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Links to Reads: April 2015

AZ Cookbook - Grapes

We are about to say good bye to April and to welcome May to our life. I did some online reading in April. Enjoy my top 10 Links to Reads.

* How the gluten-free movement is ruining our relationship with food.

* Countries who cook the most and the least.

* Scientists finally figure out why lobsters turn red when cooked.

* 300 years of picnics in art.

* 10 most effective herbs for heart health.

* A simple dish to try: boiled potatoes with butter and mint.

* 10 food  festivals you should add to your bucket list.

* How Nikolay Vavilov, the seed collector who tried to end famine, died of starvation.

* Saffron market blossoms for Afghan farmers as alternative to growing poppy.

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