Links to Reads: May 2014

Black Currant

Good bye, May and hello, June! Time for another Links to Reads! Here are some of the articles I read in May. Enjoy!

* “So, what the hell are capers, anyway?  Alison Spiegel of Huffington Posts asks and explains.

* Imagine eating grasshopper burgers for a second. Yuck or not? Apparently it is good.

* Move over chickens! Ducks are coming! And I was seriously considering raising chickens.

* Mark Bittman says we should have no fear of chiles. 

* The amazing Maya Angelou has a beautiful wish for future generations.

* What to do with dandelion greens? Shaylyn Esposito answers. 

* So much to learn about food photography!

By the way, the picture above is of black currants. I have an awesome recipe for fresh black currant preserves in my cookbook. Hope you have a chance to pre-order your copy of this limited edition.

Do you know any interesting links you’d like to share? Please leave a comment. 


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