  397. You’re SOOO funny! I love how the almonds look like horned rimmed glasses. Awesome!

    It was my second challenge too!

  398. Welcome to DB Farida!
    I love Mr. & Mrs. Cheezypop, they look like they’re really talking in that last photo 🙂
    Great job!

  399. Nice job on the pops. I love the fact that you showed detailed pics on how to assemble them. Very cute putting faces on the pops. Very nice!

  400. That is just the cutest photo ever! I love it 🙂 Wonderful job on your cheesecake pops. Congrats on your first challenge, and a resounding success at that!

  401. This recipe is definitely a keeper! I love your photos! Great job!

  402. well done on your first challenge. Your cheesecake pops bring a broad smile to my face, thanks for making my day.

  403. Welcome to the Daring Bakers! What a fun imagination you have to dream up these newlywed characters! Too fun! Glad these were enjoyed by your family & friends!

  404. Great creativity! Love it!

  405. Oh so cute! Welcome to the DB’ers!

  406. Bravo! They are so cute! You did a great job!

  407. I love how much personality you were able to give cheesecake on a stick – great work!

  408. I love it! Those are so cute!

  409. this was my first challenge too. I LOVE the faces on yours–the cutest I have seen of the cheesy pops I have seen so far.

  410. Ahaha, how cute! I love it!

  411. Those are so cute! I really appreciate the fact that you left it in squares.

  412. Congrats on completing your first DB challenge, I think the rectangular shape looks great!
    I rolled mine into balls but it was a very messy process and if I were to do it again, I would just cut out rectangles.

  413. What a fab first challenge Farida! love Mr & Mrs Cheesypops…what a tale!! ha ha…great fun! Welcome to DB’s!!! xoxoxo

  414. So cute, what a great job!

  415. I love mr. and mrs. cheezypops! they’re so cute!!

  416. Congratulations on your first challenge! You did a great job! Those pops look very pretty!



  417. Aww … those pops look like they’re have a conversation 🙂

    Congratulations on a fabulous first challenge!

  418. Your blog is absolutely great! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  419. Farida they look excellent. A marvellous job for your first daring bakers challenge. Well done 😀

  420. Congratulations on your first challenge 😀 You did a great job on your pops 😀

    Rosie x

  421. Very creative! Nice to have you with the DBs.

  422. Welcome to the Daring Bakers! I can’t wait to see how you manage to top Mr. and Mrs. Cheezypop. Hilarious (and I love the square shaped ones).

  423. Farida, welcome aboard…your pops look really cute 🙂

  424. I just scooped my cheesecake out with a spoon and rolled it with wet hands. They were lumpy, but delicious.

    I also attempted using fruit preserves. Easier said than done!

    I like the characters you invented – great job with the challenge!

    Welcome to Daring Bakers!

  425. Congrats on completing your first DB challenge! You sure were daring and wasn’t it simply addictive?

  426. How cute! Nice first challenge!

  427. Oh my dear Farida, those have to be the most adorable (not to mention, cheesiest :-)) wedding couple I have ever seen!

    And it looks like you had way too much fun with your first DBs challenge. So much so, that I’m thinking of joining you on the next one … maybe I oughta take the time to become a member first.

    Btw, I had to smile and say: “I do,” when I noticed your recipe called for 1 pound of chocolate.

    Cheesecake and Chocolate, a match made in Heaven.

  428. lovely cheescake pops. nice instructions. Mr. Mrs. Pop look beautiful.

  429. Well done Farida, they look so happy together!

  430. oh how adorable! may mr and mrs cheezypop live happily ever after! x

  431. Feride’cigim,
    bunlara gercekten bayildim:-))Cok seker olmuslar.Cocuk dogumgunleri icin super bir fikir.Hem cocuklara peynir yedirmenin en guzel yolu sanirim.Benimki sadece cheesecake yaptigim zaman peynir yiyor cunku.Ellerine saglik canim.Sevgiler:-)))

  432. I think your pops look great!! Wonderful job on your first challenge, and welcome to the Daring Bakers!

  433. This rice dish looks excellent. My customers would love it. I’m going to subscribe and check your site out. You ever cook any quinoa. It’s the “next” new grain. I’ve been cooking with it for 12 yrs, took me a long time to get good with quinoa. Plus it’s fun to say-Keen wa!

  434. How adorable. You are a creative cook.

  435. Nice to put a face to the chef. It’s nice to see that you make time to enjoy cooking. I love to cook, been doing it for 20 yrs, I’m 33. I like your site’s set up. You ever thought of putting some group posting blog party thing together, like the cheese cake lolipop idea. Whatcha think?


  436. Great looking pops! I like the faces. I just used a spoon to scoop the cheesecake and formed it into balls in my hands like I would do when forming meatballs.

  437. These are adorable. My daughter thinks that Mrs. Cheezypop actually looks little like a puppy.

    Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

  438. Thank you to all of you for your lovely comments! I am glad you liked my crazy creatures:)) I truly enjoyed the challenge and looking forward to the next one!

    All of you who are new to my blog – welcome and please visit again! It’s great to get to know all of you!

  439. So cute – love their little faces!


  441. Hi farida! Thanks for stopping by my blog and all your kind words. Much appreciated!
    I love your cheesecake pops! How original! Congrats on your first DB challenge 🙂

  442. Thank you !!!! 🙂 I am so honored! There is nothing better than being recognized by my fellow foodies. I love your blog too, and I am so glad I make your day!
    You just made my day!!!!!! 🙂

  443. Thats so nice. Don’t you love those kind of surprises?

  444. Farida..the cheesecake pops look gorgeous..You rock!
    love ur idea of making them into two cute faces..

  445. That was too quick Farida..Glad u liked my Piroshki..Your blog was my inspiration..And btw congrats on ur award!

  446. How fun! This is perfect you & all your tagged friends since all of you work so hard to make each of our days. Job well-done & well-deserved!

    xoxox Amy

  447. The Zebra cake is absolutely stunning. I HAVE to try this recipe. I went through your entire website and I like your photos, and clear explanations and of course your yummy recipes too.

  448. Farida, what a nice surprise to get this at the end of the day! I appreciate your comments and the fact that you like to visit my blog
    means so much! I will take this award and display it proudly on my blog!! Thank you! Also much congratulations on your award, obviously fellow bloggers appreciate you, your blog, and your comments.

  449. Congratulations to you! 🙂
    Now let’s party! hehe

  450. hey Farida…
    iam visitng ur blog for the first time… Congrats on ur award…. Very nice… … would love to peep in ur blog now and then…. adding u to my blog roll…:)

  451. Hey farida….
    First time to ur blog…. loved it…
    lovely pics, lovely recipe…. adding u to my blog roll…:)

    hey congrats on ur awards u deserve them…:D

  452. Hi Farida,
    The award is well deserved. You make my day every time I visit here 🙂

  453. First: Congratulations on a well-deserved award! You have a lovely and informative blog.

    Second: Thanks for making MY day by passing this on to me. I am honored!

    Third: The very best part of these awards is being introduced to wonderful new (to me) blogs, and your picks are no exception. Thank you!

  454. Thanks so much for the link! Its nice to hear that you enjoyed those rolls as much as I did. Good luck on your continued cookbook editorial efforts!

  455. I am so glad you liked the squares. And I have to agree with you about Medena’s Corn Bread with Cheese – it’s made at least once a week at my home.

    ps. Meltem is adorable!

  456. Thanks for the challenge/tag I will do it soon, well sometime over the next day or two.

    George xx

    PS Meltem is a real sweet, such an adorable wee girl.

