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Zebra Cake | AZCookbook.com

This post was originally published on February 15, 2008, thus starting zebra cake recipe trend all over the Internet (yes, I claim to be the original zebra cake recipe sharer with step by step pictures!). I am updating the recipe today with the video from my new YoutTube Channel – AZCookbook with Feride. Please SUBSCRIBE to it and share it with your friends.

Look at those stripes! Don’t they look like real zebra stripes? Well, that was the goal. Meet my super zebralicious Zebra Cake!

How to make those stripes? Super easy. Follow my no-fail Zebra Cake recipe below and you will get countless ‘Wow! How did you make those stripes?’ from anyone you treat this cake to. Zebra Cake is fun to make. If you have kids, mobilize them to help you. They’ll have a blast!

Over time, I’ve perfected my recipe by trying it multiple times, so that you have an enjoyable and stress-free experience making it in your own kitchen.  Here come the step by step pictures and the video, too!

Zebra Cake | AZCookbook.com

Let’s get started!

Zebra Cake | AZCookbook.com

This is the consistency of the Zebra Cake batter.

Zebra Cake | AZCookbook.com

Fun part – creating the stripes!

Zebra Cake | AZCookbook.com

Keep going!

Zebra Cake | AZCookbook.com

This is how the cake will look before it goes in the oven.


Zebra Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Zebra Cake is as stunning as it is delicious - not overly sweet, moist, and just flavorful with a hint of cocoa and vanilla! We form the stripes by alternating light and dark batters as we assemble the cake in the pan. So much fun making this unique-looking cake! Even more fun enjoying it!
Recipe type: Desserts
Serves: 9-inch cake
  • • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • • ⅓ teaspoon vanilla powder (can substitute ½ teaspoon vanilla extract)
  • • 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) baking powder
  • • 4 large eggs, at room temperature
  • • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • • 1 cup milk, at room temperature
  • • 1 cup olive oil
  • • 2 tablespoons dark cocoa powder (such as Dutch-process)
  1. In a medium bowl, combine the flour, vanilla powder, and baking powder. Set aside.
  2. In a separate large mixing bowl, combine the eggs and sugar. Using a mixer, beat until the mixture is creamy and light in color, about 5 minutes.
  3. Add the milk and oil and continue to beat until just blended. If you are going to use vanilla extract instead of vanilla powder, add it to the mixture, too.
  4. Gradually add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients and beat briefly, just until the batter is smooth and the dry ingredients are thoroughly incorporated. (DO NOT OVER-BEAT to prevent air pockets from forming in the batter.) The batter should be neither very thick nor too loose.
  5. Divide the mixture into 2 equal portions.
  6. Keep one portion plain.
  7. Add the cocoa powder to the other portion and stir to blend. (If the consistency of this batter is thicker, add just a little milk and stir).
  8. Preheat the oven to 350ºF.
  9. Lightly butter a 9-inch cake pan and line it with parchment paper.
  10. Scoop 3 tablespoons of the plain batter into the middle of the baking pan. Then scoop 3 tablespoons of the cocoa batter and pour in the center, on top of the plain batter. IMPORTANT: Do not stop and wait until the previous batter spreads—keep going! Do not spread the batter or tilt the pan to distribute the mixture—it will spread and fill the pan gradually. Continue alternating the batters until they finish.
  11. Bake on the middle rack of the oven for about 40 minutes. To check if the cake is ready, insert a toothpick in the center—it should come out clean when ready. Do not open the oven door for at least the first 20 minutes or the cake will collapse.
  12. Remove the cake from the oven.
  13. Immediately, run a small, thin knife around the edges of the cake to loosen it, then invert onto a cooking rack.
  14. Turn the cake back over and allow to cool completely before slicing.


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  1. Yes, now I understood what I exactly forgot about making this cake: assembling the cake batter in a baking pan. Thank you, I will amaze my family with true “Zebra” this weekend.

  2. yum!!!! thanks, i realy like the Zebra cake! we did it before with a different recipe, and it didn’t work, but after reading yours, it’s totaly going to work, thanks a lot!!! i’m verry excited to make it your way!!!!

  3. I am glad you like the recipe! Enjoy!

  4. Thank you,Faride hanum!

  5. Dear Farida,
    That cake seems yummy! Thanks for sharing!Have a nice weekend. I will be glad if you visit me too.

  6. Hi Farida,
    thanks for very nice recipe, today I had my b/d and baked this cake, I have different recipe with butter and yogurt instead of milk and vegetable oil. Canola and corn are not best oil to use for cooking. In Azerbaijan we mostli use butter, clarified butter, and butter has more aromatic taste for baking than oil. I think this info about canola oil would be interesting for you too.
    “Olive oil comes from olives, peanut oil from peanuts, sunflower oil from sunflowers; but what is a canola?
    Canola is not the name of a natural plant but a made-up word, from the words “Canada” and “oil”. Canola is a genetically engineered plant developed in Canada from the Rapeseed Plant, which is part of the mustard family of plants. According to AgriAlternatives, The Online Innovation, and Technology Magazine for Farmers, “By nature, these rapeseed oils, which have long been used to produce oils for industrial purposes, are… toxic to humans and other animals”.

  7. Hi Yegana. Happy B-DAY to you! Wish you all the best ! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’ve heard about canola oil. Rumors about it being “poisonous” have been circulating over the internet for quite some time. The “poisonous” effect has been overruled by many medical clinics, including Mayo Clinic. I am not sure which side to preside with, but I am still using the oil (maybe I am not too health conscious:) Butter in cake batter is a little too heavy for me, but I guess it’s all a matter of taste. Thank you for bringing up the issue anyways! Can be helpful to my readers. Please visit again!

  8. I just came across your blog and the zebra cake is beautiful. I have never seen this before.
    I don’t know about canola (have heard those stories, too) but oil is generally considered healthier than butter.

  9. Thank you for visiting, Aparna. I enjoy your blog too!

  10. Yasemin keklerle ilgilendi ve Zebra Keki cok begendi.Deneyecegiz. Sevgiler.

  11. Serpil Abla, Yasemin yanimda olsaydi ben ona zebra kek yapardim. Tarife cok kolay, hem eylenceli.

  12. OK – this is INCREDIBLE! I have never seen anything like this before. You must have the patience of Job. I love your photos too – everything is so clearly & beautifully explained.

    thank you, Amy

  13. Amy, thank you:) Try making it with your daughter if you don’t mind the mess, of course (mine loves to try the uncooked batter). It’s fun, and honestly, easy.

  14. I’m DEFINITELY making this very soon; it’s so cool!

  15. I’m so gonna try out this recipe this weekend!

  16. Love this cake!! Just saw this on Tastespotting and followed the trail here. A couple of friends of mine lived in Baku for years, but I don’t know much about the food. I will subscribe to your blog so I can learn more. Excellent!!!

  17. Farida, I’ve had an old recipe for zebra cheesecake, which required alternating regular and chocolate cheesecake and very carefully spreading it in the pan with a spoon. Your “drop in” technique looks so much easier and the results are outstanding! Thank you for sharing this.


  18. Malinda and Cindy!

    Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to my Azerbaijani kitchen:) This cake is easy to make, so go for it. Let me know how zebra patterns turn out. Have fun!

  19. Gretchen, welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comment. It’s great to meet people (at least virtually) who are interested in cuisines of other countries. Please do stop by again and if you have any questions about Azerbaijan and its food, please do not hesitate to ask me. Hasta pronto y mis saludos a Perú!

  20. Hi Farida, I’m a fellow food blogger and stopped to say Hi and admire your cake:) This looks good! I tried this tactic once with muffins but didn’t turn out this well; I think my batter was a bit thin:) thanks for sharing your recipe:)

  21. Beautiful cake, beautiful explanations! Thanks for the lovely post.

  22. How pretty! Thanks for the tutorial, too. I’m already looking for an excuse to give it a try!

  23. This is really beautiful, will try this next time when I make cake, have to buy cocoa powder.. 🙂

  24. Hi Marysol, thanks for stopping by my Azerbaijani kitchen. I am glad you like my Zebra Cake. The technique really works! Easy, fun and yummy!:)

  25. That’s a very pretty cake, I never made Zebra cake before, I have made variations to marble cake before but never done anything with this effect, its lovely.


  26. Mansi: Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like the cake:) You should get the zebra patterns just fine with this recipe, just follow the pictures:) Visit again!

    Astrid: Welcome to my kitchen! Enjoy the cake and come back for more yummi yums!

  27. I love that! It looks delicious and fun to eat at the same time!

  28. Thank you for the recipe! This looks so beautiful!

  29. beautiful! thanks for the tips! will be trying them out on my marbled cake soon! 😀

  30. Shawnda, Seena, Vi, Elle and Joy.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! I am happy you like my Zebra Cake. Really, it’s not that difficult to make, just think of a zebra and its pretty patterns:) and follow the recipe. Thanks again!

  31. Mandy, welcome! i would love to see the patterns on your marbled cake, too:) Please visit again!

  32. I’m going to make this cake when my youngest daughter has her birthday. She’s going to be two and I know she will love this zebra-cake. Since horses and zebra’s are her favorites. Love your blog. I just discovered it and placed it among my favourites.

  33. Awesome cake! I’ve made a checkerboard cake before but not a zebra, I will have to give this a try, it looks amazing.

  34. Krtistel: Welcome! Happy B-Day to your daughter! What a cute age, 2! Although they call it terrible 2s, I still loved it with mine:) Have fun baking!

    Brilynn: Thanks for visiting. Zebra cake is super easy to make, when you know the trick:) Enjoy!

  35. That is fantastic! It is so beautiful and it looks like it takes patience,but isn’t too difficult. Thank you for introducing me to it. I can’t wait to try it!

  36. Love it! I can’t wait till someone I know has a birthday so that I can make a cake like this. Thank you for sharing the technique with us.

  37. This cake looks super yummy! I think I will try it for my mothers birthday on monday. Any suggestions?

  38. sorry..didnt finish that thought..any suggestions on frosting?

  39. Kiriel: Welcome to my blog! I hope you can wow your guests with this cake one day! I love the patterns more than the taste:)

    Becca: Happy B-Day to your mom! Although it is more of a coffee cake that a festive b-day cake, I think you can turn it into a b-cake with some fancy decorations and frosting on top. I would suggest you do a white icy frosting all over the cake and using a pastry pipe, pipe out chocolate stripes that would remind a zebra, or just outline a zebra with chocolate cream in the center of the white frosting layer and pipe out the patterns over the outlined zebra. So, it will be a white background with white zebra in the middle with dark stripes. Am I confusing enough?

