Flying High

Photo from here.

Soon after this post goes public, I will be be boarding a plane to fly to our first destination, Turkey, and then the second—Azerbaijan.
I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends in both countries. I am not sure how soon I will gain access to the Internet when there, so please forgive me if I am silent for some time. Will resume blogging as soon as I can.

Until then, enjoy your summer, everybody!

Will be back.

PS: If your comments do not appear automatically, it is because I ‘ve switched the blog to “monitor the comments” mode before I am connected to the Internet. I want to make sure no spam gets posted here. Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.


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  1. Wonderful! Have a great time there!



  2. Enjoy your vacation and have fun at home.

  3. Enjoy your summer in Azerbaijan with your family. :))

  4. Enjoy your trip!!


  5. I hope you have a safe and happy journey! I know you’re going to have loads of fun once you’re reunited with all of your family and friends… I hope you have an amazing time & when it is time to come back, I hope you have a safe flight back 🙂

    P.S. Can’t wait to see all the pictures and hear all the wonderful stories 🙂

  6. Have a wonderful (and tasty) time in Baku – or anywhere else in Azerbaijan! Enjoy it for all of us 🙂

  7. Iyi yolculuklar/

  8. Have a nice flight! Enjoy your time in Azerbaijan! yax?? yol

  9. Xosh seferler ve xosh xatireler.
    Saghl qalun.

  10. Feridecim Have a wonderful time.Cant wait to hear and see those beautiful pictures!

  11. Have a good trip and enjoy being with your friends and family !!!!!


  12. Good luck and have a nice holiday. I going next week as well 🙂

  13. Have a great trip! Looking forward to your posts when you get back!

  14. Have a good time en enjoy !!!!!

  15. Have fun Farida! I just came back from Belarus and am hoping to start blogging again soon. I need some inspiration and motivation.

  16. Happy journey….will miss ur posts!!!

  17. nice posting….

  18. Friends, thank you for all your comments!

  19. Farida
    I have just come back from my vacations in Kazakhstan which I enjoyed so much. I hope you’ll enjoy every minute being with your family and friends !

  20. Wishing you a great vacation Farida.

  21. Complimenti per il sito,ottime ricette! Buon viaggio

  22. Hello, I am looking for vegetarian restaurants in Azerbaijan
    as i understand it t is very difficult, but there must be some,,…please help!!!

  23. I MISS YOU! Hope you’re having a wonderful time and if you are ever in Northern California…. let me know!

  24. sorry to say, azeri food is very bland,lacks variety and taste. Iranian/turkish food has lots of variety and quality.

  25. Farida…. where are you again????
    Hope all is well.

  26. This is to extend an invitation. I leave in Baku, and I’ve enjoyed reading and following your post. You just might want to hang out with me and my family. If Yes, send me and email and we see how to arrange the visit.

    Safe trip and as a head up, there are lots of grapes, and melons as we are in the season.

  27. Salam, Feride.
    Men isteyirem senden bir sey sorusum, eger vaxtini almiramsa.
    Bu yemeye aid deyil.
    Men bu yay Bakiya gedib anami gormeyi planlasdiriram.
    Belke sen bilirsen, bununcun mene visa lazimdir ya yox.
    Men Amerikanin vetendasiyam, amma Bakida dogulmusam.
    Eger mumkunse, mene komek et.
    Evvelceden tesekkurumu bildirirem.

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