  457. Farida, your daughter’s adorable…she’ll melt men’s hearts when she’s a woman!

  458. Sounds fun! I’m happy to join in the fun….. Give me a couple of days to put my thoughts together.

    Meltem is too cute!

    xoxox Amy

  459. Meltem is the cutest chef I have ever seen!!!
    You are most welcome for the recipe! Thank you for trying my recipe, and I am glad you like it, and thank you for such nice words.
    I like your idea for a tag, I have tried quite a few recipes from my fellow bloggers! 😉

  460. Farida, you’re most welcome for the recipe.. glad you loved the bread…

    Btw, Meltem is so gorgeous 🙂

  461. A great idea for a tag! I love those recipes… Everything looks so good!



  462. farida!! i now woop for joy, just imagine me in my apron doing a big messy dance for you, for the birth of this tag. it’s a great idea. how exciting!
    also, you’re not lazy at all. i’ve hardly progressed at all on my own blog event lol.

    by the way, have received your magazine. I LOVE IT! loads of awesome reads in there. cheers.x

  463. Great idea for a tag, Farida! –Amy

  464. Cute pic 🙂

  465. Farida, that’s a cute idea. My problem is not knowing where to start there are some many great bloggers out there with amazing talent. I see at least 5 dishes I want to make everyday lol. I’ll see what I can come up with.

  466. That looks so good. I’d be very happy if a host served that for me 🙂

  467. Wow, that’s an original recipe/shape! Your roulade looks beautiful! I love liver pate, so I’d enjoy that delicious creation of yours… I bet it tastes gorgeous with homemade sourdough bread!



  468. I love chicken liver! Will definitely make it.

  469. Farida, I don’t like liver but I do enjoy pates, as they are mellower in flavour and the texture’s different. I’ll bring the wine!


  471. A wonderful recipe to share with us Farida- there’s so much I’ve yet to make. I’d love to try this one day!

  472. looks delecioussss faridha

  473. That looks wonderful! My 5 year old son was standing next to me when I opened the page and he said “That cake looks good!” Had to laugh when I informed him that it was liver, hehe.

  474. Love the pinwheel shape – ingenious! I’m a chicken liver fan so I think I’d try that version.

  475. it’s such a shame i’m not a fan of pate but that looks heavenly…if it was a cake roll i’d totally have my face in there. 🙂 x

  476. Ohhh! This one looks really good. I used to eat lot of lamb/beef liver as a child, but outgrew the taste when I grew up. But I still LOVE chicken liver, so will definitely try your recipe. BTW, I tried the Zebra cake, and it turned out really well. I will be posting it on my blog with a link to your blog where I got the recipe from sometime soon. ;-))

  477. I love your recipe, in Lebanon we cook liver too, I like it a lot. I’ve noticed that Lebanese and Azerbaijan cuisines have many things in common.

  478. What a fabulous appetizer!! I LOVE pate… Will have to try!

  479. This is so pretty! Believe it or not, I’ve never even thought of making my own liver pate. This is so great, you can make it so many different ways. Thanks for the recipe and the idea!

  480. I used to eat liver pate for breakfast quite often when I was little.
    I loved it,with some nice tea on the side.
    I am inclined to try making my own, your recipe sounds so easy, and your pate looks absolutely delicious! Great photos! 🙂

    …that is a nice proverb!

  481. I will not pass it cos i love liver….fried..any version. this looks lovely 🙂

  482. You know I had no idea how pate was made…. I like the richness of color that yours has. Not only does this look easy, but it it very appealing to the eyes which is a perfect combo for entertaining. Thank you for posting this! I’ll add this to my list to prepare. 😉

    BTW, I’m still working on my list for your tag. Friday I made ropa vieja & had a hair appointment so my day was gone. Then, yesterday was spent at a swim meet for my son (he broke another team record!). Today is the 2nd half of the meet & then a Ladies’ Tea at church….that’s why I’m writing you this message so early in the morning – have to start my day!

    Big kisses to you & your beautiful family,

  483. I do have to say that I am thinking Liver, no way I’ll pass. I confess I ate liverwurst as a child. But I don’t think I could actually make something out of a real liver! Farida, I left an award for you on my blog!

  484. I’d have to say that I’m one of those people that isn’t too big on liver, but I do love foie gras for its buttery taste. I do feel a bit bad every time I eat it though because of the way they mistreat the geese. This looks like it might make a good substitute!

  485. Meltem (sorry Farida :), check out my blog, I have an award for you! 🙂

  486. Oh that is great!

  487. Thank you so much! I You have just made my day!

  488. Hi Farida! Check out my blog to see what I made! I guess I am hired as a tester! That is just a start, I am sure to try more… 🙂

    Can’t wait for your cookbook, keep us posted!

  489. This is great looking & so neat Farida. I love the presentation. The very first line of the post applies to me through & through; maybe it’s something to do with being pushed into inting liver when I was young. I love the look & the idea…any substitutes for liver pate that you can think of? I’m thinking too…cheers Farida, truly a classy post!

  490. i would NEVER turn my nose up at liver. we absolutely love offal (you prob. know that since you visit our blog!). in fact, a tongue recipe will be on it’s way soon. YUMMMY. i must say, i’ve never seen such a beautiful display of pate in my life. it’s almost a ‘too good to eat’ version! usually pate is not very photographic, but this one is. great job, farida.

  491. Have you been peeking at our fridge? Haha. That’s crazy — I just bought beef liver last night and though I’d just go online to look for recipes. I love liver (barbecued!), but your recipe calls to be tried! Thanks for sharing!

  492. George: Thank you!

    Rosa: Thank you! This pate does taste great with sourdough bread. Yum!

    Marija: This pate is equally delicious with chicken livers. So, go for it.

    Peter: This is mellow, indeed. I like the texture of pate a lot.

    Pixie: I know what you are talking about:) So many things I want to try too!

    Sagari: Thank you!

    Elle: You are so funny:) I hope your cutie pie wasn’t disappointed with the taste of the “cake”:) Kids usually don’t like liver, at least that’s the case with my daughter.

    Dana: Thank you! Yes, chicken liver would be great too!

    Diva: Sorry, sugarbar, it’s not a cake:)

    My comfort food: Thank you! I am so happy you tried my zebra cake. I bet it was fun making those cute patterns.

    Mag: Thank you for visiting my blog! You are right, there are some similarities between our cuisines. I love Lebanese food and we frequent our favorite Lebanese restaurant here in Long Beach quite often.

    Alexandra: Welcome to my blog! Glad you like this pate. It is delicious! Let me know the result if you try it.

    Madeline: Thank you for stopping by! Glad you like the recipe. It is not that difficult to make. Talking from experience. Because I myself had not made any pate until only recently:)

    Medena: Thank you, Medena. This pate is not that difficult to prepare.

    Rachel: Thank you, Rachel!

    Amy at familiabencomo: Does your list get longer with each passing day? Mine does:) Oh, congrats on your son’s record! You must be very proud of him! It’s great!

    Gretchen: Thank you for the award! I am honored to have received it from you. You made my day!

    Norecipes: Welcome to my blog! This pate is creamy and has a buttery taste – something I think you would like.

    Medena: Thank you for your sweet award to Meltem. She is very happy – I am very jealous:)

    Chriesi: Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the recipe.

    Deeba: You can actually use the same method with bean puree (pinto, kidney or anything of that sort). Boil and mash them, the rest is as in the recipe.

    Jonathan: Thank you! Tongue recipe sounds intriguing, although honestly I am not a big fan of it (we make it in Azerbaijan too). But I’ll check out your version. Maybe it will appeal to me:)

  493. Farida these are soooo great! Sorry it took me so long to comment I have tried to subscribe to your blog but I don’t think it is taking my email… This was to be my first daring bakers challenge too but I had to back out as I had too many things going on.

    I love the faces.. Great job!