  40. I just made your zebra cake, and it was wonderful! I didn’t have vanilla powder, so I used a couple drops of almond extract, and that added a lovely element. I also couldn’t find my round cake pan, so I used a 9in square pan, and that made for an interesting look as well! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed making this! Thank you for sharing!

  41. Larkin, you we very welcome! I am so glad your zebra cake turned beautifully and that you enjoyed baking it. Thank you for letting me know.

  42. Farida , I tried this and was really delicious!

  43. absolutely amazing. hopefully the “zebra”-izing technique will work with other cake batters…would love to do this for my niece’s birthday cakes

  44. Seena: I am glad your zebra cake turned out great. Glad you tried the technique:)

    Sarah: thanks for stopping by. The technique should work with any batter, I think. Happy B-day to your niece! Hope she enjoys the cake:)

  45. Oh I love it! The swirl is perfect! I’m so gonna try this! Thanks!

  46. OMG! thats amazing! i have never ssen such a cake.. there are so many cake varieties. Urs is unique 🙂

  47. Tarah: Thank you! Let me know how it turns out!

    Anjali: Welcome to my cooking planet:) Thank you for your nice words. Please visit again!

  48. Wow farida what a cake..i just loved it..first time here and loved your space…will come back for more.

  49. Thanx for the zebra cake recipe. Only had one from Jo Deli bakery but didnt manage to get emulsifier. When i get home i’ll try yours. it has easy to access ingredients. My cousin makes zebra cake and uses sprite instead of milk.So what does the sprite do to the cake? once more thanx a great deal for thr recipe.

  50. Hello Farida,

    Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog… You are too sweet. I had to come see your page and I just fell in love with this cake!!! I think I might try to make it this weekend! I love this idea and I have never seen anything like it. I love your page and will be visiting her as often as possible! Have a wonderful day!


  51. Saswati: Welcome to my world! Glad you like it here:) Please visit again.

    Esther: You are welcome. I thin the sprite adds to the volume, but I am not sure. Enjoy!

    Heather: You are very welcome! Please let me know how the cake turns out if you make it. You too, have a great day!

  52. Farida, what a beautiful cake, I’m going to try it soon. I saw Violets’ one too which was also great!

  53. What a wonderful tutorial you have! Now I have to make a zebra cake of my own. Thanks!

  54. Anna, Maggie: Welcome and thank you for your lovely words! I am most flattered:)

  55. The Zebra cake is absolutely stunning. I HAVE to try this recipe. I went through your entire website and I like your photos, and clear explanations and of course your yummy recipes too.

  56. Wow! That pattern in the cake looks just great!
    I have a question though, and it is about the tea you were mentioning. What kind of tea do you drink a lot of in the country? Is it black, green, some special herb tea? I love tea myself and am always interested in different tea traditions.

  57. Mycomfortfood: Thank you! Please let me know how the cake turns if you try it. Curious:)

    Vonsachsen: Welcome to my blog! The tea we drink is mostly black tea. But we also drink herbal teas to treat certain ailments, they are popular for their natural healing power. You just gave me a good idea:) I will dedicate a post to tea drinking in Azerbaijan with pictures and stories. Thanks:)

  58. Zebra cake looks amazing 🙂
    I discovered your blog through Gloria’s site and I’m very happy beacause of that 😉
    My grandfather was born in Baku… my whole family used to live there till they had to go back to Poland.


  59. Oh, i love this and great how to pictures.

  60. Hi Farida, I baked this cake last night. It’s an interesting experience and I played smart alec. In the end, the cake turned out dense. One question, how do u get rid of air pockets in the batter? I would usually bang the pan on the table before putting it into the oven. As I didn’t want to disturn the nice stripes, I didn’t and ended up with one big air pocket 😛

  61. Hi Farida,

    I have to say this cake looked so tempting that I tried it last night.. But for some reason it didn’t work out for me, so I need your professional advice. When I added coco powder, the chocolate batter became very thick, so whenever I added the 3 T of dark batter it won’t spread out! and if I add the white batter ontop, it spreads so fast that it covers all the dark one 🙁 so I eventually tilted the pan to help it spread, and then I added more milk to the dark batter just to losen it up a bit.. and you can imagine it all went wrong 🙁 when it came out of the oven, I had a dark chocolate cake on the bottom and a white batter ontop, no streaks, nothing! Can you help out ?

  62. Coffee and Vanilla: I am so glad you visited my blog. NIce to meet you! Let’s keep in touch!

    Feeding Maybelle: Thank you!!

    Yuri & Luna: I am glad you tied the recipe. So sorry you had some trouble with it. I am off to email you personally now.

  63. Luna, I am posting my message I sent you answering your question in case somebody else experiences similar problems. I hope my answers are helpful. Nothing else comes to my mind at the moment except this.

    1. Did you measure the flour as called for in the recipe? I usually use Measuring Cup to get exact amounts.

    2. Cocoa powder does make the batter slightly thicker than the white batter, but not too thick as to not spread out in the pan. So I am thinking maybe the problem was there initially – maybe you added too much flour to the batter.

    3. Never ever tilt the pan, no matter what. Even if the batter is thick, just keep pouring the batter on top of each other, it should eventually spread out by itself.

    I´ll see what else comes to my mind. Thank you for trying!

  64. Hi Farida,

    Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it 🙂
    I did measure exactly 2 cups of flour, but because my coco powder wasn’t dark, I ended up adding 6 Tablespoons of it which made the chocolate batter really thick and dense (while the white batter remained light and fluff) . I think that’s why it sank to the bottom, or probably the tilting is to blame for this ?

    I’m really eager to give this another try and hopefully it’ll work out. In the meantime if anything else comes to your mind, please post it 🙂

    Thanks once again, I’ll keep you updated!

  65. Very very yummy and so goodlooking!

  66. Dear Farida

    I wish I knew about your blog before..You have exotic stuff here ad wanna try out so many things from here..Glad I found your site..
    Do keep in touch

  67. OK, this is too cool! My coworker and I are oohing and aahing over it. I’m definitely going to have to make this! Can’t wait to check out your whole site – I love exotic and different (to me) foods!

  68. Hi there, i’m thinking of trying to make this tomorrow, and I wanted to double check that it is ordinary cocoa powder right, not dutch-process?

  69. Aisha,

    Glad you are going to give it a try! I used regular cocoa powder. I have never used Dutch-processed cocoa powder, but from what I read from my google search on it, it is safe to use it in recipes that call for baking powder.

    The good thing about the Dutch processed is that it is darker than regular cocoa powder, which is good because you won’t need to add extra if the dark batter is still light. But once again, I used simple cocoa powder. I think I’ll try Dutch processed next time. Am I confusing enough?:))

    Hope this helps. Please let me know how it turns out.

  70. Hi Farida! Thanks for your response. I made the cake, will post soon. I used the dutch process, which I think may have dried the cake a bit. I plan to try it again with regular cocoa. And my ladle was too small, so I didn’t get well defined “stripes” — just very delicate feathery veins — still pretty and tasty. thanks!

  71. Hi, I made yesterday this recipe and the cake looks great. Thanks

  72. Aisha: So glad your cake turned out pretty and delicious!

    Pao, bolos e cia: Welcome to my blog! Gad you made the cake and it worked out! I am happy:)

  73. Oh my god, this is like a work of art!

  74. Made this after finding it on Tastespotting. I doubled the recipe and made 2 for coffee at church. It was great! Got many compliments and was asked for the recipe. I prettied it up with a dusting of powdered sugar before serving. It was not as complicated as it seemed at first. I found it fun to make. Thanks for sharing. Gabrielle McD

  75. Mrs. Ergul: Thank you, dear! I am just pretending I am the artist:)

    Gabrielle: So glad you tried the recipe and it was a success at your church! I am sure you’ll go back to the recipe again and again and will receive many more compliments:) It is really not that difficult to make and it does look cute:)

  76. I bet you get comments on this post all of the time. Your picture is beautiful. When I was a kid, I used to make the same cake with my grandmother, except it was a checkerboard cake recipe. Same premise.

  77. Farida, that’s a beautiful looking cake you’ve got there! I wish I baked more but there’s always something wrong with my oven. =/ thanks for the well wishes, i’ve been recuperating…comforting myself with food obviously. keep those recipes coming!

  78. Oh wow. All I can say is, that is *TOO* cool! =D

  79. NIKKI: Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your nice words. I am curious about a checkerboard cake. Please post it on your blog:)

    Becky: Glad you are getting better. Thank you for your nice words!

    TS from Eating Club: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you find the cake Cool:) Maybe I should brand it Cool Zebra Cake:)

  80. hello I am Azerba?janian but now I live in Turkey here to find our recipes is very difficult but when I found this site I was very happy from today I am a member of this site.I am very happy thank you for your recipes please I would like to receive much more recipes.I have cooked zebra cake with your recipe and it was wonderful.thank you once again.waiting for new recipes of our cuisine.

  81. Hi Farida! THe photo of your Zebra cake is wonderful! I thought it would be difficult to create those patterns but looking at the instructions, it looks pretty simple. I’ll definitely have to try it soon.

  82. Gunel: Welcome to my blog. So glad I can be of some help to fellow Azerbaijanis around the world! There will be more recipes, gradually, so stay tuned:)

    Culinarydelightsgb: Thank you for stopping by. Glad you like the recipe! Yes, it is super easy to zebrize a cake:) So, go for it:)

  83. What an amazing cake and I was so excited about trying it out! But I had the same problem as Luna. The cocoa batter thickness was ok and it spread fine and I didn’t have to tilt but the white batter tended to engulf the dark one a bit and I ended up with a chocolate layer at the bottom and a white layer on the top. However, the cake tasted delicious but minus any zebra sripes..sigh.

  84. Jane, thank you for stopping by. Glad you like the cake. So sorry that it didn’t work the way you wanted:( I never had that problem myself. I think I’ll bake the cake one more time and will let you know how everything goes. So sorry again. I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned:)

  85. The cake looks amazing. I am always looking for new and innovative recipes and stumbled on your site via another.
    Am definately going to try this out.

  86. Hi, I already reduced the cocoa quantity because I had notice that the dark batter was very thicken, but I though that your cocoa powder was different from mine.
    Thanks for the advice.

  87. Thanks for the correction Farida.. I too had tried this before and had loved the result.. This time it will even turn out to be better.. Thnaks once again for such a lovely recipe.

  88. Farida – please see

    if you have some time – thanks!!

  89. (in response to the comment you left me on my blog about your cake)

    I’ve seen bloggers allover tastespotting with your cake, and who would blame them? It’s so genius and clever, and that’s why you win so many awards for your blog!! And that’s why it’s infamous!

  90. came here via arundathi’s blog – this looks fantastic and the last piece with the nose looks like an actual zebra to me 🙂 – on my list to try

  91. Thank you for your lovely comments!

    Lakshmi, welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy!

