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Links to Reads, September 2016

Colorful Cauliflower

Yellow, green, and purple cauliflower from Melissa’s Produce. Amazing colors!

September is drawing to an end and this month’s Links to Reads are here! Oh what a month it has been so far!  Tons of scheduling, focusing, and delivering. I had a lecture at the Los Angeles Public library, hosted Culinary Historians for the exclusive all-Azerbaijani dinner in our house and have been doing cooking classes at home (yay, they are really taking off!). I am beyond thrilled about all this.

But let’s focus on the  links now. Top 10 from September. Enjoy! Don’t forget to click on “Read More” at the end for more cool links.

*  Very high in the Andes, one Peruvian farmer works hard to grow not one, not two, but 180 kinds of potatoes, a sacred crop of the locals.

* Kola nuts (yes, what goes into Coca Cola), okra, watermelon, black-eyed peas, coffee – these five foods have been long popular in North America but they weren’t native to the land until African slaves brought them here.

* Sage, its history, modern uses and how it is one of the most healing herbs on the planet. Learn all about the special herb from the Splendid Table interview with Jekka McVicar, “The Queen of Herbs.”

* You eat healthfully and are conscious about what goes on your plate, yet you stress out for multiple reasons. According to this article, your stress will override the benefits of the first, so be mindful of that.
* Food Network’s Alton Brown says his new cookbook “EveryDayCook” “is a midlife crisis book.” Read all about his life in Georgia, his personality and more.

* What fruits and vegetables are a must try this fall. My favorite in the list is persimmon.

* Ever wondered where food flavors come from? Read on to find out the surprising sources.

* Uber is now delivering food in South Africa! The company is aggressively expanding its food-delivery service in the country with goals to go global.

“Why fast-food chains are making ‘increasingly outrageous’ creations to get you through the door.”

* Breakfast burritos of many kinds – many interesting recipes to choose from to satisfy your burrito cravings.


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  1. Such an interesting collection. I will definitely be devouring a few of those.

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