Organic Tea Giveaway (Winners Announced)

Romanza - Organic Tea

Spring is in the air! And a spring themed giveaway is on AZ Cookbok!

I am announcing a super awesome giveaway to celebrate this beautiful time of the year with you and also to thank you for supporting my blog throughout many seasons, spring or winter:)

As of recently I’ve become a fan of teas of all sorts. My love for tea is only natural. I come from a tea-drinking country where people take pride in tea ceremonies and drink tea day and night (and it doesn’t affect our sleep at all!). We mostly drink pure strong black tea. Here in the US, I’ve become enamored with teas I’d never heard of before—green, read, oolong and flavored tea blends, oh  my!

But…I’d been on the lookout for the best quality tea out there for the longest time until I finally discovered  Tea Amore a year ago at a local event where they had their stand.

Tea Amore is now the only tea company I buy tea from and I trust. They know what they are doing, they love what they are doing, and they offer only the best quality and value to their customers. They blend the best tea I’ve ever tried so far and their flavor combinations are out of this world. Pure, subtle, exotic, interesting. Most of the company’s teas are organic. The ingredients blended in with the tea for added flavor are all natural. Guys, I am not paid to say all these nice things about Tea Amore—I love their tea and I believe good things deserve to be shared with everybody.

From my conversation with the founder and the staff of Tea Amore I learned so much about their tea selection and blending process. And here’s what left me speechless! Creating one single tea blend is a 22-step process that can take as long as 2 months to complete. What a dedication! You can see only a few of their many tea blends in the picture below (snapped them at the event, excuse the weird angles).

Tea Amore

Guess what? Tea Amore is generously giving away 1-ounce packets of Romanza tea (1 packet is enough to brew up to 15 cups of tea, or even more depending on how strong you like your tea) to 8  AZ Cookbook readers from any part of the word (isn’t it amazing!). All you have to do is enter the giveaway right here on the blog for the chance to be one of the lucky winners!

About Romanza Tea Blend: 

Romanza blend is organic black tea infused with sensuous vanilla, candy hearts and pomegranate (picture 1). Milk and sugar can be added to make this tea taste even more splendid. Romanza blend brings the boldness and an enchanting aroma to the new season.

The Giveaway Rules:

1. Answer the following question(s) in the comments section after this post (please only one comment per reader):

What kind of tea do you like to drink? What are your favorite flavored tea combinations?

2. Like AZ Cookbook and Tea Amore on Facebook (if you have a facebook account).

3. Share this post with your friends on social media (see buttons after the post).

4. The giveaway ends Monday, March 10 at 9 PM PST. 8 lucky winners will be selected via random number generator and will be announced in this post. Hurry up and enter!

Good luck to everybody! Let the spring fun begin!


Winners Here!

Thank you for all your comments, guys! They were very interesting. Aaaand, here are the lucky 8 winners, generated by the true random number generator.

Winners, please email  your full name and mailing address to feride at azcookbook dot com so we can send you the tea. Please respond by March 13 the latest. If we do not hear from you, we’ll have to pick another winner instead of you. (Those of you who did not win this time – please do not get discouraged. Stay tuned for our future tea giveaways! There will always be a chance for you to win! Thank you for participating.)

1. Samiya

2. Ibrahim Armagan

3. Nash Ashumoff

4. Zuleykha A.

5. Shahla

6. Bonny

7. Rose

8. Dale

tea giveaway winners


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  1. Thank you for organising this giveaway, Ms Farida. 🙂 As you mentioned, Azerbaijanis are tea-drinkers. And I also love tea, especially organic tea. I prefer drinking green tea. I love Olinda, jasmin and thyme tea. That’s why I wish myself good luck! 🙂

  2. My favourite tea is Earl Grey (pure or with cardamom flavour). I love to drink it especially for breakfast instead of coffee:)

  3. Thank you so much for this opportunity you gave to us, Farida. As you said, We – Azerbaijani-turkish people are the Most Best tea-drinkers in the world 🙂 My favorite tea is Earl Grey one. 🙂

  4. I mostly like green tea, especially jasmin green tea. Among othe flavours mango, peach, bergamot. Among black teas earl Gray is my favourite. I’m open to try any other flavour combinations as well

  5. I usually drink black tea, but after I tried PassionFruite tea from Tea Amore – it’s my favorite now!

  6. I was so glad that there was lots of tea in Baku when I brought my son home. I like earl grey tea with favors of peach or raspberry. And of course Lipton lol

  7. I love green tea of all different varieties. I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea with rose recently. It’s yummy and smells wonderful.

  8. I drink black tea most of the time – probably the influence of my Irish grandmother. My favorite flavored tea is chai. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I love chai tea and matcha….but there are so many delicious teas it is fun to experiment! I am answering this but cannot enter the contest because I’m not in Facebook. Good luck to you all!!

    Feride: Diana, you can still participate and by submitting a comment, you are participating, no worries:) Not everybody has a facebook account. Good luck!

  10. Thank you for this post. I am also looking for the best quality tea and haven’t found one yet. I have been drinking Turkish tea ( Chaykur). I found the flavour very pure. But it is very hard to find Chaykur in Canada. I would love to try Tea Amore.

  11. Vanilla caramel is a favorite lately!

  12. Feride, thank you for this competition to win tea! I love tea and everything related to it, so I’m really glad to hear about Tea Amore here. My favorite tea is all variations of black tea, especially black tea with bergamot, cardamom, jasmine, cloves, thyme or various berries. Cheers! 🙂

  13. I love green and black chai tea latte. I do not mean that commercial kind that you pour from a carton. I mean the tea with strong amounts of cinnamon, cardamom and etc. I drink it with agave/maple syrup and milk.

