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Pickled Garlic

Pickled Garlic

When I was younger (read: single and young) and lived back in Baku with my family, I used to have designated garlic days, mostly on weekends. I loved garlic. When I knew I would not go some place or that no one would visit us, I would eat garlic, and lots of it. Fresh with some dishes, and pickled with others, particularly hearty pasta dishes. I would stink. I shared a room with my not-much-of-a-garlic-lover-and-therefore-not-stinking sister and we would have “sisterly” fights when she accused me of being selfish and I just selfishly giggled. Yes, I was selfish. But I loved garlic. Badly. Awful lot. I still do.

While I will not miss a chance to munch on fresh garlic with certain dishes, I also love pickled garlic. Pickled garlic (sarimsag turshusu) is easy to make. It is so good. Crunchy, sort of sweet. The garlic literally transforms in taste while cures. Would you like to try making your own? Here’s the recipe.  Tried and tested by yours truly. Eat garlic. Eat pickled garlic. Be happy. And a bit selfish.