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Hello from Azerbaijan!

Hello from  Azerbaijan! After 3 years, I am finally back here. I’ve been here for about a month already, staying in Baku with my family. The first couple of weeks were spent on a jet lag recovery, then I resumed my work on the book design and all things book related. Most of the time during the day I work on the book. Have seen a few of my friends so far  (there are still at least 30 people to see!), most of my relatives, and have travelled to a few places outside of Baku.

What can I say? Baku, my birthplace, has changed a lot since I came here last in 2010. Lots of construction going on. I personally prefer being in the countryside in the summer as it is super hot in Baku. The countryside in Azerbaijan, especially the regions along the Caucasus Mountains, is a paradise. I will take you to a few places there through the pictures in my next blog post. While I sort out a zillion pictures in search of the best for you, you have a very happy summer, friends! See you soon!

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  1. Wow, so beautiful. I have been in Baku in February this year and was amazed too. I haven’t been there since mid 2010 and you are right a lot of things have changed. But I am so glad that Azerbaijan is my home, and the people are my favourite. Will visit again for New Years. Can’t wait.

  2. Welcome home 🙂

  3. Wow, how gorgeous! Please, please, please more pictures of Baku. It is my birthplace and even though I have not been there in a number of years, it has a very special place in my heart. If may, I would like to ask if you know where I can order a maggash and herbs seeds from Azerbaijan? Thank you and good luck with the book.

  4. I always enjoy your blog posts. It’s nice to meet up (even if it is only online) with someone half way around the world that shares a part of her world. The recipes always sound divine. I’m enjoying them. Good luck with the book – look forward to seeing it.

  5. I am looking forward to the virtual tour! Enjoy!

  6. Thank you – Madina, Ramil, Ailuy, Angie and Cynthia!

    AILUY – there is no place online to order maggash, unfortunately. Drop me a line in September, I will send you one if you are in the US. As to seeds, they don’t’ sell any place either.

  7. Thanks a lot. It looks so exciting! Wonderful!

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