Happy Novruz! Happy Spring!

Spring is here and it means Novruz to Azerbaijan and several other countries around the world. It is time to celebrate the arrival of spring, the nature’s awakening, new life, and new beginnings. Semeni, sprouted wheat, is the symbolf of this holiday and every table in Azerbaijan has one ready for the celebration.

Happy spring, friends! May it brings lots of happy moments to your lives and may it bring peace to the world!

Here’s a brief photo session I recently did with my daughter Meltem. She is dressed in a traditional Azerbaijani dance costume and is holding a plate with semeni.

Enjoy and Happy Novruz!


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  1. salam,

    sale no mobarak !!!!

  2. Feride, your daughter looks so pretty and lovely just like her mom! Her dress is just perfect for Spring! Happy Nevruz to everyone!

  3. happy Nevruz Feride…your daughter is adorable, kol sana wenti tayyiba as we say ih Arabic. 🙂

  4. SARVENAZ – Thank you! The same to you:)

    ZERRIN – Thank you:) Happy Novruz to you too!

    GEHAN – Thank you:) The same to you!

  5. Happy Spring to you and the family!

  6. CYNTHIA – Thank you so much! The same to you!

  7. Feride, Meltem is so pretty, and she looks just like you! Happy Spring!

  8. Feride, Meltem is so adorable! The national outfits look beautiful on her. Hugging both of you. 🙂


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