Links to Reads, August 2016

Fresh Walnuts

Fresh walnuts I spotted in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar in August, 2014.

Hello, friends! Time for August  Links to Reads!  That picture above was taken in August too, but two years ago, when I was in Istanbul to print the First Edition of my Pomegranates & Saffron cookbook. One day, I had some time to take a stroll in the bustling aisles of the city’s magnificent Grand Bazaar, where walnuts, some still in their green shells, were spotted among other edible delights. Ah those lovely memories of feeling excitement for both the book and for being in one of my favorite cities in the world. Priceless.

OK, back to the links. Here’s my top 10 August. Enjoy!

* Syrian refugees in Canada have launched their own catering company, serving their delicious ethnic fare to the locals.

* Volunteers turn unwanted and otherwise to-be-wasted market produce into meals to feed thousands of people. A noble act indeed.

Yemenite hot herb sauce, zhug, sounds like a must try. Put those mortar and pestles to work.

*  “Ugly” produce – those bruised fruits and vegetables – have all the right to be put to good use instead of being wasted.

* How junk food commercials affect children’s food choice behavior and change their eating priorities.

* There are entrepreneurs who know how to use salvaged foods to make artisanal items. A creative way to address the food waste crisis.

* From a food cart  to cater to taxi drivers into a nationwide restaurant chain – the story of  the Halal Guys.

* Apparently, Donald Trump is a fan of junk food with his favorite fast food joint being McDonald’s. Hmm.

* If you have a dog, here are the foods you should avoid feeding it.

* Artist Kiko Denzer talks about the art of spoon carving on Splendid Table.

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  1. This was a splendid read. Thank you for the compilation. I especially am impressed and inspired by the stories of combating food waste.

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