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Links to Reads, June 2016

Berries and Bananas

Bananas, strawberries, and blueberries ready to be covered with a luscious pastry cream. Perfect for summer! Click on the picture for the recipe.

Time to say good bye to the first month of the summer. It flew by, just like all the previous months.

Well, hello July and hello June Links to Reads. This is what I enjoyed reading this past month. Hope you do, too. Top 10:

* Ever wonder what “triple washed” on the labels on supermarket salad greens mean? Why the number 3 and not 1 or 2?  Mystery solved in the article.

* For the fans of “hole in the wall” kind of restaurants. Here are 7 recommended in Southern California.

*  Why are Japanese knives so famed? Because the country takes it serious. Japan has a centuries-old tradition of making some of the best knives in the world and knife-making is an ancient craft.

* I would love to go to this restaurant with a lovely name in LA’s Little Ethiopia. The coffee ceremony sounds particularly interesting.

* All about rhubarb – origins, growing pattern, Festival of Rhubarb, and whether the plant deserves its “killer reputation.”
Seaweed is not just for wrapping sushi. Cookbook author David Tanis talks about the tasty algae and what to do with it on Splendid table.

* Who would have thought that using olive pits make better olive oil? It is claimed that they will infuse your  oil with more flavor. And, welcome, less food waste.

* All about North Africa’s famous chili paste harisa (also known as harissa)—history, etymology, and how to make it.

* Melissa’s Clark’s buckwheat berry striped cake sounds delicious and goes on my extensive to-make list.

* Is Mars going to be the next hot destination? Scientists are doing some amazing things for the planet. Four crops they have grown on Mars and moon soil simulants turned out to be edible. Wow.

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