  494. That’s really an amazing rolling job! I’ve made cakes that way before and they almost always fall apart on me and turn into a miserable mess. I’m a little up in the air about the whole live thing but I’d definitely at least give it a try. I trust you 🙂

  495. Stunning. Even though I am not a liver fan, I do appreciate the artistic flair of Swiss rolling. Amazing roster of recipes, Farida. Thanks for coming by my blog; I don’t know when I would have discovered you on my own. You have many lovely offerings.

  496. I LOVE liver and not only chicken liver, but also calf’s and lamb. I was so intrigued by this recipe and will definitely try it. Serve it with melba toast?????

  497. Wow! That pattern in the cake looks just great!
    I have a question though, and it is about the tea you were mentioning. What kind of tea do you drink a lot of in the country? Is it black, green, some special herb tea? I love tea myself and am always interested in different tea traditions.

  498. Well, leave it to you to make liver look enticingly delicious, not to mention, artsy.

    Farida, I made liver pâté last year, and really liked it. But I quickly learned that handling chicken livers makes me queasy.
    So I decided that, next time, I’ll have someone else clean and prep the slippery little devils for me.
    Between you and me, I’m a culinary wimp, but I’m getting better.

  499. Mycomfortfood: Thank you! Please let me know how the cake turns if you try it. Curious:)

    Vonsachsen: Welcome to my blog! The tea we drink is mostly black tea. But we also drink herbal teas to treat certain ailments, they are popular for their natural healing power. You just gave me a good idea:) I will dedicate a post to tea drinking in Azerbaijan with pictures and stories. Thanks:)

  500. Joy: How funny:) Let me know if you opt to try my recipe:)

    Erin: This pate is not that difficult to make. Let me know if you have any questions when you prepare it.

    Susan: Thank you for your nice words!

    Nina: Glad you like the recipe. Please give it a try, it’s’ easy and yummy!

    Marysol: Believe me, I am in the learning stage myself too:) There is so much I want to learn and it’s a never ending process:)

  501. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pic looks great!

  502. lovely pic, thanks farida. i am glad that u like my recipes.

  503. Gorgeous dessert! Your blog is amazing!

  504. Hi Farida this is one lovely recipe you have shared with us and thanks 😀 I will have to try this out sometime!

    Rosie x

  505. Oh your baklavas look so good, I have just prepared a selection of different kinds of baklava, took the photo and will publish the post soon, but I will defenitely try this one cause it easy to make and looks so delicious 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  506. Erik: Thank you!

    Anjali. Thank you!

    Rosie: Glad you like the recipe. Hope you try it:)

  507. Chriesi: Thank you for your nice words! Glad you like it here:)

    Mag: What a great idea! Let me know when you post it so I can take a peek at your baklavas:)

  508. I love liver – this looks really stunning Farida! Well done, the photos are great too.

  509. OK – I FINALLY got my “Look What I Made!” list together. It wasn’t easy since everything I do is from other blogs…. I had to narrow it down to the ones I hadn’t posted yet or just didn’t have the time to take a photo of yet. It was a lot of fun. Thank you for tagging me. I also tagged you with an award…. I hope you don’t mind!

    xoxox Amy

  510. facinating recipe. my husband loves liver, and I will definitely mention this recipe to him.

  511. Wow! Mr. Pop has great eyes! 🙂 These are just delightful, Farida.

  512. Thanks sooooo much!

  513. I think in Oscar speeches you’re supposed to thank your spouse, your mother and your agent, too.

    Just kidding. Congrats on your success!

  514. Thank you sooooooo much! And you deserve the best! Congratulations!!!

  515. Salam Farida..
    Should we serve these rolls cold or warm (microwaved) ??
    Thank you for wonderful recipes!!

  516. oooh congrats on all the awards!! they’re well-deserved. 🙂 also, thanks for the shout out for Beauty & The Feast. xx

  517. Thank you for my award! I am very flattered – and congratulations on yours – you deserve them.

  518. Farida’cigim,
    cok cok tebrik ederim.Ben de en sonunda senin bana verdigin odulu blogumda yayinladim.Insallah olmustur.Tekrar tesekkur ediyorum canim.Seni cok SIK ziyaret edemiyorum cunku bu aralar cok yogundum.ANNELER GUNUN KUTLU OLSUN!SEVGILER:-))

  519. All your awards are well deserved, Farida!
    Thank you for your kindness. I will display the award you gave me with pride 🙂

  520. Farida, congratulations to you and your adorable daughter! 🙂

  521. Farida, you are most welcome! I am so happy I made Meltem’s day!
    I can picture her being proud, and telling everyone about it… :)))

  522. How fun!!! You & Meltem deserve all the accolades! HOw great that you already have her in the kitchen with you… this is somthing I struggle with, sadly.

    xoxox Amy

    P.S. Thank you for the nice words about moi! Big kisses!

  523. Farida, your daughter is very cute!! Your site has really changed since I first visited. Bravo!!!!

  524. I found some great new food blogs through this article. Thanks!

  525. oh yes! Happy Mothers’ Day farida..forgot to drop that in in my previous comment. 😉 xx

  526. It’s 12:01am on Mother’s Day and what do I see? An award from you! Farida!! Thank you so much. I wish you could see the big smile on my face!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  527. Congratulations for the awards! You deserve them!
    And thanks for passing one to me too, I am honored!

  528. Congratulations on all your awards they are SO well deserved 😀

    Rosie x

  529. Hi again!
    This time, I am tagging you! Check my blog for this one. 🙂

  530. i spent some time into your blog.
    Funny, clever, delicious.
    My compliment.

  531. Congrats on the awards, you are so deserving of them 🙂

  532. Farida, you deserve all the awards you can get, you do have a wonderful blog here!
    Thank you and Meltem for the award, I appreciate it very much 🙂

  533. Hi, honey, Gloria at http://canelakitchen.blogspot.com/ posted her recipes & wanted me to let know.

    xoxox Amy

  534. WOW… i’m super honored, farida!! this award us is one of the online ones i really liked. the idea behind it is awesome! i really, really thank you. i’ll be posting it soon! we love your blog!




  536. Farida this look what’s a really yummy recipe!!!!
    I don’t know if Amy said you she Tag me in Look what Imade!! and I post about this only if you want to see a look that the Blogs I try recipes.
    I like so this Tah and I find so interesting!! Like it! xxxxGloria

  537. How interesting! I’ll definitely have to give this a try this weekend – who doesn’t need another recipe with cheese, right? Yum.

  538. This looks a very tasty cake indeed with lots of wonderful flavours to complement each other 😀 Great pics too

  539. glad to receive your comment!
    you can also follow me on tastespotting every post published there is in english too.
    I’m going to create a tag to recognize all english post not only Db challenge.
    see you!
    ops, just forgotten, this is on my wish list right now I’m busy with strawberry and have to wait for my father-in-law lemons (he has about 20 lemon trees).

  540. This looks lovely and lemony, perfect with a cuppa!

  541. Zebra cake looks amazing 🙂
    I discovered your blog through Gloria’s site and I’m very happy beacause of that 😉
    My grandfather was born in Baku… my whole family used to live there till they had to go back to Poland.


  542. What a dense, moist looking cake! It’s gorgeous!

  543. mmmm…. It looks delicious! Dense and moist are the best cake combination. Too bad, I love to eat more than I love to cook. 🙂

  544. Thank you, dear Farida!

  545. She’s adorable!

  546. Oh, yay! I have a bowl of Meyer lemons calling out to me demanding to be baked into something amazing. Thank you for sharing, hun. Hope you had a great Mother’s day.

    xoxox Amy

  547. This sounds really good. I am curious about the cheese…I wonder what I could substitute here?

  548. Farida, it looks wonderful, tangy & sweet are great dessert combos.

  549. This cake sounds really interesting. It looks nice and dense and good.

  550. This looks beautiful… i agree that it looks dense, which i like! must be the cheese. i guess a ricotta could work too?

