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Daffodil-Like Egg Salad, or Nergisleme

Daffodil-Like Egg Salad, or Nergisleme

Daffodil-Like Egg Salad (Nergisleme) |

Daffodil-Like Egg Salad. Nergisleme. Intrigued by the name? I was too, when I spotted the recipe in my current Turkish cookbook crush, Essential Turkish Cuisine by Engin Akin.

Hailing from Turkey’s southeastern city of Diyarbakir, nergisleme is a simple salad made with boiled eggs and copious amounts of fresh, aromatic herbs seasoned with tangy sumac and crushed hot red pepper. Once made mainly during the spring holiday Novruz to symbolize its arrival, over time, nergisleme became a popular picnic food enjoyed across the region.

The dish takes its name from Turkish nergis, or daffodil. Why the name? Because the colors in the salad resemble those in the flower – white, yellow, and green!