Of Pomegranate, Thanksgiving the Azerbaijani Way, and More

A Glimpse of the Annual Pomegranate Festival in the Region of Goychay in Azerbaijan. Dancing the “Pomegranate” Dance. Photo Source: Respublika newspaper.

Friends, I am happy to share with you the news of the recent launch of Azerbaijani Radio Hour program in Washington D.C’s New World Radio station (WUST AM 1120).

A weekly one-hour program (first half in English, second – in Azeri) features informative segments on Azerbaijan’s culture for everyone to enjoy. One of the recent programs was all about Azerbaijani FOOD and I invite you to listen to it.

Learn about Azerbaijan’s ruby red symbol (guess what it is), hear me talk about Thanksgiving the Azerbaijani way (yes, it was my first radio interview, can you say?),  listen to other interesting interviews, and enjoy an Azerbaijani song about pomegranate!


If you are in the Washington D.C area, tune into the radio every Sunday, 9 AM Eastern Time. You can also listen to the Azerbaiani program online at www.wust1120.com


PS: Off to listen to the song about pomegranate, my hundredth time I think.


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  1. those little girls are beautiful dressed in their pomegranate dresses. What a sweet photo!

  2. Beautiful Farida!!!

    I’m really happy to see how different cultures celebrate things! I love pomegranates!!!
    I’m going to make zebra cake for tomorrow and stopped by to check the recipe…

    Take care,

  3. This is so cool, Farida!

  4. Thank you for your comments, friends.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I am definitely going to listen.

  6. That is a beautiful of picture of the girls amidst the peeled pomegranate! What a wonderful way to celebrate the beautiful jewel.

  7. Now and forever when it’s pomegranate season and I’m eating those lovely, curious fruits….I think of YOU and the AZ Cookbook blog.

    I’m becoming more skilled at getting all those juicy nuggets out w/o getting spritzed. And am curious to know of various ways to serve them. Had ‘white’ pomegranates for the first time this year. WOW! were they tasty….and the seeds were soft and easy to chew. Sweet rich flavor with none of the subtle bitterness in the after taste.

    LOVE the photo of the little girls dancing the pomegranate dance! Wonderful colors in their costumes. Would enjoy seeing that dance performed sometime….am very fond of dance, and folk traditions.

    Also, Happy Birthday…which you celebrated sometime this month.

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