Links to Reads: February 2016

Dried Herbs Market in Lahij, Azerbaijan

A glimpse at a local market in the remote village of Lahij, Azerbaijan. I spotted at least 30 varieties of dried herbs and flowers, used in the kitchen or as traditional remedies.

Are you ready for the new round of Links to Reads.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the top 10 from February.

* Turns out that it is possible to ditch white bread in favor of other substitutes, such as whole wheat bread, rye bread, and others. For health reasons? No. For patriotic ones. This was done before. Find out.

* For strong bones and healthy teeth we all need calcium. If you are vegan or have a lactose intolerance, it could be quite a challenge to find calcium-rich foods that are also dairy-free. No more. Here are 5 such foods.

*  LA Times veteran Russ Parsons interviews chef Yotam Ottolenghi on his experience with translating restaurant recipes for the home cook.

*  If Switzerland is in your bucket list of places to visit (it is on mine), read this informative food and drink itinerary to plan your trip better. Cheese trails, local flavors, and more.

* Solid scientific research suggests that adding seeweed to many processed foods (frozen pizzas, hotdogs) could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

* If you happen to be in Chinatown, pay attention to these 5 exotic foods. I had Peking duck and dragonfruit in real China this past summer but missed the rest. A plan to LA Chinatown is in the making.

* Have you seen a food nutrition label with no amount next to added sugar? This article is about those hidden numbers. FDA says consumers should have more details about “added sugars” in foods. I agree wholeheartedly.

* Overfishing is not only a big threat to the oceans, but it is also to humanity. According to the article, shifting to sustainable seafood will keep the oceans healthy and make it possible to feed the growing world population.

* How to make oven dried lemon slices – from my blogger friend Laura at Family Spice.

*  And last but not least. One February link that is very special to me – the article about my cookbook in Long Beach Press Telegram. A similar article also appeared in Long Beach Gazette, which made me one double happy person!

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