  92. Dear Farida,

    Excellent recipe and very well explained directions! Delicious, moist and beautiful cake.

    Thank you,

  93. The directions are very easy to follow, it really baked in 40 minutes and the whole family was amused with the result. I’m looking forward to bake it again. Delicious and amazing cake!

  94. Hey! I am going to try this recipe for my mother’s birthday! I want to make it an orange and chocolate cake with orange buttercream. Should I sub your vanilla powder for orange extract? Or should I leave the vanilla powder (so that the volume of dry ingredients doesn’t change) and add orange extract? Also if you could give any input on how much orange extract to put it that would be great – I am a beginner when it comes to baking!

    Jillian — jillyano@gmail.com

  95. Hi Farida,

    I’ve tried your zebra cake and it is delicious. However, the cake seems a bit too moist for me. Is it the oil or should I reduce the oil? Thanks in advance for your advice.

  96. I’m not all that great at following picture guides, and I’m having a hard time understanding how the batter works here. After you scoop in three tablespoons of the white batter and three of the chocolate, do you wait for them to settle and fill out the pan before repeating, or do you just scoop three tablespoons of white batter right on top of the chocolate?

  97. Thank you so much for this receipe, your directions and the photos made it all so easy, as it has to be seen to be understood.

    I made for for my familly and not another for my friends at work, this is the most exciting cake I have made in years

    Alph Shoukran (1000 thankyou’s)

  98. hi farida,the recipe was written so well that i could do all of the stages with ease.the extra tips helped as much.the outcome was that the zebra designs, came out neatly and near to perfection(the top of the cake didnt comeout the way urs did);the cake had risen very well and it was soft too.i was just so happy and sure about the taste that i distributed it to my neighbours too.but to my dissappointment, it didnot taste so well as i expected.it had an odd taste and it was not as sweet as a cake should be.i followed the recipe the same way as u had explained (i didnot have vanilla and so i didnt use it).what could have gone wrong?will u be able to help me find out because i want to try it out again.

  99. just remembered one thing.the problem i faced was that the white batter was spreading faster than the cocoa batter. so i tried giving the cocoa batter some time to spread well but that idea didnt work.so i continued pouring and pouring as u told.the top did not comeout well like urs but the inside was ok.

  100. This cake looks absolutely amazing! And I am sure it must be so delicious. I have a couple of cakes to bake for a family BBQ and definitely I will be making this one.

    Thanks for sharing this original method.

  101. Hi Farida,

    I visited your blog today morning for the first time & I was so inspired to try this cake & made it today itself 🙂 & it came out well 🙂

    Thanks for the recipe, it was easy to make with the clear steps you have given here and your cake picture looks so beautiful !!

    Thanks once again

    Good luck


  102. Hi,
    First time here. Cake looks superb! By seeing the name i thought there will b stripes on the top layer with cream but this cake sounds new looks new. awesome

  103. Hi Farida,
    A lovely looking cake! I haven’t made it yet but plan to very soon. I have some suggestions for those having problems. Do you think adding a teaspoon of instant coffee powder would darken the colour? And for those whose chocolate portion is a bit stiff, save 1 tablespoon of the milk to add to the chocolate portion. Lastly, I suspect the strange taste that Sumayya Kassim experienced may have been a result of using slightly rancid oil.
    I’m off now to browse more of Farida’s site as I love trying foods from round the world.
    Lorna from New Zealand


  105. What a gorgeous looking cake!!!

  106. Delicious Cake! the zebra strips ,should try that with my cake next time.

  107. salam bir de Ferdem,

    umid edirem ki her shey normaldir.

    senden eziyyet de olsa bu zebra keykinin azericesini isterdim, mumkunse ?!


    sizi cox isteyen vetenden ayri yashayan afet

  108. Dear Farida, I tried this cake, going as per ur instructions, this sure came out very well…will have the photo posted by tonight! Thanks so much I loved it so did my kids (Aged 3+ and 2+) Elder one even insisted on taking it in her lunchbox! Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely recipe!!

  109. Just put this in lovely cake in the oven – problem is, I had a 9 inch batter pan, but only about 3 inches deep – luckily my instincts kicked in and I put the cake pan inside a baking pan – just checked the cake and it’s overflown! How deep is your batter pan Farida?

  110. Beautiful. Well done!

  111. dis looks utterly ravelous! i luv baking so am sure i will try it out this weekend. thanks for sharing dis recipe. Well done!!!

  112. i like this cake in sha Allah i make him before my Ramadan is coming to finisch. Thank you before all picture’s you put on.
    I’t make’s it so easely !! i say you goodbay from Holland/The Nederlands


  113. Hi, i tried out your recipe and it turned out okay..i guess its because of the consistency of the batter.Mine wasn’t like yours.it was much looser..more watery i mean. i had doubts it was gonna turn out well and it didnt. measurements were all the exact. the only thing i didnt use was vanilla powder, insted i added 1 ts of vanilla extract. The chocolate batter’s consistency looked like yours but not the plain one.. i guess i made a mistake somewhere but not very sure..ill try doing it again.. 🙂

  114. Prawnoodle: I just emailed you my reply to your comment but it bounced back to me with an error message, so I will reply to you here.

    First of, thanks for trying the cake. Sorry it didn’t turn out very good. I am thinking what the problem might be. Adding cocoa powder to the dark batter makes it a little thicker than the white batter, but not too much. If you think your white batter was way too runny, how about adding a tablespoon of flour to it to sort of harden it a little bit. See if this works. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Sorry again:( Hope your cake turns gorgeous next time!!!!

    Good luck and thank you!!!

  115. Thanks for the tips. Ill sure try it again.One more thing,the recipe requires me to use 4 eggs.i used 4 LARGE sized ones. could that be the reason the batter was on the lighter side? maybe i should reduce it to 2 or 3. You could reply me to the given email add.It shouldn’t be a problem 😉 im still a beginner, so when there’s errors,ive got no problems at all.. i keep on baking it till it turns out good, no worries! Thank you very much for your reply..

  116. It is really delicious….but it didn’t not appeared as it should, with the stripes that zebra way. Instead the chocolate mixture stucked on the bottom. Would you help me??

  117. my best friends birthday is on Saturday so i’m going to make her this cake seeing as she loves this pattern but shes a vegan and im not sure if replacing each egg with half a banana will effect the pattern,has anyone tried? if so did it work?

  118. I was very intrigued by the wonderfulness of your cake that I made my own version in cupcakes with link back to your page. Thanx for sharing.


  119. I made this cake and it came great. Thanks for the recipe

  120. Thanks for the zebra cake recipe,have been searching for one and yours turn out the best of all.thanks once agaib

  121. Hello Farida!!

    I just made your marvelous zebra cake recipe last night and it turned out DELISH… I also spread some whitpped gananche frosting on top.. YUMMMM!!!! I wanted to say thanks so much for this recipe! Just to note, my cake rose a little TOOOOOO much, but I think that it’s because we just changed our oven and this one is with circulating hot air and it bakes faster… I had it on 180C but I think maybe 170C next time!
    Merci.. Leesa

  122. Dear Farida, Thank you for sharing this recipe, I will definetely try this cake when I go home. ?stanbul/ Türkiye

  123. Yum! The way you make the zebra stripes is particularly ingenious 🙂

  124. Wow, wow, wow, wow……WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Hello Farida, here I am again!!!
    I keep on making the cake!!! Sometimes it seems more like the zebra cake, but it is always very delicious.
    So. yesterday I made something else. I decided to colour the mixture to have different color than the usual back and white.
    I used some drops of red food color, I flavored the whole mixture with strawberry liqour, which I had made myone last spring and the result you can see on the picture I’m sending you!! (in your e-mail).And, at last I had the zebra look I was looking for all that time!!!!!!!!! I hope you don’t mind me calling it pink-zebra cake!!!
    Love from Greece,

  126. Love the look of your zebra cake! But my dark lines did not turn out nearly as dark as yours. (I used 2 tablespoons 60% cacoa bittersweet dark chocolate melted in a double boiler and cooled to room temperature before adding it to the batter. I thought it might turn out darker than the Penzeys Spices Natural Process Cocoa and the Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened Cocoa that I had. I know Hershey’s makes a Special Dark Cocoa but I’ve not used it.) What brand of dark cocoa powder did you use in the photo?

    Out of habit I used Wilton baking strips (moistened strips that go around the pan to even baking) which messed up the stripe configuration. I won’t use them next time. Live and learn.


  127. I woukd like to thank you for share your zebra cake´s recipe. I did it and I have to say that it is beatiful and delicious. You can see my version in http://elgatogoloso.blogspot.com (in spanish)

    you are my hero 😀

  128. Dear Farida,

    I have been a silent reader towards your Website. I love to see the beautiful of yours ‘Zebra’ . I am going to bake ii one of this weekend to serve it at our Tea..I love tea too.. Darjeeling and English Tea are My favourite…Btw can I aske you.. ” Are you a Muslim?” Pardon me if my question is consider very rude to ask..


  129. There are some recipes like this in former Yugosdlavia. In Dubrovik we ate amazing “River Wave Cake” which also has sour cherries in it, a rich custard layer and a thin chocolate icing on top. There is also a Mitre Cake in Beograd that is along this style as well. The Serbs have so many delightful cake and sweets recipes.

  130. MARY-ANNE: I am curious about River Wave Cake with sour cherries. Must be delicious! I think Eastern Europe creates some of the best cakes in the world. We’ve adopted many of them during Soviet times.

  131. Thank you Farida for sharing this recipe! I have already made it twice, and everybody loved it. I Just found out that I have been adding to much cocoa powder – so I am definitely going to make it again.

  132. GALA, so glad you loved the cake. Just saw your creation on your blog:)

  133. He preparado tu torta y el resultado buenísimo, gracias por tu explicación del paso a paso, aquí podrás verla, un beso, Mar


  134. Hello Farida,

    Tried baking Zebra cake twice but the shape didnt turned out as I expected, I don’t know where I made mistake except that I used liquid vanilla also. It created a dome at the center and it cracked. I tried lowering the temperature the second time I made it but it still cracked and made a dome in the middle. Otherwise, the taste and the zebra marks were perfect. Hope you can point out to me the error coz i really want to perfect it the next time I bake it. Thanks and more power!!

