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Blackberry Roulade

Blackberry Roulade

Blackberry Roulade

What do you say we make something with blackberries today? Like blackberry roulade.  I’ll confess I made it in June when the berry season was ripe, right before our trip to China, but the times have been hectic ever since and I procrastinated. I do hope you can still find berries where you live. We are  lucky in Los Angles. Berries still sell in the markets.

The recipe is from one of Martha Stewart’s baking books and it sounded too good with the picture too appealing not to give it a try. Which I did. Luckily, with no regrets. It is delicious. Light and summery. And the color inside? Beautiful. Let’s do it.


Blackberry RouladeHere’s the luscious cream.

Blackberry RouladeThe cake batter is ready!