  551. This is sinfully good!

  552. Mmmm, looks like something I would looove! Lemon and yogurt, yum! Problem is that I haven´t been able to localize unsalted white cheese here 🙁 …..just a wild idea: could I use cottage cheese, you think?

  553. Your cake looks delicious and wonderfully moist! I bet it taste great!



  554. A daring Baker indeed! 🙂

    Oh how I am craving a bit of sweetness right now!

  555. Farida, the cake looks wonderful…give me cheese anytime 🙂

  556. holy cow!

    that looks amazing. cheese, yoghurt. the cow’s one amazing animal and you’re an amazing cook. all my favourite dairy with lemon. brilliant recipe!x

  557. Gorgeous photography + Gorgeous sounding cake = a very hungry Kitchen Goddess 😉

    I can’t wait to make this, but I need to go shopping first.

  558. I’ll go with this Farida. It looks great. Would our Indian cottage cheese be the equivalent of the cheese you’ve used? BTW, have finally posted the top 10 you tagged me for; I’m really sorry it took this long & I’ve learnt my lesson! It was fun through my own blog(cringing at times)…thanks for the experience! Lov Deeba

  559. Sorry, me again. Tartlette is hosting SHF & her theme is lemon…am sure it would be the perfect entry! Cheers

  560. looks like a lovely cake, really moist!

  561. Almost a cheesecake works for me! Sounds great 🙂

  562. Farida, I found your eggplant roll-ups…they look divine!

  563. Farida, that looks so good!!

  564. This looks fab, Farida! Anything with yogurt and lemon is amazing to my taste buds! I am gonna have to bookmark this recipe now! 🙂

  565. Gloria: Thank you for stopping by! I am so glad you participated in the recipe tag. I loved the ones you picked! Mis saludos a Chile!

    Parsnipsaplenty: I love baked goods with cheese. Enjoy!

    Rosie: Thanks a bunch!

    Enza: I’ll watch out for your English posts. I do not mind peeking at your Italian posts either ? I can learn some Italian from you

    Nicisme: Glad you like it!

    Elle: Thank you!

    Teaescapade: Glad you like it. Too bad you won’t bake it

    Familiabencomo: Good reason to use up your lemons Enjoy! Happy belated MD to you too!

    Gretchen: I think you can use any kind of white cheese as long as it is not salted. Something of the feta cheese texture would be fine, but not the feta cheese itself.

    Truenorth67: Peter, glad you like it.

    Kevin: Thank you!

    Jonathan: I think ricotta cheese should work fine, as long as it has a dry texture, similar to feta cheese.

    Cynthia: Sinful indeed

    Vonsachen: Cottage cheese should be fine as long as it is not too liquidy. Ideally, a harder, a sort of crumbly type of cheese similar to feta cheese is preferable. But I think you should be fine with cottage cheese.

    Rosa: Thank you!

    Pixie: I wish you lived close by – a piece of this cake, actually… the entire cake could be yours

    Sunita: Thank you! Cheese is always good, isn’t it

    Diva: You are so funny Glad you like the recipe!

    Kitchengoddess: George, glad you like it. As to photography, believe me I am still angry at myself and my camera for not so brilliant pictures I am taking Still learning

    Deeba: I am not quite familiar with Indian cottage cheese. If it is like a paneer, you should be fine. In fact, you can use paneer. Any cheese of a crumbly texture should work. Glad you posted the top ten. Off to your blog now PS: Thanks for the SHF suggestion. Will check it out.

    Mimi: Thanks for visiting my blog. It is indeed a very moist cake. Glad you like it.

    Recipe Girl: Thanks for stopping by! Please visit again

    Anna: Thanks a lot!

  566. Farida, I can’t find your email, lol! It should be fine with plain yogurt.

  567. Thanks 🙂 I thought of only using the “lumps” from the cottage cheese or perhaps making my own fresh cheese from cow milk.

  568. This cake looks awesome! 🙂

  569. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. This cake looks delicious. I love anything that has a tart flavor. So this seems like a perfect recipe to bake when I crave for one.

  570. Looks wonderful Farida! Thank you for your entry this month!

  571. no baking soda>>>surprising…

    sweet and tanginess..love that flavour

  572. First time in ur blog.. amazing.. and loved the flavour of sweet and tanginess and ofcourse surprising is no Baking Soda..luks very yummy..

  573. I saw this on Tastespotting and immediately wanted to cut a thick slice for myself. Looks and sounds delightful, Farida!

  574. farida, this looks stunning! I think I know what i’ll be making this weekend 😉

  575. You know I Iove anything yellow; I must try! Sounds yummy! 🙂

  576. Farida, I think it was David Lebovitz who said: “there are two kinds of people in this world, the lemon people and the chocolate people. ” I am proud to say, I’m an active member of both groups.

    And if your mouthwatering pictures are any indication, that cake must’ve been sinfully delicious!

  577. Yum! Yum! Looks so moist and tasty! Do you think it could be made into cupcakes? I’d really want to try this delicacy.

  578. Farida,

    This looks and reads amazing! I made a Greek Lemon-Yogurt cake the other day, so this posting was timely indeed. I will be posting my recipe in the next little while.

    Be Well,


  579. The cake looks yummy!

  580. Jenn: Thank you! Hope you make it.

    Elle: You can always find my email in About Me.

    Vonsachen: Yes, only the lumps is a good idea. Home made cheese is even better:)

    Maryann: Thank you!

    My comfort food: Enjoy when you get to make it!

    Tartelette: You are welcome. I am very excited about the event!

    Rachel: I found it strange too when I didn’t see any baking soda in the recipe. But looks like it is not always necessary:)

    Sushma: Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like it here. Please be my guest again:)

    Susan: I wish you lived close by. The whole cake could be yours:)

    Celine: Welcome to my blog! Glad you like the cake. Let me know how it turns if you bake it.

    Medena: Thank you! It’s really easy to make this one.

    Marysol: Interesting saying:) I am both too, but leaning towards chocolate more:) Oh, thanks for the compliment. I wish I could share the cake with you, my dear friend.

    Marija: Do you mean the cupcake pan? Hmm, I am thinking why not. The only thing is that they won’t be too “cupcaky”, meaning they won’t rise much, but their sure will look pretty.

    Sam: Welcome to my blog! I’ve tried the Turkish version of the lemon yogurt cake several times. Loved it! I am eager to see your Greek version too. Will check it out:)

    Harini: Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the cake. It’s real easy to make.

  581. This si definately what I will be making tonight!!!
    Wonderful blog-I will be frequenting it very very often I can assure you!

  582. Farida, dear I made this recipe and is sooo yummmy!!! we eat all!!!xxGloria

  583. What an interesting recipe! I’m a big fan of cheesecake and I love the yoghurt in this. Anything with yoghurt is a big hit with me. The texture looks really intriguing too.

  584. Farida! I want a piece right now 🙂

  585. que maravilha!

  586. Merhaba, sitenizi tesadufen buldum, butun tariflerinize baktim, ne kadar super bir blogunuz var. Ellerinize saglik valla. Ben Turkum. Turkiyeden tum Azeri dostlarimiza kucak dolusu selam yolluyorum. Bu aksam tariflerinizden birini yapicam 😉 umarim sizinkisi kadar lezzetli olur

  587. Farida, do you know my mother’s name is same as yours 😉 But in Turkish it’s spelled differently, Feride. It means “unique one” in Arabic, you have a beautiful name

  588. Farida,
    Your cake looks lovely and moist.
    Btw, I am not able to get your blog into my aggregator. SO I subscribed to your blog by e-mail. But I haven’t got any e-mails and I see you’ve posted since. Any ideas why?
    I’m subscribing by e-mail again. Maybe it will work.

  589. Wow. This is great and it reminds me of a cake my grandmother used to make when I was a kid. I’m gonna give it a try. Thanks!

