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Links to Reads, July 2016

Azerbaijani Firni in Lahij

In July of last year, we made a 1-day trip to the remote, mountainous village of Lahij in Azerbaijan. There, my friend Billura’s  mom Dostukhanim made this absolutely mind-blowing firni, Azerbaijani rice pudding. She decorated each serving with cinnamon patterns, turning each plate into a piece of art. I had to take a picture. The recipe for firni is available in my cookbook, “Pomegranates & Saffron.”

Welcome, August! And good-bye, July! Time for a new round of cool links from various sources, so hi there, July Links to Reads! Top 10 links I enjoyed reading.

* In Mexico City, trash is recycled both to curb the local waste disposal problem and help the poor get food in return.

* Unlike Japanese sashimi, Korean sashimi prizes live fish “swimming in restaurant tanks often just moments before it arrives at your table.” Where does that fish come from and how does it end on the plates of LA’s Korean sashimi lovers? Let’s find out.

* According to a study mentioned in National Geographic, “84 percent of Americans throw away food based on the date stamped on packages.” Why? And what does “sell by” label really mean?

*  The Republic of Georgia is famous for its wines. Learn about the country’s centuries-old winemaking tradition and the diversity of wines across the country.

* Did you know that the best tahini is made with Ethiopian sesame seeds? Read all about the popular Middle Eastern staple.

* Ice cream museum? Totally real. A pop-up museum in Manhattan. For a limited time.

* Salmon recipe galore for salmon-lovers like me. New York Times’ 15 easy recipes to choose from.

* There is a sad story behind the famous West Coast cheeseburger chain In-an-Out and it is the story of its founding family.

* There are 3 wrong ways to hold your wine glass. Find our what they are and what the correct wine-glass grip is.

* Spanish farmers just outside of Madrid make foie gras without force-feeding the geese. Their product is yet to hit the U.S. markets.

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  1. Oh my god, It invite me to travel to this foreign country…
    The desert look likes so fine…

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