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A Trip to Larchmont Farmers Market

A Trip to Larchmont Farmers Market

Berries at Larchmont Farmers Market

This Sunday we made a trip to downtown Los Angeles to meet good friends, and one of them, my university friend Xue Mei, health conscious and farmers-market-lovin-kind-a-gal, took us to the nearby Larchmont Farmers Market where she goes every Sunday. It was awesome!

The market is located in the charming Larchmont Village of Los Angeles. It is a lovely small place where you can find stalls brimming with fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and shellfish, flavored olive oils, ethic foods, breads, fresh herbs, potted herbs, trees, honey, flowers, candles crafts, and jewelry. Something for everybody.

I was particularly enamored with the stall that sells mushrooms of all sorts. So many different varieties! Below are some pictures I was able to snap while filling my bags with goodies and chasing our excited kids. Hope you enjoy.

Figs at Larchmont Farmers Market

Purple figs waiting for fig-hungry buyers.

Bok Choy at Larchmont Farmers Market

Bok choy and beet greens.