    So sorry to hear about it. One thing that comes to my mind is overbeating the batter. Was it the case? Overbeating creates pockets and cracks in the cake. Hope your next attempt will be successful. Let me know if my answer was helpful. Thanks so much for trying

  135. MAR: Me alergo que le gusta la torta de cebra. mis saludos a argentina:)

  136. Hi Farida,
    Really you are talented, thanks for sharing your talent with others.

    I liked your zebra cake so much, I tried it but unfortunately it didn’t come out the same result as yours. I used the same ingredients you did exactly, did the same procedures till I got the plain and choco circles in the pan, typical as yours so I put it in the oven, It went IN the same as yours but it came OUT a pure Chocolate cake, no white at all, no stripes. I tried it twice and I got the same result. It took more than 60 minutes to get ready, not 40 minutes as you mentioned. So, do you think the oven is weak that might be the reason. And I’ve read before that baking at high degrees is much preferred for cakes, so shall I raise the temp or what? Please advise.

  137. BASANT: Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your nice words.

    I am so sorry your cake didn’t turn out nicely:( From what I’ve read, I am thinking the problem was the batter. Was it too runny? Most likely the two batters mixed up in the pan if they were too runny. The cake normally bakes for 40 minutes. It never took me longer than that, so I am assuming yours took longer because the batter was too loose. Do you think it might have been the problem? Any other details you can provide me with? Thank you for trying the recipe. I hope it will work next time. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  138. Hi Farida,
    Its me again.. I forgot to time when I mixed the batter, but I used electric hand beater,and I stopped when there are no more lumps. Maybe I have to beat it at lower speed or better yet with a manual hand beater. I will surely remember these things the next time I bake, and will let you know the result :)..Thanks so much for your advice.

    You are very welcome. Yes, please, do tell me how it turns out next time. I am crossing my fingers for you:) Hope your cake will be fabulous!

  139. Salam Farida,
    I tried the zebra cake it today and it was very delicious. Its the first time i cook a cake and i never thought it could be so easy, thanks to you of course.

  140. VUSALA: Glad it turned out great. I am happy:)

  141. Estou me preparando para fazer esse bolo zebra. Não tinha idéia de como era feita para ficar com o aspecto de zebra. Com sua explicação, ficou bem mais fácil.

    Mil beijos desde o Brasil 🙂

  142. EU MULHER: Saludos! Não falo portugeuse pero entendi todo porque los dos idiomas tienen mucho en comun. gracias por sus palabras agradables.

    mil beijos desde Calfornia:)

  143. What an interesting blog you have. Loved seeing the idea of the zebra cake. I’m a sucker for anything different, and this certainly is it! I’ve added you to my RSS feed. Love your photos, Farida. My next purchase is going to be an SLR camera. I live in Tustin, so we’re almost neighbors.

  144. It is so beautiful !!!

  145. Hello Farida
    your cake is very yummy, the recipe is very similar to my checkered board cake, which i make without the original pans, i just use a piping bags and pipe one circle in white and one circle in cocoa batter, yours is easier using only a spoon and building the layers.
    i will try yours for sure.

  146. Farida xanim,

    Sizin cake-inizi gorub qerare geldimki mende bishirim. Indi bu degige bishirmishem ve chox SUPER gorsenir. Dadini hele bilmirem, gozduyurem soyusun :)))))

    Teshekkurler ela reseptleriniz var ve super gorsenir hamisi !


  147. I’m so glad my buddy, Paulette introduced me to this delicious recipe! Now I can WOW my kids with all sorts of different shades of Zebra cake;) It’s soooooo delicious too! Yum, Yum, Yum…

    Very impressed!

    Belinda Wong

  148. Hi! Thanks a lot for the receipe! I am so glad that I have found your blog! I have taken a look at some of your receipes and I literally fell in love the way you explain everything into so detail. It is definetely easy to understand, and especially for the one who is beginner in cooking. I live in Japan, and have not cooked for real Azeri tastes for long time. Recently, I have started to bake cakes and cookies, and I am new in the field. It is so fun, if you own cake is eatable by you ;)) I cannot wait to bake this zebra cake this coming weekend!

  149. I loved this recipe and when I first saw it…I had to try it. I loved it. Not overly sweet but..I have a question how do I make the chocolate taste more of chocolate? I used Neestle Cocoa and it was a light colored cocoa. I dont know if that is why?? Advice, please. An email would be appreciated. Thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe.

  150. Salam….
    I’ve got a few Qs to ask (if you don’t mind):
    1) I used Hershey’s Cocoa & the colour turns out light brown cause that’s the only cocoa I hv left in the cupboard. Can I add in Chocolate Emulco to make the colour darker?
    2) The cake doesn’t taste sweet. Can I add in more sugar?
    3) The zebra lines do not show in the centre of the cake instead it’s only the plain colour. Why?
    Thanks so much….

  151. I’m not seeing the oven temperature, could you give that to us again?

  152. This looks Delicious!!

  153. I made the zebra cake.It turned out great,actually my son calls it a tiger cake.Thank you Farida

  154. Hi Farida!

    Right now I’m studying very hard for my exams and it takes up all of my time… so in my spare moments I’m making a list of all the fun things I want to try this summer when the exams are over! The list includes baking and cooking, sewing and craft projects, learning new skills and loads of other fun stuff. This cake is going on the list and I can’t wait to try it, so thanks for the lovely recipe!

  155. I didn’t have a circle pan so, I used a bundt pan. So, it may have a Marble effect rather than a Zebra effect. I didn’t have dark coco powder so, I ground some Ibarra Mexican chocolate, a tsp-size drizzle of molasses to darken it a bit more. and a tbsp-size of chocolate ice cream just to try and darken it a bit more.

    We’ll see how it comes out!

  156. What is vanilla powder? I have never heard of it and I have been baking for years. Where can I buy it? Can Vanilla extract be substituted? Your zebra cake is very creative and original. My daughter made it and sent me your recipe. Thaniks.
    where is your country?

    Please forgive me if you’ve already answered about the vanilla powder. I did not reall all of the postings but I do love to bake and I will visit your site again.

  157. Hey Farida The cake turned out soo good that i’ve to thank you for this. This is hands down the easiest recipe i’ve come across. and yeah i do appreciate the way u take the efforts to answer back the comments on ur blog.

  158. I’ve been making zebra cake since I came across your recipe, it always comes out perfect! Even if I modify it a little, it’s still looks and tastes great. Very happy with the site.

  159. Thank you so much for the recipe however I found the wet ingrediets to be way too much for 2 cups of flour. I dont know if the sugar here in Morocco made the difference all I know is the batter was wayy to runny. I decided to make it into a simple marble cake. The cake was incredible though! The second time I baked it (my own way) the cake came out fine. I would still love to thank you for the lovely idea, I’m working on an all sweets blog. This cake is beautiful and will fit well in my Blog.

  160. Though I am not much of a baker, I loved this idea of a zeba cake. I’ll try it out sometimes.

  161. Just happened upon your blog this morning and think it’s lovely. I love learning about other cultures through food. It’s so natural since it’s one thing we all have in common. Can’t wait to try your zebra cake!

  162. lovely

  163. this looked too good not to try…i just made it tonight…spoon by spoon, and the batter turned out just like your photo with colored swirls, but the actual cake not so perfect…your zebra stripes are very defined, mine seemed to blend into each other and it looked like a general marble cake…perhaps it was because i used a hand whisk and not an electric mixer like you did? i will try again and try and get my hands on an electric mixer as your cake is just spectacular. i will post batter and cake photos on my flickr page…maybe the doctor can prescribe something to improve my condition! 🙂 mel

    ps. it still tasted great !!

  164. Dear Farida, with your recipe I finally succeeded in making this simple and delicious cake! You can find it in my startup blog, with due mention of yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  165. Beautiful cake! I’ll bake it and let you know the results.

  166. Very beautiful cake!

  167. Wow ho many people have commented on this thing!!!! I can understand why though 🙂 I am 13 and doing an assignment on Azerbaijan, I have found your blog very useful thankyou so much Farida.

  168. Farida,
    I tried this cake yesterday… and my family who normally doesn’t like chocolate in cakes loved this. Thanks for the recipe and the step by step pictures.

  169. Hi Farida, I made this cake yesterday and we loved it….I also made your tandoori bread and your stuffed mushroom…they were ummmmy. Your food are so delicious they are hard to resist and your step by step photos make it easy too, tonight I’m trying your yogurt soup…..Thanks for sharing:)

  170. Hi, just found your recipe .
    I have been looking for a zebra cake idea and your popped up.
    I waant to try it out for my daughters birthday cake.
    I was wondering if i could use vanilla extrac instead of the powdered.
    I am not sure where to find this item.
    And I am only using what i have in the house .
    Thank you for any help
    you can email me back

  171. Hi there,

    I have to admit I was enthralled by this cake and had to give it a go…

    I don’t know whether British baking powder has more oomph than American, but my cake is HUGE!! It’s still in the oven as it wasn’t quite cooked at 40 mins – and I’ve had to tent it with foil to stop it burning as it was starting to catch on top, but still wobbly.

    It’s in a five inch deep pan – and has risen four inches above the top, so it’s a massive nine inches tall!!

    All I can think is it must be the baking powder – I did think a tablespoon sounded a lot for the amount of flour – I guess British baking powder packs more punch!

    I’m going to frost it with a dark chocolate and sour cream frosting as it’s for my boss’ birthday tomorrow – now I just have to find a tin deep enough to carry it to work!

    Ruth 🙂

  172. Hi Farida,
    Your images inspired me to make my own zebra cake recipe for my birthday.
    Thank you for sharing.
    You have wonderful recipes here and beautiful photos, i need more time to see all around.
    Regards from Portugal

  173. Hi Farida..

    I stumbled upon ur site while searching for a nice cake to bake on my hubby’s b’day..this cake looks absolutely sensational and am sure to bake this very soon. Can I use Nestle baking cocoa for this recipe..also Can I use Vanilla essence instead of powder if so cud u pls let me know the amount..appreciate ur early reple as I cant wait to try this cake.

  174. lovely! my son used the same technique in making a chocolate vanilla cheese cake, it came out very pretty with wide striped all the way through.

  175. no se inglés pero espero que alguien te lo traduzca,
    esta receta es excelente ,me gustó mucho gracias por compartir
    lo que sabes .
    espero que alguien te lo interprete y te diga que es buenisima tu cocina

  176. thaks Farifa xanum i made this cake yesterday , and i get the same picture as yours..

  177. Hi Farida, if I want to replace the canola oil with butter, how much butter do I need to use? Can you pls reply ASAP, as I can’t wait to try baking this lovely cake. Your zebra cake is truely beautiful and I want to try how is the taste of it.Is it soft and moist?

  178. THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS. I appreciate your taking the time to make me happy:)

    ANBU: I have never baked this with butter, so I am not sure if it will affect the texture and the taste of the finished cake. But I will dare to assume approx the same amount of butter (melted and cooled) should work. The cake is soft and moist, yes:)

    MARCELA: Muchas gracias por su comentario. Me hizo muy feliz. Hablo un poco espanol y comprendi todo que usted me escribio. Mil veces gracias!

