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Links to Reads, February 2017

Chinese New Year

Big Fire Rooster sitting pretty on gold; spotted at a local shopping mall.

Ready for the first round of Links to Reads in the Year of the Fire Rooster?

Top 10 links,  handpicked specially for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to click on “Read More” at the end for more cool links.

* Get a glimpse of Azerbaijani food from the Saveur article by Anya von Bremzen.

* History of the “tree of life,” coconut, in much details. Who started trading them, how they traversed vast territories, and more.

* At Syria Supper Club, food becomes the common denominator, connecting refugee families with Americans.

* Who was Russia’s Mad Monk Rasputin?

* Popped culture: a history of America’s favorite snack food.

* Of  Tteokguk, Pavo Relleno de Navidad, Olivie Salad, and other unique food traditions from around the world.

* Quick dinner ideas from Los Angeles Times.

* “Free range is a con. There’s no such thing as an ethical egg.”

* Eating breakfast mindfully can help the heart.

* 16 U.S. cities with the best foods to try.


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