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More Awards + Sheki, Azerbaijan

More Awards + Sheki, Azerbaijan

My friend Georgina of Culinary Travels Of A Kitchen Goddess is spoiling me. She awarded me not with one, but two awards in a row! Thank you, George! You brought a big smile to my face!

The first award is the “Yummy Blog Award” which is given to blogs with the most yummy recipes/photos. I am honored, considering that I’ve only been blogging for four months. Georgina, see the blush on my cheeks:)


As a part of this award I have to list 5 of my favorite desserts I prepared, and they are:

I have the pleasure to pass the Yummy Blog Award on to the following food bloggers I find yummy:

Margot at Coffee and Vanilla

Gloria at Canela’s Kitchen

Mimi at Mimi on the Move

The second award Georgina kindly bestowed upon me is the Thoughtful Blogger Award.

And I am passing it on to a very special blogger I met recently – Ayten at Sheki, Azerbaijan.

Sheki is one of the most beautiful cities in Azerbaijan. Ayten, who created the blog is doing such a great job – her writing is beautiful, her pictures tell the most interesting stories about this ancient city. Please take a moment to visit Ayten’s blog. Who knows, she may inspire you to get tickets, jump on a plane and visit Azerbaijan:)) By the way, the food is fantastic in Sheki!