  590. Stunning cake Farida so lovely and moist!! I could just eat a slice with my cuppa right now 😀

    Rosie x

  591. Feride’cigim,
    cok lezzetli olmusa benziyor cheesecake ‘in cok begendim canim.Ellerine saglik!!
    Kayinvaliden geldi mi Azerbaycan’a?
    izmir’den kucak dolusu sevgiler:-))

  592. Gloria: I am so glad you tried the recipe! Gracias, amiga!

    Helen: Thank you! I hope you get to make it one day.

    Maya: Move close to our place, I’ll give you the whole cake:)

    Coimbra: Muchas gracias!

    Ozlem: Welcome to my blog! I am glad you like it here! I am flattered:) What a nice coincidence with your mom’s name:)) Sana da anne’ne de ve tum Turkiye’ye kucak dolusu sevgiler!!!

    Aparn: Thank you! Re the subscription. I really don’t know what the problem might be. Please let me know if the new subscription works. Thanks a lot!

    Zenchef: How nice! Hope you get to make it soon:)

    Rosie: Thank you!

    Hulya: Tesekkurler! Sana private mesaj yazicam simdi.

  593. Oh, i love this and great how to pictures.

  594. It’s as if sunshine has been baked right inside!

  595. That looks so tender! I’m a sucker for anything lemon, Farida!

  596. These look heavenly Farida! wish I could grab them off your blog!!

    btw, I’m hosting a Monthly Mingle event on my blog this month, and it would be great if you could participate! please check the details here hope to see you there!

  597. Susan: Thank you!

    Patricia: Thanks! If you love lemon, well, then, stay tuned for my next post:)

  598. These look decadent dark, Farida. I don’t know if I’m more chocolate or more citrus…both are fine when put in front of me.

  599. Oh my my! These hurt to look at.

  600. These look really tempting! I’ve never tried a fridge cake before; I love how simple it sounds.

  601. I love fridge cakes and this one looks delightful 🙂

    I bet the maple syrup really draws out the lovely fruity flavours, delicious.

  602. What an interesting cake! I don’t think I have ever had a fridge cake.

  603. I am also one of those people who look citrus and chocolate! This fridge cake of yours looks so rich and delectable!

  604. Wow Farida…This looks so good! I really like the combination of all the flavors. Our version of this recipe is just chocolate and biscuits. I will definitely try this one, thanks a lot 🙂

  605. Farida — this is the most unique and inspired recipe! You’re so inventive. I have to admit that I’ve never seen these flavors combined before, but I think I might just have to give this a go. Bravo!

  606. Wow this is really creative. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything quite like it before, but it looks delicious!

  607. Love this idea of a fridge cake. And I’m definitely a chocolate person but not a citrus person. I like the flavour of citrus but not the tang.

  608. great entry! love how all that chocolatey greatness has coated that fork in the first picture 🙂 love it!
    thanks for participating in the challenge…i’m quite certain you’ve clinched the first prize since i’m an absolutely sucker for chocolate and citrus..sometimes not together but this looks too good to be true!


  609. wow! what a cool cake! I love the way you were inspired by a handcream 😀 Wish you luck with winning the challenge.

  610. Amazing! I hope you win!

  611. I’m a citrus-chocolate lover equally. Put them together and I’m over the moon! This looks insanely good!

  612. Wow! That looks really D-lish! You don’t see this combo too often. When I was in high school I worked at Neuhaus Chocolates & they had chocolate covered orange rinds that were so great to nibble on…. thank goodness my career as a chocolatier didn’t work out.

    Great recipe! Thank you for sharing & best of luck with the contest. Diva is great for putting this together!

    xoxox Amy

  613. Nearly every culture has some sort of bread pocket or dumpling. Yours look heavenly, Farida. Thanks for all the detailed photos; they make it much easier to recreate the recipe successfully. Next rainy day, I shalll make them.

  614. That is incredible. I LOVE citrus and chocolate together!!!!

  615. You are walking away with the first prize already Farida. I love these…& orange with chocolate are easily a winning combination! Fabulous!

  616. This is absolutely killing me! I’m ready to bite one bar from the screen!

  617. I’m one of those lemon people, I just love lemon! However, chocolate comes in very close. So, to have both is a must try recipe. Yum!!!

  618. This looks wonderful,loved it.Would love to see u on my blog and get ur feedback.

  619. This recipe looks absolutely illegal!!!! I have to make something for my bookclub next week and this will definately impress and drive everyone wild. Thanks for the great recipe. I LOVE chocolate and citrus together and hope to convert some of the club members too.

  620. Oh Farida, you’re a bad influence, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    My heart skipped a few beats just looking at the pictures. And I’m so darned tickled to see that you’re also an official member of both, the lemon and chocolate clubs.

    I have everything –except prunes– to make your sinful cake. But I will make this and I will abuse as directed. Thank you!

  621. What an interesting inspiration for a dessert, but I have to say it looks fantastic!

  622. A wonderful cake! Very flavorful and delicious!



  623. I could definitely be a lover of both citrus and chocolate, especially if they’re together!

  624. Just wanted to say that this is very popular old Russian desert, but we use coco powder instead of chocolate and 1 can of condensed milk instead of maple syrup.LOVE IT! WILL BE MAKING SOME TODAY FOR MY SPANISH-AMERICAN FRIENDS!!! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! EVERY ONE SHOULD TRY THIS!!!

  625. That is luxuriously rich chocolate cake. Oh, if only I could have a bite.

  626. Lemon, lime, orange, chocolate…!!! Yummy! What a great entry; I must check out that contest! 😉

  627. That looks so good! It looks really fudge like. I like the sound of a fridge cake and I like the citrus theme in this one. I like chocolate and I like citrus but I do not often combine them in the same dish! Great idea!

  628. Hi Farida, I baked this cake last night. It’s an interesting experience and I played smart alec. In the end, the cake turned out dense. One question, how do u get rid of air pockets in the batter? I would usually bang the pan on the table before putting it into the oven. As I didn’t want to disturn the nice stripes, I didn’t and ended up with one big air pocket 😛

  629. Hi Farida,

    I have to say this cake looked so tempting that I tried it last night.. But for some reason it didn’t work out for me, so I need your professional advice. When I added coco powder, the chocolate batter became very thick, so whenever I added the 3 T of dark batter it won’t spread out! and if I add the white batter ontop, it spreads so fast that it covers all the dark one 🙁 so I eventually tilted the pan to help it spread, and then I added more milk to the dark batter just to losen it up a bit.. and you can imagine it all went wrong 🙁 when it came out of the oven, I had a dark chocolate cake on the bottom and a white batter ontop, no streaks, nothing! Can you help out ?

  630. Coffee and Vanilla: I am so glad you visited my blog. NIce to meet you! Let’s keep in touch!

    Feeding Maybelle: Thank you!!

    Yuri & Luna: I am glad you tied the recipe. So sorry you had some trouble with it. I am off to email you personally now.

  631. Luna, I am posting my message I sent you answering your question in case somebody else experiences similar problems. I hope my answers are helpful. Nothing else comes to my mind at the moment except this.

    1. Did you measure the flour as called for in the recipe? I usually use Measuring Cup to get exact amounts.

    2. Cocoa powder does make the batter slightly thicker than the white batter, but not too thick as to not spread out in the pan. So I am thinking maybe the problem was there initially – maybe you added too much flour to the batter.

    3. Never ever tilt the pan, no matter what. Even if the batter is thick, just keep pouring the batter on top of each other, it should eventually spread out by itself.

    I´ll see what else comes to my mind. Thank you for trying!

  632. Hi Farida,

    Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it 🙂
    I did measure exactly 2 cups of flour, but because my coco powder wasn’t dark, I ended up adding 6 Tablespoons of it which made the chocolate batter really thick and dense (while the white batter remained light and fluff) . I think that’s why it sank to the bottom, or probably the tilting is to blame for this ?

