My Interview on KCRW Good Food Show

Feride Buyuran and Evan Kleiman

Here I am with Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW Good Food Show

Recently, I had one of the best experiences of my cookbook publishing adventure – I got interviewed by Evan Kleiman, the host of  KCRW Good Food Show. KCRW is Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate and its content is distributed nationally to 550,000 listeners weekly. I’ve been one of them for the longest time but never before in my wildest dreams had I thought I would one day see the radio’s Santa Monica studios, let alone speak to one of its acclaimed hosts. But life is full of surprises. So one day, I sat in Evan Kleiman’s studio with a big microphone in front of me, a bit nervous, but trying to keep calm.

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Evan Kleiman is as down to earth and kind as she sounds on her programs. She was very welcoming and spoke highly of my cookbook, which was humbling. We talked about the cuisine of Azerbaijan in the context of history and culture, regional diversity, favorite recipes, and more.

How did I end up on Good Food? I wanted to be on that program and I tried. Then I hoped and believed that things will work out, as cliché as it may sound. So I wrote an email to Evan about my book and was then contacted by her producers Abbie Swanson, Laryl Garcia, and Camellia Tse, who were friendly and supportive. They received a copy of my book. The rest is history. And I am grateful to all of them for the opportunity I will cherish forever.

To listen to the interview, click HERE.

Also, check out my Fresh Herb Kuku recipe featured on the Good Food Blog.

Enjoy! And thank you, always, for your support, wonderful friends of AZ Cookbook.



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