How to Stop Screaming? Win ICE CREAM!

This is my daughter Meltem happily unpacking the ice cream:) Head cropped off, bad bad mom.

Yesterday a UPS truck drove up to our house and a friendly driver handed us quite a heavy box which contained… you guessed it, ICE CREAM! Ice cream that I won for the best Ask Erin Question. A gift from the most friendly Erin over at Erin Cooks. Thank you, Erin! My daughter and I were about to scream from excitement but the prospect of indulging into ice cream kept us opening the box until we got the yummy treasures out. Believe me, the excitement is different from when you buy ice cream from a store. I never thought ice cream could arrive in the mail. It can, proven. And guess what? Now you can receive it too! And here’s how. Just win the contest I am putting up:) Simple. Leave a comment for this entry answering the question below. Can be in one sentence, in two, or as long as you want.

What have you learned about Azerbaijan from reading my blog?

Please read the Rules and Notes before you Scream Ice Cream:

1. NO INTERNET SEARCHES PLEASE! I am just curious as to what comes to your mind regarding Azerbaijan when you read my entries, when you see the pictures. Just be sincere and honest. Anything bad or good is welcome:)

2. Unfortunately ice cream can only travel within the US and cannot be shipped outside the country. So, the ice cream winner will have to be one of my US readers. THERE IS AN ADDITION TO THIS RULE – PLEASE READ BELOW!

NEW RULE: OK, I really can’t end up sending ice cream to US winners, and sending nothing to my non-US living readers, so … those of you in other parts of the world, do not get discouraged because I am GOING TO SEND YOU A COPY OF A LOVELY MAGAZINE called AZERBAIJAN INTERNATIONAL. It is coming from my own collection of it and is special to me because I used to work there! SO, WHETHER YOU ARE IN ENGLAND OR ELSEWHERE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A GIFT FROM ME!  I wanted to be fair:))

3. Contestants must be people who are not originally from Azerbaijan or in someways related to Azerbaijan (travelled, lived, married an Azerbaijani, know me, ate my food:)) and etc.)

4. Three Winners to receive the ICE CREAM and One Winner to receive the MAGAZINE will be selected based on originality of their answers and will be announced on Tuesday.

I am looking forward to your comments! Have fun!

Oh, in case you wonder, what may be in your ice cream package? Here it comes:

Vanilla Honey Bee, Pomegranate Chip, Frozen Yogurt with Vanilla Honey and Granola, Fleur De Sel Caramel, and a box of snack size Vanilla and Almond Ice Cream Bars. Plus a “Bee Friendly Seeds” for you to plant. Not bad, ha?


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  1. Interesting question. And I know I can’t be part of this contest (boo hoo) but from what I can see you are very kind hearted and caring. Your daughter is beautiful too.

  2. Farida, I’ve learned that I didn’t know much about Azerbaijan at all! But, in reading your blog, I realize that the cuisine is very diverse, with lots of fresh foods and delicious flavors. Your recipes seem like they are made to comfort people, and also to take advantage of what’s available in season. It also seems to me that the cuisine from Azerbaijan is steeped in history and tradition, and I think it’s very special that you are sharing those traditions with all of us!

  3. hey farida, this is very interesting! and ur daughter looks so cute 😀
    farida, u can skip red chili powder or chilis if u cant eat spicy, but u can add 1/2 tsp of paprika powder(mild), it gives a nice color and its not at all spicy 😀

  4. I learned about your blog from Miriam’s Russia Blog. So If I win I’ll have to buy her Ice Cream when she gets back to the states – not that she might want anything cold for a while. I’ll just have to make her that Zebra Cake instead! OK. Here is what I learned from your blog about Azerbaijan:

    1: It is common for the people in Azerbaijan to adopt foods from around the world. Napoleon being a good example. Just like the US has adopted foods from around the world. Just go to any malls’ food court in the US and see what I’m taking about. Just the first way of many we (Azerbaijan and the US are more alike then different.)

    2: One of Azerbaijan’s Neighbors is Turkey another is the Caspian Sea.

    3: Nush Olsun is the Equivalent to “Enjoy!”

    4: Rice Pilaff is the Queen of foods in Azerbaijan, that is, hardly a celebration without it! Yogurt is often used in the Azerbaijani cooking, so are chestnuts.. Saffron is also often used in Azerbaijani cooking and is called Zeferan in Azeri. I also surmise that you call the language Azeri and not Azerbaijani or Azerbaijanish. ]:8). Eggplant is another favorite. [I always thought that eggplants were a little funny – neither egg, nor plant (oh wait it IS a plant after all) and purple!]

    6: The spring Holiday is “Novruz” and is celebrated on the Vernal Equinox [first day of spring], so now I know of three spring Holidays: Easter, Novruz, and Passover. Today is the first day of Passover! Novruz sounds a little like Halloween with the “Knocking the door for treats” aspect, and a little like the old Druid Winter Solstice celebration with the “jumping over the bonfires” part.

