Links to Reads: August 2014

Market Scene in IstanbulMarket scene in Istanbul, Turkey

Goodbye, August and hello, September! I loved August.  I may be biased. Because my cookbook got printed that month (yay!). I spent 2 last weeks of August in Istanbul (I am now back in Long Beach). Between the time I spent in the printing house in Istanbul and the time I had a chance to see around, I managed to read a few interesting articles and save them to share with you. So here they are, in no particular order. My August (I know, I a bit late) reads. Enjoy!

* The most pesticide-heavy fruits and veggies of 2014. What’s left to eat? Sad reality.

* Long live the king! It’s about mozzarella cheese on pizza. 

Preserving fish in Norway. 

* Documenting Hmong recipes from an oral tradition.

Earthquakes make Napa wine taste good. Who would have thought!

What the world eats. You will be amazed to find out.

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