  179. Farida
    It is not nice at all,,, IT IS GOURGEOUS

    Yammmmmmmmmmmmmmy, I can feel the taste ot your cake..

  180. Farida,
    I made this cake recently. Thanks for the recipe. The cake is a visual treat! 😀

  181. m?n d? haz?rlad?m ?la idi

  182. Hi Farida,

    I love your blog !
    I made your zebra cake and it was good. I put your recipe on my blog (I hope you don’t mind).
    The only thing I’d change next time – I’ll put less vegetable oil.
    But on the whole the cake was moist and tender. Thanks for the recipe!

    If you want to have a look at mine, here is the link to my blog:




    PS, By the way, I am also from the ex- Soviet Union (Kazakhstan) but now I live in France.
    Russian cuisine is my favorite one but now I tend to try the recipes of all over the world.

  183. Hi

    I have never heard of zebra cake.I just love your cake.I came across your recipe and tried it.I followed the same instructions from start till end including the assembling.But i used a square tray instead of a round tray.It had stripes but not like yours.The bottom portion of the cake got a bit mixed up and resembled a marble cake.The top portion had a few stripes… I just want to know where i went wrong.Please help i very badly want to try this one.

  184. I tried this cake and was also less sweet… Very nice recipes .. Will try…

  185. can you just use a chocolate cake mix and a white cake mix and alternate them???

  186. Very nice. Looks so pretty. I am trying this cake today but not with coco powder but with red food color. Tomorrow is my hubby’s bday and i wanted to make something spl. Trying this yummy cake.

  187. Oh,.my God.you rock Farida,what a pity I didnt know your blog before,you have excellent meals and recipes

  188. Hi, Farida! I came across this recipe just by surfing marble cake. Had no idea that a Zebra cake existed. This is amazing. I got so enthused that i decided to make it even if i didn’t have all the ingredients hence the box cakemix. I hope you won’t mind me doing the cakemix. As i said i was excited that i wanted to make asap.

    The cake came out good. Used a combination of hersheys cocoa powder and semi-sweet baking chocolate to achieve a dark choco mix batter.

    Thank you for sharing this unique and beautiful cake recipe. I will be posting my version at my site. http://bisayajudkaayo.blotspot.com

  189. I first had Zebra cake while teaching in Goscino Poland, It was such a winner that I had the mother who make it write out the recipe and I converted the measurements to American tsp, cups, etc. The results are amazing and everyone raves when we service on to them for the first time…Your recipe will certain refine our cake recipe and we’ll see how it turns out very soon…thanks for the above recipe and Happy Baking…Jim

  190. Thanks a lot for the tutorial Farida! Very helpful!

  191. Hi farida,
    I am new to ur site!!I came across by when surfing for zebra cake & I was so inspired to try this cake & tried it.It came out very well! Thank u very much for the recipe…i have posted it in my blog. Please do check it out whenever u have time..! the way your provide the steps and prcoedures are very helpful…Once again thank u for sharing the wonderful recipe..:)

  192. Hi Farida and everyone! I came across the recipe at http://mar-todocaserito3.blogspot.com/ I saw Marcela wanted the translation of it, and there it is! I did not read all the posts but I saw your answer about butter. Let me explain: I tried the first time with oil and I baked it like muffins. They turned out o.k. but I guess I did not use enough sugar (I used “low calorie sugar”). Then TWO days after the first cake (well, it was gone and I was curious, hehe), I baked my second one using butter. I used the same amount (3/4 cup) and it turned out very very VERY nice. A little more moist, but the flavor of chocolate and vanilla are enhanced really nice. (Also, instead of vanilla powder I used vanilla extract)
    I hope it helps. Thank you so much for your recipe,( I will bring the cake on new year’s at my in-laws, I’m sure they will love it! Haha)
    From Mexico,

  193. Hi! I made your Zebra cake today..it looked great. But, it didn’t taste very sweet. What do you think went wrong? I used Hershey’s chocolate pwdr. Cud that be the reason? Or shd I add extra sugar?
    I loved the stripes on my zebra cake though:-)

  194. SARAH: Glad you made the cake. Hmm, not sweet enough…The cake by itself is not overly sweet but should still be somewhat sweet.. I am not sure about the Hershey chocolate powder, maybe it was not sweet enough? How about your try cocoa powder not chocolate powder next time. Make sure it is not unsweetened. Let’s see if this will change anything. I am curious myself too. Sorry I wasn’t able to pinpoint to something specifically.

  195. Great recipes. The feedback in this was huge! I might try a more flavorful chocolate next time or even add some instant cofee to the chocolate, but it turned out lovely and was quite easy to assemble.

    The 9 inch pan looked a little small for the amount of batter, so I used a springform pan. It was not as tall but the long slices added to the presentation, I think. I accompanied it with caramel bailey’s infused whipped cream. Perfect!


  196. Hi Farida. Today was my first EVER attempt at baking a cake and I must thank you for the instructions!

    Although, one rookie mistake was going crazy with the mixer (I did have it only at the lowest setting, but still..) and the result is that the cake if full of holes and springy..heh.

    Thanks though.. I get the point that the batter doesn’t have to be as fluffy.

  197. Hi Farida! Awesome looking cake!! Thanks for the detailed pictures. Will surely try this one, hope I will be able to do it!

  198. Hi! Thanks for the recipe. It was nice finding your blog as I am originally from Kazakhstan and my husband from Uzbekistan 🙂 I also love to bake… and have done a lot of it… but something went wrong… I made this cake and it tasted great but didnt look like the pic. Until I put it in the oven it looked like your picture except that I had more “stripes”… but now when I took it out and it cooled and I sliced it… I dont have any stripes…. it looks more like American Marble cake with some white and dark batter??? Did I make too many layers and maybe they were too thin so I couldnt make it out? Have you ever had this problem? Maybe next time I will try to do like 5tbs of batter instead of 3??? LEt me know what you think. Thanks

  199. ALLA: Welcome to my blog. So sorry your cake didn’t turn nicely:( I am thinking it may be because the batters were too thin. What was the consistency of yours?

  200. The consistency wasnt bad… or it didnt seem too runny but it deff seemed a little more runny than yours although I did follow all the measurements?

  201. ALLA: If it was runny then that’s probably what the problem was. Hmm, I don’t know what else to say. The measurements work fine for me. I use measuring cups. How about just adding a little more flour to the batter? So sorry about it:( Hope your cake turns out great next time.

  202. Hello Farida

    I am making the zebra cake today, I want to make it the base of a birthday day and cover it with fondant… let you know the results soon.

  203. Hi! I’m going to try out your cake again, using dutch processed coca this time .I wanted to know how many days in advance can we make this cake. Shd I keep it in the fridge or is it okay outside. Thanks

  204. SARAH: I would make it the same day it will be served so it is at its freshest. However, a day in advance won’t be too bad. Fridge may dry it out. Outside works better.

  205. Hey Farida… I was just looking at random things and found this….


    Cool, huh?

  206. Farida,
    just posted the cake I made for my niece ‘s birthday cake.

    thanks for a great cake.

  207. Hi! I just made this and it is currently baking in the oven. I should have accounted for the extra cocoa powder thickening the dark batter by adding 2 TBSP of flour to the vanilla batter. In the pan though it all came together just fine and I don’t anticipate any problems from the extra liquidy batter. It smells great already and I can’t wait to try it and show it my friends this evening. Thanks for the recipe!


  208. Hi Farida,
    thanks for this recipe. I made this cake and came out quite well, though the pattern was not so veryneat as seen in teh pic. despite that, my family loved the cake. I had one query: my ckaes always have a crack on teh top. why is that? I used the ingredients as you have directed.

  209. REEMA: Thanks for using the recipe. The cracks appear if you mix the batter too much. This is the only thing that comes to my mind. Hoep it turns out nicely the next time you nake it. Cheers.

  210. My mom made it all the time for my birthday – but I never really liked it the way she made it! I always wished it had some buttery frosting.

    By the way – would you happen to know how they made the condensed milk buttercream that I know people made back home sometimes?

  211. SOFYA: For buttercream look under Honey cake recipe. Condensed milk is cooked there. But there are cakes with uncooked can as well.

  212. Hi Farida, I made the cake and it was great , the patterns were very neat and I loved it.Thanks for a clear and easy way of presenting it.

  213. Hi Farida,
    Love your website. Am travelling to Baku first week of April. Can you recommend any good shop from where I can buy cake decorating supplies, moulds etc in Baku. If you give me the address or Tel No. maybe I would drop by. Thanks. My email is judy.serrao@gmail.com. Thanks so much.

  214. Hi Farida,
    I baked this cake for someone’s b’day – MINE!!
    thnx fr the wonderful recipe!

  215. i just posted the recipe on my blog. thnx again.

  216. Hi, thanks for being so generous to share your recipe with us. Can’t wait to try it. If it is not too much trouble, do you mind telling me how many grams is your 2 cups of flour. Maybe some of the problems that others face may be due to the way they measure their flour. Thank you.

  217. JUPES: You are very welcome. I wrote the grams in the ingredients list already. Once again – 1 cup flour is 150 grams. Good luck! Please let met know how it turns:)

  218. Farida,
    Thanks for sharing the recipe and how to. I made the cake with a small twist and posted in my blog. The track back is on comment # 229 (above).

  219. I just made it! It’s gorgeous! Tastes good too! Not too sweet, light and tender, not heavy or too rich. This is a keeper! Thank you so much for sharing.
    And sorry for asking stupid questions. 8P My only defence is that it was asked at the end of a long day. 8D

  220. Hi Farida,

    I tried the technique for the 2nd time. The 1st time I tried, I didn’t use your batter, but a ready made cake mix. Just to check out the technique. And it did become a zebra print. Today I tried it with your batter recipe. And my cake, well, it wasn’t anything zebra like. While the cake was baking, i think I read something about what happend to my cake, 2 parts: white above, and brown below. So I’m kind of disappointed, and I can’t find those posts with this issue. Could you please be kind to let me know what went wrong? I followed the recipe as stated above. The batter I used the first time, was much thicker than this one. And that worked. Do you have any idea what might have gone wrong?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  221. ARTI: So sorry the recipe did not work for you. I am inclined to think that the problem occurred because the batter was too thin. It should not be very runny. This has happened to a few people who have tried the recipe. I don’t know why exactly but looks like the density of flour is different in different countries. This amount works fine with me though. Please try adding more flour to the batter to thicken it. Hope it works next time. Sorry again. Let me know how it turns. Keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

  222. Hi Farida,

    I will most definitely try, the taste of the cake was fantastic though! I will try coming Saturday again, do you think I only need to add more flour or some sugar too, as I don’t want the sweetness to become less. Too delicious! Hope to read a you before the weekend! And thank you so much for replying 🙂

  223. ARTI: I don’t think you will end up adding too much flour to the batter, so dont’ worry about the sweetness. But if you think you will add a lot of flour, then maybe add a little more sugar too. Good luck! Cheers:)

  224. Thank you! Will let you know!

  225. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. My cake turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I could NOT wait to make it and my 2-year-old could NOT wait for it to cool…and he didn’t! 🙂

  226. Hi Farida,

    I tried out the recipe by adding more flour to the batter, the top showed cracks and stuff, but the pattern inside did somewhat resemble the zebra pattern. I will keep on trying to get the right amount of flour for the batter. I don’t know if its still as delicious as it is with your recipe. Will let you know though after tomorrow.
    The flour added during this bake was 325 grams + 7 tablespoons extra. Bakingtime: 60 mins on 180 C. I will try it next time with 325 + 5 tablespoons. I just hope the cake won’t be dry tomorrow…

    Catch u with my next post..