  14. Feridecim, I am crazy about teas, and thanks a lot for this idea! I really hope to win this competition )) my favorite ones are black with berries, black with bergamot and I am crazy about green with strawberry!! Going to check Tea Amore no matter what ( hope I can find them online )

    Thanks again and good luck, everybody 😉

  15. Hello Farida,
    I thank you for this Contest.
    I really like mint tea and lemon lift also I have been brewing black tea lately. So flavored black tea is delicious.
    Thank you for your beautiful website. I enjoy your recipes.

  16. I just started drinking tea over coffee I drink black tea and green

  17. I like all green tea selections, especially Jasmine & Mint. Tea refreshes and revives me. I like to call tea my “oasis of relaxation” in a busy day. As being Azeri I can’t imagine my day without a nice cup of tea.

  18. My Favorite is Green Tea, in Spearmint or Licorice Root. Thanks 🙂

  19. siyah çay

  20. Hello,dear Farida. I like earl grey black tea,and jasmin green tea.I wish good luck to me 🙂 because, now i am in Peru,and here i can not find qualified tea.

  21. I love any kind of green tea.

  22. Ah, as a New Zealander I probably drink as much tea as any Azeri! Standard basic black tea with milk, chai with cardamom, Caykur brand from Turkey strong and made in my stovetop samovar and now I’ll definitly try Tea Amore- I’m even a proud member of the Tea Appreciation Society-! Thank you for the blog too- I’m now addicted to kofte bozbash!

  23. Ele vaxtinda Azerbaijan chayimiz evde bitdi. It would be super duper awesome to get some tea! 😉

  24. I love all kind of teas. It is good when you have guests over to share your favorite drinks. 🙂

  25. I like to drink green tea. I like green or black tea flavored with rose.

  26. I like all kinds of green tea, especially with rose.

  27. My absolute favorite is Matcha!

  28. Dears,

    Thank you for giveaway action 🙂 I’m tea lover and love different combinations of tea. My favorites are: Milky Oolong,Green Tea Jasmine, Rooibostea Caramel, Vanilla Tea and etc. etc. 🙂 Hopefully will get some tea 🙂

    Good luck!

  29. This is a great idea! hard being a lone tea-drinker in coffee-loving Germany, noone gets Azeri tea love in this country 😀 recently discovered my love for ginger blends – recommended!

    All the best!

  30. I drink tea about 3 times a day. One black, one green and one fruit flavored. My most favorite ones are green tea with jasmine or goji berries. Another favorite is white or green tea with berries. Im in love with tea. Hope to win this giveaway.

  31. I like most kinds of tea, but lately my favourite has been chocolate mint (I have a version with black tea for the morning and a rooibos version for the rest of the day).

  32. For me nothing compares to tea. All type of teas are welcomed for me. But my favourite one is fruit flavored combinations, especially the one with orange or any citrus fruits. Mmmmm<3

  33. I love to drink mighty leaf tea. My favorite is chai with vanilla and honey.

  34. I enjoy an earl black tea and on occasion I will have home chamomile with honey in the evenings.

  35. I do love any kind of black tea. I have also mixed regular black tea with Pu-erh Tea and added some vanilla soy milk. I also love chai flavors.

  36. I like green tea and peppermint tea. I like ginger honey mix.

  37. I like Pomegranite flavored Tea. I like green Tea

  38. I love Bergamot tea.

  39. I drink green tea the most but I like earl grey also.

  40. I quite like any kind of tea, and which one depends on my mood. Blacks, greens, roiboos… I really like masala chai, and lately a ‘wellness’ blend with juniper berries, mint, green tea, orange peel.

  41. I like chai and green tea. I enjoy various berry blends when I combine different teas.

  42. I LOVE various fruit blends and berry blends! thanks.

  43. black tea is my fav

  44. I like drinking rooibos teas…but also like green teas too!

  45. One of my most favorite teas is “Matcha Green” tea, although when I have a cold or stuffed up nose, I love Traditional Medicinal’s “Breathe Easy” tea bags.

  46. I am not sure hot to pick a favorite tea because I enjoy so many. the majority of what I drink is a gunpowder green with honey.

  47. I love black teas, especially earl grey with lots of bergamot!

  48. I love black tea, especially earl grey

  49. I like chai tea the best and also green tea with no flavoring.

  50. I like black tea, and green tea with pomegranate

  51. right now, a lot of pregnancy and raspberry leaf tea but i usually love chai’s and black tea best… or a nice rooibis

  52. like both on fb as Jenn-Paul Henderson

  53. I Like AZ Cookbook and Tea Amore on Facebook as Maryann Drapkin

  54. I love all tea, but really am loving herbal mint tea these days.

  55. Black tea is my favorite but had a strawberry tea this week that was lovely.

  56. I love Black Tea the best ! A spicy chai is mt favorite

  57. I really like green tea and earl grey tea, mostly pure.

  58. My favorite tea hands down is Earl Grey, extra lavender and bergamot YUM!

  59. This is a copy/paste of a comment posted by Diane Robinson Proctor on AZ Cookbook’s facebook page before 9 PM PST (Diane must have thought comments were to be posted under facebook notification about the giveaway): I love many teas. Friut teas, black teas, white teas, green teas. My fav is likely a peach tea (at least for today).

  60. Thank You SO Much!

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