Just Cookie Dough

Just Cookie Dough

Recently I was contacted by Hampton Creek about possibly willing to try one of their  products—Just Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I agreed as I am always curious about all-natural products. Plus, I knew the kids would be happy about their favorite thing on Earth—chocolate chip cookies. I received the cookie dough nicely, professionally packaged in a big ice box. The kids were beyond happy. And so was I.

Note that this is a volunteer review. I am not affiliated with the brand and neither I am paid to write about it. I just wanted to share my personal experience with you because I know some people are looking for ways to eat better and healthier, or are on special, restricted diets, or they don’t always find the time to bake from scratch. In such cases, all-natural products such as this, can help you.

Just Cookie Dough is better for you and better for the planet. In a snapshot, here are the benefits and specs of the product:

1. All natural. No artificial colors or flavors.
2. Sustainable
3. Cholesterol-free
4. Dairy-free
5. Egg-free
6. Non-GMO (this is so important!)
7. Kosher-certified
8. Affordable

By the way, I heard that the product  just launched in Southern California’s Whole Foods, too. Fans of that store, check it out there. I also learned that some big names have endorsed Just Cookie Dough, among them Andrew Zimmern, Katie Couric, and even Oprah!

Back to our experience with the product. We baked chocolate chip cookies and they turned out delicious. Not heavy and with just the right amount of sweetness. The kids said this was the next best thing after home-made chocolate chip cookies and expressed their wish to stock on the dough in case their mom complained about the lack of time to bake from scratch. I am considering that option.

Besides baking cookies, here are more fun things you can do with Just Cookie Dough, as suggested by Hampton Creek:

1. Ball it up and toss into your brownie mix so it has “ball surprises” (yes).
2. Stick a wad between two crackers and have a dough sandwich!
3. Toss into you milkshake for some extra fun.
4. Liven up your boring vanilla ice cream.
5. Put a couple bits in your kid’s (aka your) yogurt to get them (you) to eat it.
6. Make the base of your pie/tart a whole lot more yummy.
7. Cookie dough pops! Put sticks in the bottom of dough balls and pop in the freezer.
8. Cookie-doh! (instead of play-doh). At the next birthday party…
9. Instead of frosting between your cake layers…dough it up!
10. Drop some coated balls in boiling oil and…oh yes….

Hope you enjoy the Just Cookie Dough as much as we did, when you try it. For more information visit: www.hamptoncreek.com.

Thank you, Hampton Creek for the samples. We sure enjoyed our Just Cookie Dough!

Just Cookie Dough - Baked


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  1. I enjoyed your article here today but did not see whether any of the ingredients are GMO free or not. We avoid those like the plague. I would love to hear if they are GMO free or not.
    Thank you,
    Jenn in ORegon

    • Hi Jenn. Thank you for bringing up GMO question. I avoid those like the plague, too:) Yes, it is GMO-free, Cholesterol-Free, and Egg-Free. Will add these to the post. Thank you!

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