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French Citrus Cake

French Citrus Cake

French Citrus Cake

I spotted this recipe in a cookbook during our recent trip to the local library. Shamelessly disregarding a myriad of wonderful French recipes offered with the author’s own twist, my eyes fell on a citrus cake recipe. It was for quatre-quarts, which is French pound cake. I imagined the cake’s aroma. Lemon and orange together. Oh my!

The book got checked out on a whim, brought home, the recipe got bookmarked, the cake was visualized one last time to confirm I had to make it, then I had a sudden urge to bake it. And I did. It turned out just like I imagined. No, actually much better. With a subtle citrusy flavor.  Beautiful yellow hue. And fine texture. Oh mon Dieu!

Great with tea, coffee, or plain. Très délicieux!