Links to Reads, May 2016

Apricots from our backyard

It’s officially summer! Well, hello June! Hope you bring positive and warm summery vibes to everybody!

May Links to Reads are here, too. This is what I read this past month and what I couldn’t wait to share with you. All worth reading. Enjoy!

* Just when you thought people’s palates embrace the hype, new, and exciting, you learn that most folks actually cook and eat what has been close to their hearts and minds from way before. Unglamorous food that is. Yup, the gap is huge.

* What do you do when the U.S. has a big cheese surplus? Eat more cheese. It is our patriotic duty.

10 old restaurants in Southern California that have stood the test of time. I recognize two from the list (been to one and passed by the other): Musso & Frank in Hollywood, and Cold Spring Tavern in Santa Barbara.

* Turns out the famed Pavlova cake is not from New Zealand after all. Research reveals dessert’s shocking origins. Germany? U.S.? Read on.

* The world’s best grilled cheese sandwich comes from Turkey. Made with local sausage, or sucuk, cheese, tomato, pickled cucumbers and chiles. What’s not to love?

* Middle Eastern spice blend, za’atar, is taking the culinary world by storm. The good news is that it is super easy to make it at home.

* Instead of letting the abundant mangoes go to waste, Kenyan farmers fight this food loss by drying and selling them.

* What’s the difference between cow’s milk and goat’s milk? Splendid Table has the answers.

* The longest pizza in the world – over a mile long – was made in Naples, Italy, with “more than 4,400 pounds of flour, 3,500 tomatoes and 52 gallons of olive oil.”

* The most mouthwatering article about baklava from its acclaimed capital, Gaziantep in Turkey.

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