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Links to Reads: March 2016

Dried Fruits and Nuts, Istanbul

Memories of Istanbul. Summer 2016. Dried fruits and nuts for sale in the city’s renowned Spice Bazaar.

Good bye, March! Hello, April. This means it’s time for a new round of Links to Reads.  Enjoy my top 10 from the month of March.

* Not your grandmother’s cooking: Who gets to cook what’s on your plate? Evan Kleiman claims you don’t have to be a native of a particular country to be able to cook and write about its cuisine. Do you agree?

* The global boom of quinoa so far has been beneficial to Peruvians. But is it all that good? About the cost, the nutrition, and the trouble ahead.

A trip to a sovkhoz on the faraway steppes of Kazakhstan, abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is believed that ranching may bring a new life to this ghost farm.

* What color olives do you like? Green or black? Ever thought of how they are different? Read on to find out.

* Always looking for that corkscrew to open your new bottle of wine? Look no more. You can do without it, well, if you are the adventurous type. Here are the 10 weird ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

* Time to get started on pickling spring vegetables. Get the tips to get the best results on Splendid Table.

* If your 2016 resolution is to eat better, read Ellie Krieger’s chat full of great advice on substitutes, habits, and other things important on your path to health-consciousness.

* A bit of mold on your produce? Past its use-by date? To discard of it or use it? Chefs’ take on food waste and leftovers.

* Jonathan Gold always eats the most exotic dishes. This time it is Cuban pierna de puerco frita, or fried pork leg cutlet.

* If you have red radishes sitting idly in your fridge, consider exploring Saveur’s 15 radish recipes and putting the veggie to a good use.

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