    I’m really eager to give this another try and hopefully it’ll work out. In the meantime if anything else comes to your mind, please post it 🙂

    Thanks once again, I’ll keep you updated!


    Peter, Chef Erik, Ovenhaven, George, Gretchen, Mandy, Mag, Julia, Norecipes, Aparna, Diva, Vonsachen, Marija, Elle, Familiabencomo, Deeba, Joy, Chuck, Marysol, Rosa, Brilynn, Susan from Food Blogga, Medena, Kevin – Than you!

    Judy: Welcome to my blog! Glad you like the recipe!

    Hetal: Thank you for stopping by. Off to check your blog:)

    Colleen: Thank you for visiting! Glad you like the cake! I hope your club members will convert at the sight of the cake, before they get to eat it:)

    My Sweet & Saucy: Thank you for visiting my blog. Glad you like the recipe! Please visit again. And I see you are in Long Beach, CA – what a coincidence!

    Aloha: Welcome! Thank you for telling me about the Russian version of it. I don’t have the exact recipe for it, but I think I’ll just experiment with condensed milk, which I love a lot, and see what happens:)`

  634. Decadent is the PERFECT word to describe this. Whoa… I can almost taste the batter on my fingers after I lick the bowl clean! So interesting using the 3 different types of citrus.

  635. Somehow during our move to WP from blogger, I missed this!
    So I finally posted my top 10:


  636. Oh my cake expert! that looks lovely 🙂
    Had to check all your posts that I missed when I was away,, still problems with net.. so can’t reach all blogs..
    hope u r doing well..

  637. Really lovely photos and a wonderful recipe. I’ll just have to drool over it for now,

  638. I am so excited about your tendir recipe! I lived in bilesuvar for 2 years as an english teacher and miss good bread all the time! I’m in south carolina so we don’t really have grape leaves. it is not so diverse here. I assume that the filling for tomato dolma is the same. But how do i actually cook them and do you have any tips on hollowing those suckers out?

    Also, please take a moment to check out my version of the azerbaijani national anthem

  639. Farida this look amazing and so yummy!!!! mmmmGloria

  640. I remember these as a child. WOW Delicious!

  641. Thank you!!! – Jonathan, Kitchen Goddess, Seena, Pixie, Gloria!

  642. Many thanks dear Farida, really Im blushing too!! xxGloria

  643. salam Farida….i followed to recipe but it didnt come the way its on ur pic?? dont know why?? :(((…i baled for 25 minutes still bread was almost white..when I took it out it was inside cooked but outside (bottom too) very crunchy :(( what was wrong?? My husband buying tandoori bread from indian restaurant i allso love it with feta cheese for breakfast but i homemade is always homemade ..where was my mistake??:(((

  644. thank you so much farida! this is my first ever blog award, and i love that it came from such a wonderful person! i’ll be sure to pass it along 🙂

  645. ooooo….this really takes the cake (excuse the pun), but really! This is a MUST try!

  646. Dear Farida,

    Thank you very much for your attention and the award!

    I have already boasted to my friends in Azerbaijan 🙂 and strongly advised them to visit your site and enjoy the recipes.

    Thank you very much for your support. You are inspiring me to continue working on my blog.

    I wish you all the best and please keep up your beautiful work.

    Best from Baku! 🙂

  647. You are so deserving of the award Farida, your photography is stunning 🙂

  648. Congrats on all your wonderful awards so pleased for you 😀

    Rosie x

  649. Mmmm….very interseting cake, thanks! Sounds good.

  650. How fun! Of course, ALL well-deserved! Big kiss to you.

    xoxox Amy

  651. Congratulations on your awards!

  652. Congratulations for both the awards..well done!!

  653. congrats on both awards farida! well deserved. definitely the yummy blog award. i could munch my way through your blog all day.x

  654. YAY for you Farida…congrats on 2 well deserved awards!! Your blog is certainly very yummy…between Diva & me(& many more foodies) we’ll merilly much our way through!! :0) xoxox

  655. Farida, quit your blushing and take a bow.
    The award is so well-deserved! Your dedication and creativity continues to amaze me.

  656. Very very yummy and so goodlooking!

  657. Dear Mahsati, so sorry your bread didn’t turn out the way you wanted. I am thinking what might have caused the problem. Here’s what comes to my mind.

    1. Did the dough rise nicely? It really has to rise before it goes in the oven.

    2. I mentioned in the recipe that the bread needs to bake for about 25 minutes or until it is golden on top. So, maybe 25 minutes was not enough for your bread and you took it out too early. Each oven is different so times vary.

    3. Also make sure the bread is on the middle rack of the oven. If nothing else works and you still have a crust on the bottom and nothing on top, bake the bread on top rack for about 5 minutes or until it is golden on top. It should work.

    3. This bread is soft inside but slightly crunchy outside. It is more on a flat side than pluffy.

    I don’t know if these answers help or not. Hope they do. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Anything I missed to address? So sorry again. Hope it comes out nicely the next time you bake it!

  658. Gloria, Mimi, Ayten – YOU ALL DESERVE THIS AWARD!

    Thank you to all of you for the most lovely comments!

  659. Salam. Bacim Aytenin mesleheti ile geldim bura. Cox gozeldir saytiniz. Azerbaycan metbexi hemishe birincidir.

  660. Dear Farida

    I wish I knew about your blog before..You have exotic stuff here ad wanna try out so many things from here..Glad I found your site..
    Do keep in touch

  661. OK, this is too cool! My coworker and I are oohing and aahing over it. I’m definitely going to have to make this! Can’t wait to check out your whole site – I love exotic and different (to me) foods!

  662. #5: I agree completely, I had the very same thought about the white chocolate.

    #6: I disagree completely, I think your cake is lovely!

  663. Farida, I’m sorry it wasn’t super delicious, but that picture definitely had other ideas and it’s having a wonderful effect on me.

    Btw, I also love your presentation with the teacup.

    I have a small collection of antique teacups which I use for tea, as well as for baking often. I never set out to build a collection, it just happened, and now I can’t part with any of them. I hope we share the same addiction.

    Anyway pal, once again, you’ve met your DB challenge with flying colors!

  664. Farida, it’s beautiful! But I know how it is, we are our own worst critics. Gorgeous presentation!

    About the glaze…I cut the amount in half so it wouldn’t be so thick. I can’t wait to try this in traditional coffee and chocolate.

  665. I disagree, I think your cake looks beautiful!

  666. Lovely cake – and I’d wished I’d had tea with mine – I’m jealous! 🙂

  667. Thank you soo much Farida, you made my day! 🙂
    I got your email, I will write you back soon…

  668. I think your cake is very pretty – I love the photo with your teacup & spoon from home. Happy birthday to your little girl!!!

  669. Nice looking opera cake! Good job making your own almond meal. I quite enjoyed the white chocolate glaze.

  670. Great job Farida! It sounds delicious. And yes, those are lovely pieces you brought back with you.

  671. Great job! I also made almond meal myself. Actually, first I soaked almonds in warm water and then pealed them. It was quite annoying and made me realize that bleached almonds weren’t that expensive after all 😉

  672. I totally agree about the white chocolate and I felt the same about the cake’s flavor. I took it to work and people thought it was delicious, I was sort of neutral about it. But I do love the use of fresh cherries in the buttercream.

  673. I think your cake looks nice. Anyway nothing could look as nice as the cup and spoon.:)
    Also made my own almond meal. While I wasn’t happy with the way my cake turned out (I think we are all a bit picky sometimes), I liked the taste.

  674. Well done Farida…it does look ever so pretty. I’m not a white choc fan too…far too sweet for me. Am gonna try this cake sometime later (on Amy’s good advice when the 40 degrees C weather here passes), but possibly with dark choc. Happy belated birthday to your little one…am sure the cake must have been delicious…it looks YUMMY!

