Links to Reads, October 2016


Good  bye, October and hello, November!  October Links to Reads are here! Top 10. Enjoy! Don’t forget to click on “Read More” at the end for more cool links.

*  The once eternal life of plastic seems to be coming to an end in France – the country has just banned plastic forks.

* Food critics versus Yelp reviewers – whose opinion on foods in restaurants matters these days?

* What fossil teeth reveal about ancestral human diets.

* Fine arts and farming? Apparently, the two can go hand in hand, as seen in the case with one family-run plot in Massachusetts.

* So, is butter good or bad after all and should we or should not we avoid various kinds of fats?

* Turns out there are  more holidays in October than I thought. National cheese day? National cookbook day? Yes. But wait, there is more.

* Anthony Bourdain on his  new cookbook, his target audience, his hatred of club sandwich and more.

* A gastronomic tour to Iran reveals its rich, exotic cuisine, varying throughout its regions .

* You either like cilantro or hate it. Here’s why some people can’t stand this aromatic herb.

* Croatia is one of the places I would love to travel to one day.

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