    7: International Woman’s day, March 8th, is “Big” in Azerbaijan. And Women in Azerbaijan are just like Women in the US – they like Chocolate and Flowers.

    8: Azerbaijanis are big on Tea, and like it with something sweet. (BTW: I think I’m going to have to try the Zebra cake. It looks “Fancy”! and not all that hard!) Thank you very much for this! ????????! [lit: Thanks the Zerbra Cake Instruction][I am trying to learn Cantonese]

    9: Canning is a Tradition in Azerbaijan, as it is in the US. Yet another way we are alike!

    10: Wow here is something unexpected!: Bread is a sacred food! In Azerbaijan some people even kiss and touch the forehead with it. In the Jewish tradition bread (or in Passover Matzo) is what is blessed before eating meals, and Christians say “Give us this day our daily bread” so I guess this is not so far fetched. I was just surprised at the reverence paid. But again it shows if you take a second a look peoples from around the world are more alike then different.

  5. i cannot live without ice cream, sad to say i’m in england so i can’t participate but this sounds so exciting. hope it goes all well. and by the way, your little girl is gorgeous! 🙂 i wish i had her hair. lol

  6. Hi Farida,

    I just love the idea of ice cream being delivered to your door, it sounds great.

    Vi xx

  7. I can’t believe I’ve only really just found your site. It’s amazing.

  8. farida! thanks for changing the rules, you’ve unleashed the competitive side of me. However, I really doubt this is great but I’m gonna give it a try. Here goes:

    I don’t dare presume I know much about food or food specific to countries I’ve not visited. I’ve also not read all of the posts on this blog as I only discovered this site through Tastespotting a couple of months back (indeed what a shame! glad that’s changed now). But from reading my favourite posts – dried bean stew, the ones on breads and the sweet baked goodies, I feel very heartened to relate Azerbaijan food/recipes to that of my mother’s, grandmother’s, great-grandmother’s and all the women before me that descend from our Chinese Lim clan bloodline. Why I say that is simply because Azerbaijan food, to me, seems to be more like an art – but never in a conceited way. It’s just food beautiful to look at, cooked with so much care and attention, conscious of its surroundings and seasons, brimming with history and so much significance that it cannot help but be delicious. Azerbaijan food as I think it from this blog is feel-good food. Putting aside the technique and ingredients needed, formalities aside, it’s food that touches hearts, transcending its own physical boundaries because it’s food that makes you think of the people you love who’ve made it, of that woman who lives a little off down the road from you who makes it too, but in a slightly different way than yours.

    I think Azerbaijan takes its food seriously and treats it with a lot of respect. Who would think to treat a piece of thrown-aside bread with great care? As much as the Chinese would still bother to brew cheap tea leaves with as much care given to the most expensive leaves ever, honouring it with a proper tea ceremony, Azerbaijan holds dear its cuisine – a capsule of history, memories, friendship that forms so much the foundations of its community.

  9. Hi Farida.

    I’ve just tagged you, see my blog for details.

    Vi xx

  10. Thanks Farida for the support…..your daughter looks so cute…she has got beautiful hair.What does Meltem mean?

  11. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad that you’re both enjoying the treat!

  12. I learnt how little I know about cuisines of the world 🙂

  13. HI faridha just saw your message

    Besan == Gram flour

    Dalia==roased bengal gram

  14. Good morning, daahling! I have tagged you for a blog award. You deserve it!

    What I have learned about the food of Azerbaijan? Well, you make it look so easy…. I would have to say that the spices & ingredients used compliment my pallet more than I expected – there is perfect blend between the Mediterranean & Persian flavors.

    xoxox Amy

    P.S. Your daughter is adorable!

  15. You’ve been awarded from me as well. 😉

  16. I have been to ur blog since last week..And thanks a lot for tagging me and helping me discover ur blog..I love all ur recipes especially your pics..
    I heard the word Azerbaijan for the first time..
    I feel it is a combination of RUssian,Greek,asian in general and also mediterranean cuisine..This is because I happened to dine in a greek restaurant and had dolma,baklava and rice pilaf there..I loved the healthy food there made with a lot of natural ingredients..I also had Piroshki from abakery and while searching in the net found it to be a russian snack..Was very delighted to find that in ur blog..Am yet to read all the posts in ur blog..With what I have read until now I have an assumption that Azerbaijan is some region with a gorgeous healthy cuisine and also an ancient one..It has a touch of russian,middle eastern/meditteranean,asian and greek cuisine..The recipes are not too simple like the fast food now..It needs great skill and experience to prepare something like this cuisine..

    Farida..Am really happy I discovered ur blog..And am motivated to try more such recipes..I loved ur rice pilaf recipe..I have already tried baklava at home and now its Pirojki..My next attempt will be dolma!

  17. Divya, thank you so much for your nice reply! I loved your answer. It is beautifully written. Nice observation, too. Unfortunately you replied after the winners had been already announced. But I will have contest in the future, too, so don’t forget to join early:))

  18. Your blog is absolutely great! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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