Second Edition Available in Azerbaijan and Turkey!

Pomegranates & Saffron

Hello, friends. I have some updates on the Second Edition of “Pomegranates & Saffron! I am super excited about all of them and hope you will be, too.



The book has arrived in Baku! A limited number of copies. Those of you who pre-ordered it, will be able to pick up your copy from a designated place in downtown Baku (e-mail with details will be sent out soon). The pre-order period for Baku is officially over, but I am extending the special rate offer to those of you who would still like to purchase a copy of the book for  local pickup. Order via the link below, at a special rate and paying only minimal shipping and handling fees!

Simply enter the number of books you would like to order, choose Azerbaijan to calculate the shipping cost and voila –  local pickup option will come out. This is a great deal! NOTE –this promotion will ONLY run for a limited time (end date TBD soon), so hurry up not to miss the chance.



A very limited number (only 40 books!) of the Second Edition is available in Istanbul to ship  anywhere in Turkey! At a special pre-order price and for minimal domestic shipping fees.
I have already received quite a few orders from Turkey and if you are there, I would not want you to miss out on this opportunity. There will be no more books available in Turkey after this batch is sold out. (DON’T FORGET TO CLICK ON READ MORE BELOW)



If you are elsewhere (not in Azerbaijan or Turkey), you can still pre-order your copy of the book at a special rate. The books are en route from the overseas printer to Los Angeles and should arrive there by mid-September (crossing my fingers for a speedy customs release), at which point I will ship out your orders.

Pre-order your book HERE!


But wait! “What’s in the Second Edition and how different is it from the First Edition?” – you may ask. I’ll answer. There is no dramatic difference between the First and Second Editions, so if you have the First, don’t feel bad about not having the Second. However, there are some additions and minor changes, and if you don’t want to have the Second Edition for yourself, you can still buy it for your friends and family. I think it will make a perfect gift for foodies, gourmands, and just anyone interested in other cultures or in Azerbaijan in particular.


  • There will be 6 new recipes (such as from ethnic minorities—Jews, Russians, and others— living in Azerbaijan).
  • There will be new photos.
  • Some smaller pictures are now bigger and all have been color-polished to look better.
  • Old recipes will remain but they have been polished and streamlined.
  • Little typos here and there are gone (crossing my fingers).
  • There will be 16 extra pages, making it a 336-page book!
  • Limited Edition. Only about 1,400 copies will be available for sale worldwide.


Thank you for your support, beautiful people! Enjoy some photos of the book pages.





Learn more about “Pomegranates & Saffron” HERE.


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  1. Azerice versiyasi yoxdur kitabin??

  2. Hello Feride,

    I am having trouble finding the book in Turkey. Could you please assist?

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