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From San Diego with Love

From San Diego with Love

San Diego

No recipe this time, friends. I’ll be honest – I’ve given myself a short break from cooking up a storm on a daily basis. That break is much needed these days. But it is temporary and food will come back to this blog.

This time I want to take you on a trip to one of California’s most beautiful cities, San Diego, bordering Mexico. It is about 2 hours of driving from Long Beach.  We drove there a couple of weeks ago on a nice, sunny day. The plan was to meet up with friends and take the kids to the famous San Diego Zoo. We met with the friends, but the plans changed. We went sightseeing in the city, instead of going to the zoo.

First on our agenda was San Diego Seaport Village – a fabulous waterfront shopping, dining, and recreation complex. Then we drove to the Historic Old Town San Diego –  little Mexico, an amazing place filled with history everywhere you turn. There is something for everybody to enjoy there – museums, authentic Mexican restaurants, mariachis, galleries, shops that sell everything from San Diego souvenirs to Mexican sombreros. If you plan to go to San Diego – this is the place to see first and foremost. There are many other places to see in San Diego as well but we didn’t have a chance to see them all. They are on our next trip’s agenda though.

You can find a lot written about San Diego and its places of interest on the internet. I do not want to dwell on much details – rather, I want you to enjoy the pictures I took during our brief stay in this fabulous city.

Let’s begin. I snapped that very first photo from the car as we we drove on a San Diego highway to the Old City. On the go photography worked pretty well, don’t you think?

Marina in San Diego’s Seaport Village.

Ocean souvenirs for sale in Seaport Village.

I just had to take their picture. Everybody stopped to watch these colorful pals fight then make up.

Amazing colors!

San Diego as seen from our hotel room.

While strolling on a coastal paradise.

San Diego downtown as seen from the car.

Soft sand and breathtaking vistas along the coast.

A very creative store name.