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Links to Reads: October 2015

Links to Reads: October 2015
Pomegranates of Azerbaijan | AZ Cookbook

I took this picture of pomegranates in Azerbaijan just recently, on my trip there for dad. It is pomegranate season there—they are everywhere and are inexpensive. Juicy and the best!

Time for the Links to Reads! Hello, November! Good bye, October.

Until recently, October was the month my father was born in. In 2015, it also became the month I lost him. On his very birthday, October 15.

I would like to dedicate the October Links to Reads to my Dad—a science researcher, a person with encyclopedic knowledge, an avid reader, for whom reading was an integral part of  life, his favorite pass-time. Newspapers and non-fiction were always around him, with him. And he read until his very last days.

Please do enjoy the following set of my favorite October links. In  memory of my father, Rza Sadikhov. For the love of reading.

* The Caribbean for foodies.

* No, don’t refrigerate your potatoes!

* Comfort food from around the world.

* For taco lovers. Find out what ‘tacopedia’ is.

* Silicon Valley gets a taste for food.