  675. Congratulations!!! it is stunningly beautiful! I love your presentation.

  676. Looks delicious. I like how you took the photo with the cup of coffee.

  677. Heyy!!! I had that cake on Meltem’s b’day party, and it was very yummy in my tummy!!! It was rich and tasted even better with black tea …

    Eline saglik!

  678. thank you Farida, Im gonna try again inshAllah, lets see..will let younknow results…Im ur fan, so will be checking out your updates!!!!

  679. Very well done! Your cake looks great and I love the flavors you used!



  680. farida, i think you did a brilliant job and disagree with your verdict that it doesn’t look good!

  681. Farida, your cake does not look bad at all, We loved it at home but then I did not do much flavouring. Love your picture

  682. Farida, you may think otherwise, but your cake looks very pretty to me…and the rest is simply gorgeous 🙂

  683. Your cake looks beautiful Farida – well done 🙂

    Rosie x

  684. Dear Farida this is lovely and really yummy!!!xx
    May you look at my Blog I place a Libanese’s recipe I want to know what you think??? Gloria

  685. Dear Farida
    The cake looks lovely .. But also agree that your cup and saucer too look exotic!! The cake did need a lot of hard work with so many preparations … Wish your daughter a happy belated birthday!!

  686. I think your cake looks pretty! Prettier than mine! lol Good job Farida!

  687. I think your cake looks delicous and I love that saucer!!

  688. what an amazing teacup. it’s beautiful but nothing in comparison to your opera cake. i’m ashamed to say i’ve not made or eaten opera cake in my life. i’ve seen around but somehow have yet to actually EAT it. hope to do so soon especially after looking at this!
    nice one farida 🙂



    Shellyfish, Abby and Medhaa – Thanks for stopping by! You just helped me discover some nice blogs out there:) Please visit again!

  690. Lovely cake,bet it was delicious.

  691. I didn’t actually make the cake as many of your commentors have, but I was wondering if I may have a slice with a cherry on top, please?

  692. Sorry it didn’t turn out the way you wanted, but I still think it’s pretty (at least it’s not running all over the place like mine did – LOL)! And I do love your cup, saucer, and spoon!

  693. You did a wonderful job on your cake. Your tea cup and saucer are gorgeous and look beautiful with your Opera Cake.

    Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

  694. Hi Farida, I’m sorry your cake didn’t turn out as you hoped. But i think it still looks great. Especially with your lovely tea set.

  695. YAY! A cookbook! Let me know if you need some help!

  696. Your cake looks beautiful Farida. 🙂

  697. Really beautiful. Both the cake and china.

  698. Hi Farida! Beautiful Opera cake :D. I’m not a Daring Baker myself but enjoy seeing all your awesome cakes… they all look different!

    I’m comming from Jenn’s FFF and will take a look around your blog 😉

  699. I think your cake looks beautiful, Farida! I don’t think it is a reflection on you that you weren’t loving it that much. People have different tastes!

  700. I think you are being too hard on yourself – I think it looks beautiful!!

  701. Antthing would looks great next to that cup and saucer, not to speak about that darling spoon! So very cute!

  702. I think your Opera Cake turned out beautifully Farida. I can imagine myself on the streets of Paris:D

  703. your cake looks lovely! I think the cherries were a great idea to cut the cloying sweetness of the white chocolate. In my case raspberries did the trick. I’ll definitely make this again, but with dark, dark chocolate!

  704. Despite what you say..I love the look of that slice….and much more in love with your teaware…

  705. Farida, your cake is beautiful! and I love that cup! In fact I really, really love that cup, where did you get it? I completely agree with you also, that definitely WAS a challenge!

  706. I love your cake served so prettily on the tea tray with the tea cup. Just perfect!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  707. Love the way you presented it; such cute china! 🙂 Great job!

  708. Glad Jenn featured your blog on FFF! It’s a treat to visit, and this cake looks like heaven!

  709. the cutlery set is so beautiful – goes along well with the cake and plum – yummy, keep writing.


  710. Salam Farida! Sene teshekkurlerimi bildirirem gözel peseptlerin ucun. Sade ve dadli.

  711. hi ferish.hw r u? yemeklerin eladiiii.tak derjaatttt

  712. Xaricdeki Azerbaycanin uz aglarindansiniz Tebrikler..

  713. THANK YOU –

    Sheltie Girl
    Nuria – WELCOME!
    Clumbsy Cookie – WELCOME!
    Bellini Valli – WELCOME!
    Aisha – WELCOME!
    Shari – WELCOME!
    Reemas – WELCOME!

    I hope I didn’t miss anybody. I see you all liked my china:) I told you it looked better than my cake:) Helen, they are both my mom’s gifts. She bought the saucer and the cup from Azerbaijan when she visited us a couple of years ago and she handed down the cute old little spoons to me as a souvenir.

  714. Hi there, i’m thinking of trying to make this tomorrow, and I wanted to double check that it is ordinary cocoa powder right, not dutch-process?

  715. Aisha,

    Glad you are going to give it a try! I used regular cocoa powder. I have never used Dutch-processed cocoa powder, but from what I read from my google search on it, it is safe to use it in recipes that call for baking powder.

    The good thing about the Dutch processed is that it is darker than regular cocoa powder, which is good because you won’t need to add extra if the dark batter is still light. But once again, I used simple cocoa powder. I think I’ll try Dutch processed next time. Am I confusing enough?:))

    Hope this helps. Please let me know how it turns out.

  716. True…the different layers were a bit too much for me too…but I loved the taste..and seeing your bakes I am sure this one must be very tasty! Must confess, the China does look nicer:)

  717. The pictures of your process are gorgeous. Makes my mouth water just looking at them.

  718. Oh wow…how do I get in on this Daring Bakers Challenge? What an excellent concept!

  719. Sunshinemom:

    Thank you for your very honest comment:) I do agree and insist that my china looks prettier than my weird looking sloppy piece of cake:) I just wanted to play smart and sort of conceal the deformities of the cake by choosing to display it on a nice china:)

  720. writerbakermusicmaker:

    To join, go to http://daringbakersblogroll.blogspot.com. You’ll find the necessary info there. See you there!

  721. Hi Farida,

    Your picture of the this recipe is outstanding! I wan to try it, but I am not sure what you mean by white cheese (part skim milk cheese). What cheese would be comparable in the US?

  722. Outstanding job. that cake looks so delicious!

  723. This is great. Congrats on your award. A look at the cakes and I was already drooling 🙂

  724. Congratulations, Farida! I love citrus with chocolate…this sounds scrumptious!

  725. Farida you did a wonderful job!! wow it looks great!

  726. Congratulations Farida! I’ve never had a fridge cake, but that’s going to change very, very soon. Thanks for the amazing recipe 🙂

  727. You’ve got extraordinary talent in cooking, Farida. The pictures look great and make me feel hungry instantly. And I’m sure they taste great as well. I hope my future wife will be as talented in cooking – what a life that would be. 🙂
    Enjoy your day,


  728. What a stunning picture! You are right…the cup and saucer are gorgeous and just heightened by the cake. Great job!

  729. THANK YOU!

    Jakie, (welcome too), writerbakermusicmaker (welcome too), Sweet Sins 2 Share, Claire (welcome, too)



  731. Hi Farida! Thanks for your response. I made the cake, will post soon. I used the dutch process, which I think may have dried the cake a bit. I plan to try it again with regular cocoa. And my ladle was too small, so I didn’t get well defined “stripes” — just very delicate feathery veins — still pretty and tasty. thanks!

  732. Lovely pic Farida. I love opera cake but have not tried making it.

  733. That cake and photo is beautiful Farida!

  734. That is absolutely beautiful Farida, well done with the challenge.

  735. Hi. I stumbled upon this recipe from TasteSpotting and the cake looks so yummy. Is there anything I could use in place of the vanilla powder though? Thanks.

