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Links to Reads: September 2015

Links to Reads: September 2015

Cherries in Yantai, China
Cherries at the farmer’s market in Yantai, China. I wanted to buy all!

Wow. My Links to Reads took a vacation for the entire summer! No links. Because somebody thought there was no time to read and share some cool stuff while on vacation. A selfish act to say the least. She had an alibi. Well, there was so much to do that she couldn’t handle it all! First China, then Azerbaijan. Awards, family, friends, food, and tons of emotions. She is back to reality now.

Time to get  to work. The vacation is over. So she says—let’s share some awesome links! (You see, she is not that bad of a person. She likes to share.)

While she racks her brain to find the answer to “When did October come?,” you guys are welcome to enjoy some interesting articles she read in September. Top 10.

* The search for America’s best food cities. New York?

* Everything you never knew about ginger.

* 5 things to know about Italian olive oil.

* World’s dinner table from National Geographic.