  227. Hey.. This was the first cake i ever tried out.. I was bit nurvous as in how it ll come out..but it came out fatastic…and i got confidence to bake cakes…Thanks a lot..keep up the good work!!

  228. Thank you Farida for the great recipe! I made the cake only today (even tho I wanted to make it for some time now) and it came out under-baked in the centre. I guess I should have kept it longer in the oven…not sure what the reason was.

  229. YANA: So sorry:( Did you test it with a toothpick? Inset it in the middle of the cake – if it comes out clean, the cake is ready, if not clean, bake more. Times may vary in different ovens.

  230. Of course Farida. It was your recipe, so due credit was given 🙂
    Thanks for the beautiful cake. It is a hit!
    Yes, in response to Yana’s comment… yes sometimes the center does not get baked completely. I found that adding slightly less milk and keeping the batter thicker helps with avoiding the gooey center. But otherwise, it is perfect.

  231. Farida, I found this and thought of you….http://www.say7.info/cook/recipe/228-Tort-Zebra.html

  232. Hey, thanks for the brillinant recipe 🙂 WIll surely try it. Thanks again.

  233. lovely recipe and perfectly done. cant wait to try this recipe.

  234. you have made an amazing cake look quite simple to make, I am looking forward to giving this master piece a go.

  235. Hi,
    I’m wanting to make the cake for my daughters b-day. How deep was the 9in. cake pan? How many people will it serve?

  236. RUPA: Happy B-day to your daughter! The pan is 2 inches tall. It will serve about 8 people.

  237. Hi Farida,

    I tried baking Zebra cake twice but the shape didnt turned out as I expected, I don’t know where I made mistake . Half of the chocolate batter was under the zebra area. I dont know the chocolate batter is thick or thin .Hope you can point out to me the error coz i really want to perfect it the next time I bake it.

  238. SALLY; Sorry your cake didn’t turn out nicely. I suspect the batter was too thin. Try adding more flour to it. It should be neither too thin, nor too thick.

  239. Dear Farida
    (first of all , I really love you ) , I made it again , I used extra flour today , it became better but it happened again , I think there is something wrong with chocolate batter , it comes to the bottom of pan. Does cacao powder make the batter thin?!
    I will make it again and again because I trust you.

  240. SALLY: Thank you. You are so sweet:) Cocoa powder should not make the batter thin. What kind of cocoa are you using? Hmm, I am really not sure what could be wrong there. Try more flour maybe? So sorry it is giving you so much trouble. Hope it works next time. Keep me updated please:0

  241. Hi Farida,

    I am new to your blog. I was going through your recipes and found this Marble cake. Always wondered how they made it. Again new into baking, I was digging for something nice. Bingo!!! found that in your blog. You have an amazing blog and great recipes. I will always come back to this one for more references and ideas. Have already tagged this to my favorites :).
    BTW I have already tried this marble cake. The patterns came out well, was less sweet. I am trying it again this weekend. Excited about it :).
    Keep up the good work and waiting for more exciting recipes.

  242. Great recipe, but the cooking time given is nowhere near long enough. I live at elevation and usually have to shorten cooking times. However, I left it in for 50 minutes and it still wasn’t nearly done in the center. I think it should back at 375, which I’ll try next time.

  243. That should of course read “bake” in the last message! And I’m wondering if you’re using a US tablespoon for measurements or not? A tablespoon of baking powder seems like really a lot – I’ve never used this much in a cake. I’ll have to experiment more.

  244. JYOTI: Yes, I am using US measuring spoons. It is 1 tablespoon:)

  245. Hi Farida

    I made yr cake. The pattern was beautiful, but could not really taste the cocoa in the cake…all kind of tasted the same. Shd I add more cocoa powder? Also, why do my cakes always come out cracked at the top?

    Thanks for the recipe.


  246. ANDREA: The cocoa taste may depend on the type. The amount listed here should be enough. Otherwise the cocoa batter will be too thick. Some cracks on top are normal. To have fewer, try not to overbeat the batter.

  247. Hi! I´m from Brazil and I was looking for a new recipe and I found this beautiful cake. I never saw something like that. I´ll make the cake and latter I can tell you how it go.
    Congratulations for your post. I´m sure I´ll come back to visit you.
    Have a nice Tuesday.

  248. Wow!! amazing I just came across ur site n this cake looks amazing. will surely try n let you know the results..

    Keep blogging…

  249. i always wanted to learn how to make a zebra cake like this one, im going to make it this Saturday. cant wait. this is such a great website for recipes. thanx…

  250. i love this cake its so good and everybody in my family loved it too. thanxx.

  251. Farida,Came here for the zebra cake..Urs recipe and pictures make me brave enuf to try this out..Thanx for sharing

  252. Is it possible to use soy milk instead of dairy milk?

  253. Can i use coffee powder instead of cocoa powder

  254. JANE TAN: I have never tried it with cocoa powder, so not sure if it would work.

  255. JANE TAN: I meant to say coffee powder. Sorry.

  256. i added 1 tsp of coffee pd to the cocoa pd as it was light batter and it came out well

  257. I just made your cake and it is baking taller in the middle than on the edges…any suggestions to prevent that from happened again.

    The stripes look great and the batter was yummy! Can’t wait to taste the finshed product.

  258. At what temperature do you bake the cake?

  259. Just like how the cake looks Rich and Yummy thru the Photographs, so does it taste…Tried,Tested and Certified …Loved it…Thanks for sharing the same with us !!!

  260. Shirin: at 350 F

  261. AMBERA: Is it possible that you overbeat the batter? Hope the cake tastes great nonetheless:)

  262. Hi farida, hope u r doing great!I just wanted to tell u, here in Uk, i was just roaming around teh shopping centres for cookie tray’s. And in one of the shops i saw ur Zebra cake picture, stuck on the cookie tray..u know, the demonstration picture they give normally on the baking utensils…..the same way….it was nice, but i dono how legal that it!

  263. I decided to try this recipe for my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. Sadly, I was disappointed. I was going to make 8 of them. I got two done and made a large marbled sheet cake from another recipe instead. Assembling the zebra cake batter is not as easy as it looks. The batter drips all over when you try to go fast, making a mess at the same time you’re trying not to let the batter in the pan spread. I know I did beat the batter a little too long afterward, that was fine, but I was not impressed with the flavor of this cake and neither were the people I shared it with. The sheet cake I made from scratch was almost gone the day of the party.

  264. hi
    i liked the way you have replied for all the comments.it is quite good though.i makes you come again to your blog to chk for more recipes.


  265. SHABS: How interesting! But not legal at all. If it is really my zebra cake picture, they should have contacted me.

    LORI: So sorry your cake didn’t turn out well:( I am not sure what could have gone wrong. Assembling the cake should be easy, actually. Glad your other cake turned out well. Happy anniversary to your parents!

  266. hey farida, you have some real good receipes on cakes 🙂 the zebra cake for me came out as half and half not really the zebra lines. but must say it tastes amazing and light.:) was also looking out if you have any eggless mousse receipes

  267. The cake looks very yummy. How the cake batter vanilla or chocolate stays without touching each edges of layers. Should I just pour the batter alternating without tilting.
    Could you please help?
    Thank you

  268. MK: Yes, no tilting id required – the batters will spread out themselves.

  269. Look delicious! ???????! ))
    Especially like how it’s all in circles, hehe a real zebra!

  270. Farida, I tried this cake today, The cake was very soft and tasted great but the problem was my chocolate portion settled down as a separate layer and I did not get a pattern.please tell me why and help me.Thanks in advance.

  271. DEEPA: Maybe the batter was too runny? Was it the case?

  272. No Farida, the batter was not runny. In fact the chocolate portion seemed to be a bit denser than the white portion.I used exactly the same quantity of all the ingredients as mentioned in your recipe.Just can’t figure out where I went wrong.

  273. DEEPA: I do not really know that might have gone wrong. Sorry. Maybe next time add a little more flour to the white batter. I usually don’t do it and I dont’ have any problems but seems like it may have caused the problem in your cake.

  274. Thank you for your patience. I will definitely try another time and will give you a good result like a good student. You are a darling thank you so much for answering my queries.

  275. This looks beautiful! I am helping my third-grade son with his presentation on Azerbaijan for “celebrating cultures” unit and need to bring an Azeri food. Since I can’t do anything with nuts (public school), I think I will make this. It will look interesting for kids and will taste good!

  276. I made this last night and followed the recipe exactly as you had stated only adding 1/3 teaspn of almond essence as well. It came out so perfectly, everyone (my two kids and the people I served it to at work) think I’m a baking legend now. I’d never seen or heard of this cake in Australia, so thank you for sharing. Your instructions were perfect, and it was easier to make than I expected.

  277. My daughters made this cake and it turned out amazing.Thanks Farida.Just one question.How do you reduce air bubbles in your cake?

  278. Dear Farida! First of all let me thank you for your great recipes and non-typical approach to cooking! It’s really inspiring.
    Do you think I could bake zabra cake in a heart shaped baking pan (size: 220*80)? Thanks!

  279. SADIA: Glad it turned out great. Enjoy:) Hmm, bubbles, they appear when the batter has been overmixed. Add the dry ingredients to the wet gradually. Do you think it could be the case with your cake?

  280. NATAVAN: Thank YOU!:) I am not sure about the heart shaped pan. You may want to experiment and see if the batter spreads evenly in this kind of pan. If not, use a good old round pan.

  281. Hi Farida,

    I made this yesterday and the designs and the texture were perfect. I wished it were sweeter though; so next time, I’d add some more sugar. Thanks so much for the recipe. Felt so happy!!