  736. Mansi: Thank you!

    Julie: Julie, thank you for stopping by. Glad you like the recipe. Vanilla power adds some flavor to the taste, but it is optional, the cake will taste great without it too. So, don’t worry if you can’t use any powder. Hope your cake turns out great! Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions during the process.

  737. Hi, I made yesterday this recipe and the cake looks great. Thanks

  738. Yum! I love your salads Farida!

  739. Lovely! I really like your savoury cake-shaped salad.

  740. your cake looks delicious!

  741. This looks very interesting. I’m having trouble imagining what it tastes like, bit it does look good:-)


  742. Oh, love the way this this salad sounds! Beautiful too!!!

  743. are you sure this isn’t a cake? because it really, really looks like a cake. lovely!

  744. Aisha: So glad your cake turned out pretty and delicious!

    Pao, bolos e cia: Welcome to my blog! Gad you made the cake and it worked out! I am happy:)

  745. Not only does this look lovely, but it sounds delicious!

  746. A wonderful salad for the summer! Delicious!



  747. Fabulous! I am going to try yet again another one of your great recipes. I honestly want to go to Azerbaijan….

  748. first time here 🙂
    wow how could i have missed it so far? looks great. have been browsing through your recipes – what a wealth of a cusine i am not familiar with. delicious.

  749. Lovely. I love the sound of the salad and the presentation too – so pretty 🙂

  750. I have never had this before, gosh I’d really like to try some of yours. Looks great!

  751. How fun! I can see how this would surprise guests. The flavors sound amazing. Great post, thank you!

    xoxox Amy

  752. Oh this is SO beautiful what great presentation 😀 The falvours sound just wonderful in this salad!! Great post 😀

    Rosie x

  753. I dare say this is prettier than a cake, not to mention, healthier. And the pomegranate seeds are the crowning touch.
    Pal, I can assure you I’ll be Nush Olsun-ing on this one soon! Thank you.

  754. Farida, the salad looks too pretty ..love the addition of pomegranate !!

  755. fascinating! i love learning about these new dishes. this looks really delicious – I love anything layered.

  756. wow how interesting!! i love the pomegrenate seeds on top. looks beautiful

  757. It’s just too pretty to be a salad, Farida! The ruby red pomegranate seeds get me every time.

  758. ??????,?? ???????,????????? ? ??? ?? ????

  759. You had me fooled when I first spotted this – it’s truly beautiful (apart from the eggs, lol!)

  760. That sure does look like a cake but it sounds good as a salad!

  761. Farida, it’s beautiful! And I loved your post, too 🙂

  762. MARIJA: Thank you! So glad you like my salads.

    LORE: Welcome to my blog! This salad is really delicious. Just give it a try, you’ll know for yourself.

    MARC@NORECIPES: I looks pretty inside – accurate colorful layers.

    MEDENA: Thank you, dear friend!

    MICHELLE: Welcome to my blog! Hope you make the salad one day.

    ELLE: Thank you!

    ROSA: It is indeed wonderful. My guests always ask me for the recipe:)

    LAURAPAULA: Yes, let’s go to Azerbaijan together! I am sure you’ll love it there.

    ANDREEA: Welcome to my blog. So glad you like it here! I just checked your site and it is gorgeous!

    KITCHEN GODDESS: Thank you for your sweet comment!

    CYNTHIA: Wish you lived close by:)

    FAMILIABENCOMO: Glad you like the salad. Give it a try, you won’t regret:)

    ROSIE: Thank you very much!

    MARYSOL: You just made me laugh again:) This time with your Nush-Olsun-ing:)

    SWATI: Glad you like it!

    JONATHAN: This is indeed one delicious salad. Hope you give it a try someday.

    DIVA: Thank you for your nice comment!

    SUSAN from FOOD BLOGGA: Glad youi like it. Yes, pom seeds do the trick all the time:)

    NICISME: You can always omit the eggs, it will still look like a cake:)

    KEVIN: Glad you like it!

    DEE: Thank you, dear!

  763. Farida, That salad is absollutly beautiful! And what a meaning full dedication too!

  764. This salad sounds like a delicious meal! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  765. This look amazing Farida… thank you for the award, I just came back and I’m trying to organize all things, I will post about it shortly, when I go through all my messages in the inbox… 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, Margot

  766. Thank you!! 🙂

  767. Hi again. lol I’m thinking of making this over the weekend, but I wanted to make sure that I get the correct type of cheese. Is part skim milk cheese, ricotta cheese? Thanks.

  768. THis is a lovely presentation and something I had never heard of.

  769. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks and I have just learned one. This is a first time experience for me and I will most definitely try this cake…oops salad!!!

  770. Hi Farina,

    Thanks for your post in our blog and for this recipe–looks delicious!

    Looking forward to trying this one out myself.

  771. THANK YOU!


    I appreciate your lovely comments!

  772. I am awed looking at that salad!! boy! its looks so pretty and oh-so inviting! beautiful recipe farida!:)

  773. somehow I missed this post! the cake looks exquisite, just like all your other recipes:) perfect layers farida! I’m in CA too, but near SFo; wish I was still in LA then I could’ve tasted your recipes first-hand!:)

    btw, you don’t look 30 at all!!

  774. Farida it looks so beautiful this salad, really fresh. I hope Kathy will make it and that she enjoys it!

  775. It’s simply beautiful!

  776. Wonderful display!!! Looks yummy too 🙂

  777. Thats a beautiful salad creation. So festive and perfect for entertaining.

  778. Wow! I totally love the setting and the way the photo is captured! So good looking!

  779. Oh my god, this is like a work of art!

  780. THANK YOU!






    Glad you like the salad. Hope you make it sometime soon!

  781. Farida, your blog is great and the recipes simply wonderful! This salad is so unique…must be very yummy:) Congrats for all your awards!

  782. Indranee, welcome to my blog! Glad you like it here. I will be posting more recipes, so please do come back:)

  783. Beautiful! I’m trully speechless…

  784. Gorgeous photo and such a great cause!

  785. Dear Farida

    This is a very pretty picture and its one of my favorite flowers too..
    I like it so much that I had made it with sugar paste sometime back 🙂

  786. thanks for your support. really means a lot.

  787. a great cause! her story is so sad, but very inspiring. she seems like a remarkable woman.

  788. Making it again!!!! Right now! 🙂 Love, love, love this bread!

  789. Such a beautiful photo Farida!

  790. You have such a big heart, sweetie. This photo & plea certainly brightens Bri’s day. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

    xoxox Amy

  791. Beautiful image for a wonderful cause, thank you Farida.

  792. Beautiful picture!

  793. What a beautiful photo!!

  794. Another lovely cake! You are weakening my resolve!

  795. Wow, that looks really good with all the fruit!

  796. Farida, nice to see you back & baking…this cake looks delcicious…berries add a nice tartness.

  797. Looks beautiful Farida! You and your yogurt cakes are killing me! 🙂

  798. yoghurt cakes are the best tea cakes to have about the house always. i find if the vanilla yoghurts you have at hand are too sweet, flavour your own plain yoghurts with good vanilla pod is the best bet 🙂

  799. Looks delicious! I’ll make sure to grab some berries from the market this weekend!!

  800. Wow Farida, this is yet another beautiful cake with lovely flavors…. I admire your baking skills!!

  801. Cok guzel Feride! I wanna make this too!

  802. Farida, your loaf looks so moist and fruity. I like!

  803. I love yogurt cake and this one looks perfect. Great photo too.

  804. i like! summer berries and orange sounds like a great flavor combination.

  805. One more lovely cake, Farida, and this time bursting with the flavours of fruit. Lovely.

  806. This has been on my to make list and your version looks delicious!

  807. That cake looks wonderful and ever so good! A seasonal treat!