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Links to Reads: April 2016

Fresh plums from the market in Baku | AZ Cookbook

Fresh plums from the market in Baku.

Well, hello May! And hello, April Links to Reads!

Time to share this past month’s top 10 articles I found quite interesting. Enjoy reading! Personally, I always do.

* Striking food photographs from all over the world, each telling a unique story.

* If you call kale a healthy food, think twice, as no food is healthy. Nutritious? Yes. Healthy? No. The adjectives do matter.

* Speaking about healthy. When food supply struggles to meet the growing demand for it, not far into the future, we may as well turn to worms and algae to sate our appetites.

* If you live in Los Angeles, you probably know Porto’s Bakery, famous for amazing cakes and pastries, all at an affordable price. They have a very humble beginning. Truly, an inspirational story.

* Get a taste of Yemen with Faye Levy’s Yemenite chicken (I’ve tried it once, it is amazing!), per Barbara Hansen’s food blog.

* What’s the future of food media? Can you make a living as a food writer? All the answers in Lynne Rossetto Kasper ‘s interview with Chris Schonberger.

* If you love Costco and organic, you will welcome this news. Costco is investing in farm-to-market principles to bring more organic to its stores.

* Nashville’s hot chicken craze has a story behind. A cheating man gave rise to it. Live and learn.

* Camel milk in your coffee? Yes, it’s happening in the U.S.

* A Turkish bakery in NJ is set to conquer America. Turkish breads deserve this.

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