Exclusive Azerbaijani Dining Experience in Our House & You Are Invited!

Azerbaijani Dinner

Posing with my homemade baklava at Azerbaijani dinner event for Culinary Historians of Southern California.

About a month ago, I hosted an exclusive Azerbaijani dinner in our house for the members of the Culinary Historians of Southern California, following my lecture at the Los Angeles Central Library.

My goal was to offer the guests not only a unique dining experience, but also allow them to immerse in the Azerbaijani culture even if it was for a few hours, and learn about it firsthand. Guests were served at least 15 sweet and savory dishes from the menu that I expanded from the original, watched traditional dance performances and danced themselves, too! I personally had so much fun!

Azerbaijani Dinner

Glimpse of the table before main dishes arrive. Photo by Doris Arima.

Because the event was so popular, the Culinary Historians and I decided to launch the Encore event. This time I am opening my doors not only to the Culinary Historians, but to anyone interested! So you are all invited! This is a rare opportunity as there are no traditional Azerbaijani restaurants in Southern California.

The event will take place in our residence in Long Beach, CA, open-air restaurant style. Space is limited.

CLICK HERE to register, see the event description, the menu (which is likely to expand again), and the photos and videos from our previous dinner event. Note that the page suggest you become a member of the Culinary Historians Association too but it is optional.

I look forward to seeing you!

Azerbaijani Dinner

Culinary historians enjoying Azerbaijani food in our backyard. Photo by Rirchard Foss.


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  1. I am thrilled with this opportunity but unfortunately live in Virginia and not possible to travel there now. Thank you again and continue to follow you.

  2. Salam xanim. Meni sizin bu isleriniz cox maraqlandiri ve ingiliscem oqederde gözel deyil deye istiyerdim sizinle elaqe saxliyim.
    Men özüm Almaniyada yasayiram. Cavabiniza sad olardim.

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