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Links to Reads, March 2017

Pistachios and Barberries | AZ Cookbook

Pistachios and dried barberries. Stay tuned for the recipe in which I use this crunchy-tart duo.

The brand new March has brought with it a new round of Links to Reads that I hope you will enjoy reading. Don’t forget to click on “Read More” at the end for more cool links.

* Did you know that butter was discovered quite by accident centuries ago?

* A food-allergen detection device for diners, invented at MIT.

* Ever wondered who writes those cute short love messages on candy hearts?

* Have a ticket to the Moon? Here’s what you can eat onboard. Per SpaceX.

* Of ginger, and how it is good for you.

* The red color in some things you eat may actually come from bugs. Yes.

* What’s the environmental footprint of a loaf of bread?

* A journey to the homeland of hot sauce, Bolivia.

* Baklava + Mozzarella Cheese = Kanafeh (or K’nafe, or Kunefe)

* A galore of frittata recipes from the Los Angeles Times.

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