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Links to Reads: December 2015
Bakers in Yantai, China

Memories of Yantai, China, where I went for the Best in the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards and where my “Pomegranates & Saffron” won. What I loved most of all about the place is its people—always welcoming and happy. Like this couple, bread makers, I met in downtown Yantai. I didn’t speak Mandarin, they didn’t speak English—yet we connected. Sweetest people ever.

My very much belated December 2015 Links to Reads are here. Well, hello 2016! Happy New, friends of AZ Cookbook! Hope it will be great to everybody. Let’s start receiving positive, happy news from around the world. We all need them, don’t we?

This past year was a string of blacks and whites for me personally. Release of the Second Edition of my bookawards, losing a parent, some not-so-successful professional goals, and many other things, good and bad. Exactly what is called LIFE, which I love immensely, despite the sad notes it can sometimes present to us. I am grateful no matter what and very optimistic about the future. Looking forward to a wonderful year with all of you!

Talked a lot. Now,  the links. Here are some of my favorites from December. I always have a lot of fun finding these articles and reading them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

* What are the 2016 food trends we should know about?

Impressive meatpacking robots are a new thing in technology.

* If you are vegan, you can use familiar flavors to create vegan dishes.

* Here’s what the world eats during the holidays.

* For cancer patients, eating right is part of the therapy.


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