  282. Dear Farida,

    I tried this cake but somehow my cake dint have the zebra effect. while assembling the batter looked just perfect as your picture in this post but after baking somehow the chocolate batter settled at the bottom and only had two layers…can you suggest where I went wrong. I want to bake this so please help me.

  283. SAYANTANI: Gad you tried the cake. Sorry about the patterns. Perhaps the batter was too runny. Did you assemble the layers the way I described above?

  284. Farida

    I tried your zebra cake. The patterns came out very nice. Thanks. The sweetness was ok for the adults but I think kids would prefer it sweeter.
    Also my cake was not very rich, more bread like texture, is that how it should be ?

  285. BongMom: Thank you for trying the cake. The texture of the cake is a little dense, not like sponge cake for sure, but not quite like bread either. Something in between.

  286. wow! what a delicious recipe! I just love it 🙂

  287. Dear Farida,
    Guess you are right. i also thought the batter was too runny but I exactly followed the recipe and assembled the way you described. only change I made was I used 4 tbsp of cornflour in 2 cups of plain flour (as we dont get cake flour here in India). do you think that might have made the difference? am gonna try it again this weekend.

  288. Hi…am new to ur site ..just hopped on here from Rias blog while lookin at the zebra cake , to have a look at the step by step tutorial and found it very helpful…..Just wanted to ask u if u can give me some suggestions on how to make some white frosting or some decorations for this cake . Thanks !!

  289. i love food

  290. hi…lov the cake pic…tell me instead of egg can i use tofu/yoghurt/paneer..n how much quantity..n can i tak vanilla ice cream for vanilla mix..

  291. RENY: You can cut the cake in half and spread some cream of your choice inside. See some cakes in the Recipes section for cream recipes. You can also top the cake with chocolate glaze.

  292. SHIVANI: I am not sure if tofu/yogurt/paneer can be substituted for egg. I don’t think so. At least in this cace. Vanilla ice cream? Not sure what you mean.

  293. Farida, the cake came out pretty good. Very tasty. I could not stop eating it…. Thank you for the recipe and great photos. you are making it too easy for us 🙂

  294. Butter is better than oil due to the balance of essential fatty acids 3’s:6’s in butter. It may seem a little heavier than with oil, but it would be healthier. vegetable oils tend to be heavy on the Omega 6’s and lacking Omega 3’s. I believe you can mix olive and sunflower seed and flax seed oils to improve the balance.

  295. Thanks a lot 🙂 this site is really helpful and the design is nice. Thanks for the detailed, step-by-step, pictures of process for “Zebra” 🙂

  296. If I wanted to ice this some how, what would you suggest? Just making it for an event and wanted to add a little something to the top. Thanks!

  297. hi
    i have a question for u…
    can i use baking chocolate instead of cocoa powder?

    thank u.

  298. AQILA: It has to be cocoa powder.

  299. CASSANDRA: I would suggest a simple chocolate glaze.

  300. I baked this cake for a birthday party in a square pan 10″. I am decorating it with the zebra stripes and lime green bow to make it look like a birthday gift. I hope it turns out ok.

  301. Hi,
    Can u plz confirm if granulated sugar is icing sugar?

  302. SUMIYA – It is regular sugar, not icing (powdered)

  303. hi dear……
    first time in ur space……i am obsessed with ur zebra cake……..too good .i am gonna try it asap……….happy to follow u

  304. Farida! Thank you so much for this recipe. I was looking at it for awhile now, and today finally decided to go for it… It was incredibly easy to make, and the pattern turned out to be exactly like yours on the picture. I used 2.5 cups of flour (thanks a lot for a comment about correct consistency of the batter!) and kept in the oven for 45 mins. The center was just a little bit wet after 40 mins suggested in your recipe. It also raised a lot, which was a great outcome (it could be that I used baking soda instead of the baking powder). My hubby and two girls LOVED it! Not only it was delicious but also fun and pretty looking 🙂 Will definitely make it over and over and over again…. Maybe next time will sprinkle it with a little bit of confectioner’s sugar…
    Thanks a lot again..

  305. this cake is good the next time i make it i wll add coffee essence

  306. Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 56 g
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories from Fat
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat
    Saturated Fat
    Trans Fat
    Total Carbohydrates
    Vitamin A 1% • Vitamin C 0%
    Calcium 2% • Iron 4%
    Nutrition Grade C
    * Based on a 2000 calorie diet

    For 20 servings

  307. This is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like this. Awesome site! Thanks for posting this, what frosting would you pair this with?

  308. AMBAR: White or or chocolate frosting, both would work.

  309. Farida,

    Thank u so much for the wonderful receipe!!

    It came perfectly the way u got it..Amazing cake and I shared this cake with my friends and e.one loved it so much. Thanks and good going.

    Is there anyway I can get a receipe for Black Forest, recently I made one but gateu (cake) was not all that great, I you have receipe, could you pleas share it with me.

    Many thanks,

  310. Delicioso!

  311. thank you all much tasty and beautifully!

  312. Hi Farida,
    Thank you very much for the recipe. I’ve tried to bake a zebra cake twice using some other recipe, but both attempts failed. And finally I got it right when I followed your recipe. The cake tuned out beautifully with the zebra stripes, and it’s so yummy too. Thanks a lot!!!!

  313. This turned out great. The stripes looked pretty good. I added slightly more sugar. Is that a no-no? Being an American, I like my cake sweet.

  314. MAGGIE: It is not a no-no as long as the stripes turned out fine:)

    Thank you all for your comments. I am glad the recipe works!

  315. hi renae murray i just like this cake and it is very easy to make

  316. Hi,

    Loved the ZEBRA Cake. I made it in an eggless version. Turned out to be absolutely YUMMY…

    Also please let me know if you have other such eggless decorative cake recipes.


  317. You can also visit my website to know about my baking classes.

    Pl. visit: http://www.cookeryexpressions.weebly.com


  318. Hi,
    Your Zebra cake looks yummmy. I will surely try it. Can i bake it in microwave and at what temperature n time. Pls let me know.

  319. BINITA – Never baked it in a microwave. Oven only.

  320. hi…lov the cake pic…tell me instead of egg can i use tofu/yoghurt/paneer..n how much quantity..n can i tak vanilla ice cream for vanilla mix..

  321. I just baked this cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday. I am baking something for the first time in my life. It has come out really well. My daughter & husband are going to be pleasantly surprised! Thanks a lot!

  322. Wow! I tried your recipe yesterday for my husband’s birthday and – the cake was wonderful. It looked beautiful and it tasted great. I used a little less sugar and covered the cake with simple frosting made from confectioner’s sugar and lemon juice. The lemon is a welcome contrast to the cake.
    Let me say THANK YOU for this great recipe.

  323. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS, FRIENDS! So glad you are trying this recipe! Enjoy!

  324. Hi, I wanted to know what can I substitute the milk with? I want to make this cake non dairy. Please let me know!

  325. KATHY – You could try soy milk as it is non-dairy but I will be honest I never tried it with soy milk. Other than that nothing comes to mind.

  326. Hi there
    how would you alter the quantities and bake time for a 10 inch square cake?
    Thanks, Sarah

  327. SARAH WILKINS – I would use the same quantities and baking time, but check for doneness a bit earlier.

  328. Hi Farida,
    I baked this cake in a microwave(using the preheating functionality) yesterday. I preheated it upto 180 C. Please let me know if I should i bake at the same temperature at 100% power. I followed your instructions carefully, but the cake cracked on the top 🙁
    Any idea what went wrong. I didn’t use a mixer. I manually mixed the batter. Even though the cake cracked ,everyone at home liked the cake 🙂
    Thanks a lot Farida for the step by step explanation :):)

  329. RASHMI – I have never baked in a microwave honestly saying but assuming it might be the problem. Have you tried to bake it in the oven?

  330. Assalaamu alaikum Farida..

    I first saw this pic on facebook and the page owner had posted the link of your webpage. I fell in love with the pattern and wondered how to make it.. the pics put up by you totally put my mind at ease. Thank you and Jazakallahu Khair!

    wa alaikum assalaam

  331. Hi Farida,
    I have just found this recipe and made an amazing Rainbow Cake and also a Zebra Cake with it!! I need to make it for a friend with egg allergies – what can I replace the eggs with? I’ve never made an egg-free cake so suggestions are most welcome.
    Thanks so much! Tanya

  332. TANYA – I would really not know what a good substitute would be for eggs in this case. Never tried without eggs. Sorry couldn’t help.

  333. Hi Farida,
    Im am craving for this cake bi was wondering if i half the recipe will it turn out as good? plz do reply asap so that i can make it today!
    thankss zehra

  334. ZEHRA – adjust the amounts and the pan size accordingly then. it should work.

  335. Hello! I made your cake exactly as you described, and it turned out amazing! It’s my husband’s favorite cake ever. I have one question: If I would like to make a larger cake, will it work to just double the ingredients? Sorry if you’ve already answered this question. Thanks!

  336. CHERY – So glad your cake turned out great! You should have no problem doubling the recipe. Keep the baking time the same – just check once the time is up – if not ready, bake some more.

  337. Can I substitute vanilla extract for vanilla powder?

  338. T?NA – Yes you can.

  339. Hello, I am going to be making this recipe for my class as part of a cooking assignment that we are all partaking in. Thank you for all the cautions and tips given, as they are very helpful. I was wondering if you could tell me the serving size? I’m going to be cooking for 27 people, so I’d imagine that would be two cakes at the least. If there are any other important things I should keep in mind, please let me know. Thank you for your time. (:

  340. Hi Farida tried the cake last night but it somehow failed 🙁 it was half the quantity. the look was as yours but the cake seemed to be thick and not cooked…i mean it wasnt gooey or anything just thick dense n didnt rise i used the same measurements the pattern was perfect. i have been baking for 5years now but never come across something like this ever!please help me i want to give it a go once again but this time i want it to come like yours with your help.thanks

  341. Zehra – I am not sure what went wrong:( The cake should rise. Overbeating the batter may lead to the case not rising.

  342. Thank you very mush!!
    its awesome!
    I use this receipt for ours banquet!!
    really thanks!

  343. Hi Farida – can you use groundnut oil instead of the vegetable oil?

  344. RUMA – never used groundnut oil, not sure.

  345. Hi Farida,
    Superb idea of zebra . Made cake for years, but this idea /technique was never known. Simple, easy yet beautiful.
    Thanks a ton.


  346. Dear Feride,
    Tried the cake with half the quantity (trial). Pattern came out very well, but the cake did not rise. I actually get confused so please help me on 1) deciding when to stop beating 2) mixing of dry ingrediants with beaten egg. I think thats where I got it wrong

  347. Hi farida thanks for sharing this recipe. Your instructions and tips were very precise and useful.and the result was a perfect cake.

  348. Made this cake the other day. I didn’t have an 9″ pan so reduced the quantities & used a 8 ” one instead. It worked really well & the cake was lovely and moist. I’ll definitely make it again. Looks very impressive too. Thanks for sharing & giving such clear instructions for us to follow.

  349. dis cake is so delicious & i enjoy makin it a week cnt pass without me bakin it & my kids hv grown to love it nt only in eating it but bakin it as well. thanx so much

  350. Hi Farida, I have done a lot of baking from your blog when I was in the US and my apartment had a built-in oven. Now that I’m back in India, I’m planning to buy a new oven. Could you suggest anything that I should keep in mind while getting an oven? Also, would you recommend a conventional/convection oven? Looking forward to your reply1

  351. Hi Feride,

    I have tried this cake for the very first time, followed exactly the same recipe. Baked it at 180 C for 40mins, i did insert the tooth pick and it came out clean…pattern was exactly the same….but when i took it out from the oven it was a bit dark in colour than the picture on this webpage. Also, when it cooled down so i cut the cake into pieces…what i found was it has a bit greyyish area from the front of the triangle piece…..so half the cake was eatable and little bit rubbery in texture where it was grey inside? I really dont know what could be the reason? Where i went wrong?Is it the oven? Or i should hv lower the temperature to 150C instead and baked it for like 50mins??Coz the Outer crust is darker than the picture u shared. Pls help me coz i want to try it again…the part from where its cooked nicely and soft…it tastes really nice. PLS HELP

  352. SIDNOR – I am not sure why it was grey inside, sorry:( Does that mean that the patterns mixed? Maybe I am not quite understanding the question.

  353. Like Ruth, I’m based in the UK and this cake has rocketed skywards with the 1 tablespoon of baking powder.

    Hoping I can get it to fully cook before Eurovision starts tonight!

    I will probably try this again, perhaps with less baking powder.

  354. can this be made in square mold also

  355. im used to make cakes in a different method its like i take the flour and the sugar to the same amount and i never use oil..can i make the cake the way i do? or is it important i have to follow your recipe for a well patterned zebra cake? pls help

  356. hi i tried making the cake but unfortunately all the brown lines became one and all the white toooooo….what went wrong?

  357. where can I buy your cookbook from. thank you

  358. Hi Farida,
    I had the same problem as some other people did: in the oven, the brown layer sank and the white layer came out on top. I did use the metric quantities that you specified and I think some of the conversions are wrong.

    On Google, I found that 1 cup of flour equals 125 grams. So 2 cups would be 250 grams. Although, now I am confused, because I thought I needed to add even more flour (I used the 300 grams), because it seems that the white layer is too liquid to support the weight of the dark layer (which is heavier because of the cocoa). I also found that 1 cup of sugar is 198 grams and 1 cup of liquid is 240 ml.

    I don’t know if that will make the difference, but I will go and find out. I do love the taste of this cake though, it was delicious!

  359. Hi Feride,
    tried yr zebra cake recipe recently.. Thanks for showing us the step by step of getting the batter into the tin.. 🙂
    I’ve linked your recipe to my blog – hope you don’t mind..
    Best wishes,

  360. LISA: In my measurement 1 cup flour is 150 grams though. Sorry your cake didn’t turn our great. Hope it works next time.

    CL: Thank you for using the recipe. Of course, I don’t mind your linking to it.

  361. Hi Feride,

    Great cake! I tried it and perfect result. I followed the exact measurement, but i notice that my batter is a bit thin so i added another1/4 cup of flour to get the right consistency. And it works! Thank you so much!

  362. i saw it on a cookery programme, all i saw was the zebra mixture being placed in the cake tin, do you add the white batter first then the chocolate, then continue white then chocolate ? thank you never made it as yet . whoo hope it will turn out ok
    ps can i use vegetable oil please?/

  363. LARNI – So glad! Enjoy!

    RITA BURTON – Yes, veggie oil is fine. Yes, you alternate the batters. Enjoy!

  364. Thank you for this lovely recipe. I tried. blogged and of y=course you deserve the credits. I will be honored if you view the pics of the cake. Thanks again!!

  365. yo he hecho su pastel varias veces y me sale perfecto, lei muchos comentarios sobre que tipo de cocoa usar, yo utilice hershey’s dark y es verdad que no queda dulce el pastel pero creo que tiene un sabor esquisito y definido para dicho pastel.; mi agradecimiento por compartir sus recetas y sobre todo sus tips para cada pastel que comparte, gracias.

  366. lo felicito de nuevo por su zebra cake
    una pregunta que si ha hecho el zebra cake en una medida mas grande, pues es un pastel que tiene mucha presentacion pero me gustaria hacerlo mas grande, ojala vea mi pregunta y me envie un comentario al respecto, muchas gracias.

  367. MARTHA SANCHEZ – Querida Martha, muchas gracias por probar mi receta. Claro que puede hacer el cake en una medida mas grande, pero no se olvide de agustar el tamano de la carten y hornear el pastel un poco mas tiempo si es necessario. Gracias otra vez!

  368. Hi Farida,

    Tried ur cake. The taste was awesome and everything was good. but i dont know why the patterns were pathetic. I followed everything as per the recipe and even before going into oven it was just luking like ur picture of cake, then after baking what happened i dont know. Can u help me in this.

  369. SNEHA – Thank you for trying the recipe. I wonder if the batter was too thin. That could be one of the reasons. It is hard to say what went wrong. Could be oven issue as well.

  370. i have baked your cakes recipe and it came out very very beautiful… though the patterns were not as defined as yours… as you say the batter should have been thin. I have also used the same ingredients mentioned by you for other cakes as well and they have turned up quite goood…

    Thank you

  371. I looooovee the cake. I saw this recipe somewhere yesterday, and wanted to check out on a few more before i try. Your pics give exactly what I want to know. But I dont have a round cake tin. Was wondering if a square one would bring out the same effect.

  372. SHELLA – Thank you for stopping by. Glad you will be trying the cake. I have never baked in a square pan but a few of my readers didi and they say it works just like in a round pan. The same pattern!

  373. it’s perfect…..delicious

  374. Hi Farida,lovely cake..!planing to make this for my son’s birthday..wanted to ask you whether i can change this to a vanilla-coffee flavour one..could you please help me out with the change in ingredients..?Thank you..

  375. ANU – Yes, you can do the vanilla-coffee combination. Add some 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to the white batter (no need for vanilla powder in this case) and do half cocoa half expresso powder in the dark batter.

  376. thank you so much Farida.. can a frosting (either butter or whipping cream)be done on this cake..?

  377. ANU – yes, any frosting would go. You can even cut the cake in half and slather some cream in between to make a grand cake. Let your imagination run wild:) Happy birthday to your son! Thank you for using the recipe!

  378. The recipe is just perfect…i tried it out and the cake came out really well..thank you…

  379. thanks a lot for the wishes and for the help..

  380. Hi Farida. Beautiful cake! I made this cake last weekend. It was delicious. Could please tell me which cacao powder you used to make your zebra cake? Thank you very much!

  381. If the eggs are small, can I use 5 eggs??

  382. AYKA – Sorry missed your comment. I use any kind that is not unsweetened.

    MASEERA – Yes, you can.

  383. Just found your blog through google.I love your blog from the first time I saw it! It’s informative, mouth-watering and spells F-U-N! I’ve been visiting blogs everyday for I am always up for new and refreshing dishes for my small business. Recently, I’ve been engrossed in looking for recipes from Europe to incorporate in my business.

    As a food enthusiast, I can’t wait to share you the news I got from my facebook account last night from IngredientMatcher . I think you might get interested in. It’ a food competition where they were looking for people who can cook their national dish. The stake? A chance to win an iPad mini or 300 euro! I think you would be a perfect fit to represent your country!

    Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/IngredientMatcher

    Goodluck! I think you can make it!

  384. me gusto mucho esa torta se ve muy divertida gracias por compartirla y una pregunta desde donde nos mandas esa torta de que país eres bueno en fin adiós besos chaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooo

  385. thanks for recipe. looks amazing.

  386. i love this cake, thanks.

  387. That cake certainly does look fantastic! I would so love to try some.

  388. Hi Farida, Thanx for the recipe. I made this cake twice , following all your instructions , but it didn’t turn out a Zebra Cake, both times I had a two layared cake. The bottom was chocolate and the rest was plain. Only the surface had the zebra patterens. What do you think the problem is ?

  389. POONEH BAGHERI: Pooneh, so sorry to hear the cake didn’t turn out well. The problem could be that the batters were too loose.

  390. Hi there

    Just came across this and will try it – my son announced he wanted a zebra cake for his zebra party (5 years old). But I just thought of decorating it as zebra, now it will be zebra inside too.

    I just wanted to ask. Do you think this will work with a rectangular pan as well (like a bread pan)? Have you tried this? Or always round/oval?

    Would be great if you could let me know.

    FERIDE at AZCOOKBOOK: Happy birthday to your son! I personally have never baked in any shape pan other than round, but some of my readers tried rectangular plans and it worked great.

  391. Looks very easy and delicious. Thanks 😉

  392. Hello feride. I know i am 6 years late (eep!) into finding this awesome recipe. Baked it today and it turned out heavenly. I used butter instead of oil though(naughty2). I was wondering if i could substitute the milk with yogurt. Would it be the same amount of milk? Tq!

    • Enjoy! You can use yogurt if you really don’t want/can’t use milk. The same amount but then make the amount of flour less. Eye-ball it. I have not made the cake with yogurt so can’t say how much flour exactly, but you will know from the consistency of the batter.

  393. Made this for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was a big hit – but actually was so much better the next day – the texture of this cake it so nice – and so easy to make – might have to make another today! Thanks for this recipe and the detailed instructions.

  394. Hi,pattern looks awesome….will surely try this one…just wanted to know can I substitute oil with butter in your given receipe…if yes what will be the quantity of the butter?????

  395. Hi,cake looks awesome….just wanted to know can I substitute oil with butter in ur given recipe…if yes can u plz tell me what will be the quantity of butter????

    • You can use butter (melt it and cool first) instead of oil. The same amount. But note that the cake will turn out richer and the texture may be slightly different. This cake is better with oil.

  396. Feride, I think adme.ru owes you some credit, cause these are definitely your photos.
    I checked 🙂


    • Thank you for the heads-up, Natavan. I see my tutorial all over the Internet these days, all linked to wrong sites, or better to say, sites that thought it was ok to “steal” other people’s works. Beyond my comprehension. I will try to get in touch with adme.ru. Thank you once again!

  397. if we are not using vanilla essence then?

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